Metal Gear fan remake shut down, but here’s a trailer featuring David Hayter

Remember the fan remake of the original Metal Gear that was announced a few months back? Well, unfortunately, the project has been shut down. In correspondence we had with the producer, he explains:

“Unfortunately we can no longer go ahead with the project, it seems like the guys over at Konami couldn’t agree on a decision so had no choice but to shut us down. Even though it’s unfortunate, we’re thankful for all the help and support we’ve received from Konami, MGInformer, Kotaku etc. Especially the fans.”

It’s a shame, since it did look promising. Here is a trailer showing the work so far. As you can see, even David Hayter was on board to provide Snake’s voice.

Aside from David Hayter, the team also had several other additional industry professionals helping out on the project:

“I should have probably mentioned that Hayter was helping with the script too, along with that we had other industry professionals on the team as well:

  • Adhem Belkhadra from Ubisoft (Gears of War, Just Dance, the Cursed Crusade, etc.) working on the level mapping.
  • Kaue Lemos from Insane Games (Earth Under Seige, Bubble Up, etc.) working on the sound effects.
  • Orion Acaba (Fire Emblem, Infamous series, etc.) working on the voice acting.
  • Paul Eiding (Roy Campbell) was also on board in a cameo.

Besides that we had a guy from Sony’s XDev team working with us but left due to availability and we had interested from ATV/Sony Music Publishing who wanted to provide the games soundtrack.”

The team is planning an original IP now, saying that this isn’t the last we will hear of them.


Update 26/8/2014: The team has changed its name and is now working on a new project. Quoting executive producer Ian Ratcliffe:

Following the closure of the Metal Gear remake on Konami’s behalf, the team has decided to break away from the MGS Universe with a new company name, along with a new project to work on.

Outer Heaven Productions has now became Big Cake Games and has begun production on an original IP. Currently codenamed Project Afterglow, the team is tackling the horror genre with an idea (they think) hasn’t been done before. The game will implement action and stealth and is set between a not so distant future and the main characters past.

More details to come over the coming weeks with interviews also scheduled.

You can keep up-to-date with all info about the game at;

The team is also recruiting, if you’re interested you can contact

  • Janeo

    That’s just to bad it would have been a fun game I wonder what it is they couldn’t agree on

  • Nikola Butch Jandric

    Hayter just gave me goosebumps. Love him.

    • Will

      Same here. Would be amazing to have Hayter voice acting as an option for Phantom Pain, even if it was paid DLC. I’d buy it. I just need it. I’m going to be impersonating him all throughout the game, outloud.

      • Jonny McLaurine

        Wow. IM glad that Konami stopped them. The reason is they are already rebooting series and Hayter will have nothing to do with it because well he should stick to writing scripts. God his voice is so freaking annoying. I’m so sick of people asking for his voice to be big boss. I mean just listen to how forced his view on a 80s action voice is.
        Then on top of that i already believe that TPP is a reboot . So when we meet the new solid snake it will feature a new VA that can do facial capture and get emotions across.
        I am almost 40 years old and my first metal gear game was MG1. Then in MG2 I was super in love. That was the real start of stealth. Then came MGS1 that expanded on stealth and actual voice recorded movies.
        As a youth playing MGS1 and the rest I always hated hayter voice and wishes for more realism with the emotions they tried to get across.
        So we will never hear hayter again I hope. Also if they offer DLC I hope to god that they don’t listen to these retards who just wanna complain and feel entitled to what they want and don’t care what happens to the series… I hope the DLC is quick missions of metal gear 1 and 2. Since thy technically happened in a single base . A DLC would be able to redo mg 1 and mg 2 easy.
        On my NES , I can do a speed run of mg in 40 minutes.
        Please hideo if you read this. I trust you in all your decisions . Do not sell your vision short because of children that think snake aka hayter lol taught them how to live life. Heh that always makes me laug. I mean that’s why the govt wants to control what you watch and hear because of idiots saying it’s because of a game.
        Kojima do you man. From Enders to metal gear . You got the vision.
        To all the hayter lovers and metal gear Hayters. No one cares if you buy this or not. Millions of people wants the story not hayter and hayter is a sick asshole for not saying this to his fans. Instead he fed the conspiracies and hate. For that I want him strickened from the metal game universe

        • Chris J Arnot

          Boy were wrong lol

  • iSolidus

    What a shame. This had all the right ingredients to be something amazing.

