Why the MGS HD Collection Didn't Update Its Controls

During the Kojima Productions podcast #159, the staff members gave some more insight into the decision to not update the controls of MGS2 and MGS3 for the HD Collection, to something more akin to MGS4 or Peace Walker.

People have asked us: why don’t you upgrade the controls to something more modern? If we were to do that, it would change the game completely, and I think people don’t really realize that. We actually did do experiments with that early on in the project. (..) It didn’t work. You would basically have to rebalance the entire game, and it would be like creating a whole new game at that point.


The staff members explained that while MGS3 does have free camera control, adding control features like crouch walking and run and gun would make the game far too easy. For MGS2, adding these features would be even more problematic.

MGS2 was completely designed to be from the top view. If you were to suddenly put a third person camera in there, it’s very confining and very hard to control. We tried it and it does not work.

When we make the games, we basically only make what you see. It’s like a stage set. You see the walls around you, but beyond that, there’s nothing. It’s just this big black space. So if you suddenly give the player the ability to look anywhere at any time while moving around, they may see things that they are not supposed to see, and it will totally destroy the illusion of the game.

Since Kojima Productions’ goal was to bring the classics to current generation consoles, the decision was made to keep the controls as they were, instead of rebalancing and essentially changing the games.

Source: Kojima Productions Report

  • in other words “we had no time and no resources to make these two titles up-to-date”.

    • Sanji

      having to make an extra collection for xbox would be the reason for no time and resources.

      leaving the controls as to how they were originally in my opinion is the right decision made

  • BrandoCalrisian

    I’m glad they kept it the same. I dont think there was anything wrong with their controls…Update graphically if need be..but dont touch my controls lol

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  • CVC

    I do think the control scheme from MGS4/Peace Walker was a lot better then previous MGS games, however they did a good job keeping the original control scheme. 

  • Sudarsan Ragavan

    MGS 3 controls are perfect for a MGS game, quit complaining
    you cannot expect every game to work the way you wanted it to work
    CQC added a whole new depth to the gameplay so the controls will be complicated, but are extremely rewarding than another MGS game.
    In terms of gameplay, MGS 3 offers the best environment and best game mechanics.
    what is so fun in tapping one button and letting the game decide what to do.
    Learn them and you should be able to adapt in no time.

  • Adam Hewitt

    I really don’t see why they couldn’t just add L to aim and R to shoot. That surely wouldn’t have been that difficult to add. The down button to draw the gun, R to aim and Square to shoot makes for terrible gameplay. Really made the game hard to play for me on the VITA. Enough so that i didn’t want to play it. I have played and loved every metal gear game but in this age it just feels horrible that this basic standard isn’t adhered to.

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