New MGSV Ground Zeroes Info: Marking system can be switched off, improved AI on hard difficulty, and more

Here are some interesting bits of information about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, taken from a newly released narrated gameplay video.

  • Each mission has two difficulty settings: normal and hard. On hard mode, the AI and game settings provide more challenge.  Enemies have better vision and are more aware of their surroundings, which means it’s easier to get spotted from a distance. Also, they will adapt to the situation, as well as use teamwork to coordinate and try to corner Snake.
  • Cutscenes can be paused and skipped, like in MGS4.
  • The marking system can be switched off in the options. Players will be rewarded with a special bonus for clearing missions without using it.
  • You can get additional intel over the radio by Miller and your support team, by pressing the shoulder button when the icon appears while scoping the area.
  • Snake can eavesdrop on enemy soldiers to gather hints and intel. This can also be done from a distance using the binoculars, as they have a directional microphone built into them.
  • Covered vehicles that obscure the driver allow Snake to get closer to enemies than open vehicles (such as jeeps), but as long as you drive normally enemies won’t quickly get suspicious.
  • One of the options when grabbing a soldier is making him call his comrades, so you can lure them towards you and eliminate them.
  • More dangerous landing zones for your helicopters are colored orange on your map.
  • Each mission will offer side missions as well, such as rescuing soldiers.

All of this info comes from a gameplay video on Xbox One, with commentary by Sean Eyestone of Kojima Productions. To see the video, watch it below, or go here.

  • Golgari

    Sorry, but this looks spectacular. A true Stealth simulator with fantastic AI on “Hard difficulty” mode. Show me at least one game that offers harder mode with a better AI. I don’t remember that game to be honest. I know for sure that 90% of the games that offer higher difficulty have less HP and much more mobs.

    I’m impressed. I always wanted a game like ArmA/Operation Flashpoint that is not a buggy mess with fantastic storyline and woop di doop. Hideo Kojima just made my dream come true.

    P.S. Small Extra for switching off marking system and reflex mode just makes things so much better. I want this game right now.

    • Hiro

      I know one game. Its called Metal Gear Solid 4, lol

      • Jin

        MGS4 a stealth simulation ? with close to infinite ammo on the spot and a morphing suit . yeah true stealth like MGS2 or MGS1 (Twin snakes ).

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          MGS3 actually may be the stealthiest one of them all.

        • jimmy

          Well, if you play it certain way it can be. It’s more fun to spawn infinite tranq ammo though.

        • William of Orange

          Lol, mgs 1 and 2 are true stealth simulators? I’d say that MGS 3 was true stealth!

  • Cyberlum

    This is getting too intense, just 4 more months…

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I’m sorry, I can’t even…

  • Cartmangus

    Good news that they’re making all of these features optional, I’m gonna be using the marking system but as I’ve said before that slowmotion when caught just seems like a terrible implementation that will remove most of the tension of sneaking around since you can just be careless with very little punishment. I know the open world is less forgiving so maybe it is necessary for some players, but I feel like marking enemies you come across would give you a good enough of an idea of where the enemies around you are and that would stop you from just randomly running into one when stepping out of cover. I don’t know how long it takes for a full base alert to trigger, but it would be great if enemies actually had to radio HQ when spotting you, that would leave you a small window where you could take them out without requiring slowmotion auto lock on aim.

    Something interesting he mentioned at the end there with the optional missions and that “finding them all is part of the fun” that sounds great, like say we don’t have an exact idea of what our objective is, but like he says when playing, you overhear dialogue from the enemy NPC and maybe that leads you towards a different objective, like it’s handled seamlessly. I would love it if this is the approach for side missions in the game, and after you’ve found them you can then later access them through the menu to replay for better scores and all that jazz.

    I’ve nagged about this but I hope another thing they make additional is that screen shake when you’re running, I remember him saying he’d drop that for the PS3 version because the lower framerate made him dizzy but it’d be nice if you could just turn it off on all versions

    • jimmy

      Things like the shaking screen could be made optional, but I don’ think enough people care to have it happen. I think Kojima might have made the marking and slow mo optional because of fan outrage.

  • Ilja Y.

    Enjoyed every single second of the gameplay demonstration.

  • Ilja Y.

    wont use the reflex mode nor the marking system once. gonna set up a very realistic infiltration when I play MGSV myself

    • Greg Skies

      only way 2 play

  • Batzi

    Each mission will offer side missions? I thought there was only one mission and side missions.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Can’t wait for this. March 18 here I come 🙂

  • Rip

    Metal Gear Far Cry

  • jimmy

    I love how shiny everything looks.

  • RoderickThe13

    Since I feel that I’ll play this game A LOT while waiting for The Phantom Pain, I think that I’m gonna start with the features on, and as I get better I’m gonna be playing without them.

  • William of Orange

    What happens when you build a dir mic into a binocular? Answer: the most perfected surveillance gear ever known to mankind!

  • Janeo

    I’m guessing the phantom pain will have at least two more difficulty levels extreme and big boss extreme maybe

  • PrinceHeir

    i’m glad Kojima incorporated some of the mechanics from other Stealth games like Splinter Cell and HItman series.

    i do hope he reveals what the social interactions will be, or did he drop that feature?

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