Updates from Kojima Productions: Project Ogre, MGS3D, Action Figures and MGO

Project Ogre updates

Hideo Kojima posted an update regarding the Project Ogre title on his English Twitter:

Oh BTW, my Ogre Project doesn’t mean a game like a ogre nor a game create w/ soul of ogre but a game w/ the use of ogre.

It seems like the ‘Ogre’ part has to be taken quite literal, and the game may feature ogres, or monsters in some form. But it remains quite vague.

In addition, Kojima wrote he is doing some experiments related to the Ogre Project.

REX gets a price and release date

ThreeA Toys have announced the price for their impressive looking Metal Gear REX model, as well as a release date. Not surprisingly, it will burn a hole in your pocket. The mech will be for sale in the Bambaland Store on March 2nd for $490.


More photos of the extremely impressive looking statue can be found here.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D Promo Material

February 21st Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D was released in North America, and March 8th will be the Japanese release date. Kojima Productions posted some photos on Twitter of promotional material for the title.


Play Arts Action Figures

The studio’s official Twitter account posted some more photos of the Play Arts Gray Fox figure as well.

Gray Fox 25th Anniversary Square Enix Shop With Gun Gray Fox 25th Anniversary Square Enix Shop With Blade

Also available in the Square Enix store, is a Solid Snake action figure from the same line.


For more pictures, or if you are interested in purchasing the figures, go to the Square Enix Store.

Metal Gear Online gets a sendoff

In Japan, Kojima Productions will hold Metal Gear Online tournaments and events before the closure of the service on June 12th. The staff will also be participating in events. For more information check the official site.

Source: Kojima’s, Korekado’s, Tsubuyaki’s & Kojima Productions’ Twitter, Tomopop

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