    Btw, I made a thread about this on NeoGAF, but I mentioned Metalgearinformer as source 🙂

  • Fraaancis

    Wow, quality of in-game envoironment is so proffesional made and pretty smart move to chose cell shading, they even have Hayter.
    Didn’t Konami gave them green light since game is non profit?
    Too bad it’s turns out like this.

    • Konami did approve it initially.

      • Romain Robin

        Sounds like konami finally wants to make their own remake with the Fox engine.

  • Snakeman

    Really saddened that the project has been shut down 🙁 looks like it had a lot of potential! Atleast the projects only 3 months old and not almost finished, would have been such a waste of the developers time

  • BigBoss_88

    It is a shame as this looked pretty great and with David :D. But I believe the reason Konami shut it down, is because Kojima realized he wants to do the remake in the future. Even if he said MGS1 he would like to do remake of, I think he will still do MG1&2 after 5 years. As Kojima himself said months ago that MGSV won’t be the end of the series and he wants to continue, because of current advanced technology in gaming etc.

    I would love to see his own remake of what started the series, imagine how much more he could add to the original story. Also seeing the Outer Heaven/Zanzibar environment, Solid Snake vs Gray Fox+Big Boss etc with Fox Engine would be incredible :). Although graphics aren’t always the most important thing, but still would be sweet.

    • The guy who drowned quiet

      you saw that solid snake model at the end.its pure unreal engine 4.amazing

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  • Golgari

    I think the reason for that is that Konami is planning it’s own remake on a Fox engine.
    I can’t see Konami cancelling just to fuck with them when they are the one’s who approved it.

    And I think there are two things that can happen. Remake could be done with Kojima Productions remained stuff while Kojima makes Silent Hill with it’s main dev team or Konami finally found who can make them a remake.

    • Zlatan

      Metal Gear is Kojima’s Baby so he wouldn’t let others work on it without him. But don’t expect this game nearby, i mean we even don’t have a release date for phantom pain, THEN comes silent hill and a Metal Gear remake, as much as i would love to see it, won’t happen anytime before 2017. Or 2018, 2019…

      • Savage87

        Kojima has said numerous times that he wants to pass Metal Gear on to a new generation of developers and let them handle everything and this is the perfect chance for that to happen.

        • Zlatan

          The same Kojima who said “this is my last metal gear” after mgs3. and again after mgs4.

          • cardboardbox engineer

            actually Golgari has a point, same thing happened over final fantasy translation. since squareenix decided that they’re gonna make the game themselves

  • psychomantis18

    Well that sucks…

  • Anthony

    I really don’t think they cancelled this because they wanted to remake MG themselves, Konami are famously very awkward with this kind of stuff. Do you think it’s possible, however, that they pulled the plug once they found out Hayter was involved?

  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    Totally hyped from hearing Hayter returning to glory as the iconic Solid Snake again! However, why does he sound like that bad Peace Walker quality? I thought he said he can do the young Snake voice anytime he wants in that Joypad interview?!

    • Snakeman

      He’s voicing both Big Boss and Snake, if you listen to the kept you waiting at the end, it sounds a lot less gravely

      • BigBoss_88

        Uhh no…I love David Hayter’s voice from the bottom of my heart, but voicing those two in the same game is not a good idea. But still I agree, that “Kept you waiting” did sound different.

      • Jack.

        Correct that he is voicing both in the trailer.

        On the remake forum, page 19, post 365 there is a link to an excerpt from the script.
        Here is the link to the forum page:

        The script excerpt demonstrates that David Hayter was voicing Big Boss apart from the line at the end.

        Voicing Big Boss and Solid Snake in the same game is possible considering the difference that David Hayter can apply to his voice.

  • The guy who drowned quiet

    that face model at the end though.its …………………………………………………………………………………….xamazing

  • Z!

    Say what you want but Konami canceled this game because of
    a.) David Hayter
    b.) Paul Eiding Cameo
    c.) Too many professionals involved into this project

    d.) Overall Game looks too professional not like a ‘amateur’ fan remake
    e.) The potential of making money with this
    f.) Bad Publicity for Konami because of the release of the phantom pain
    g.) They want to remake it and wants to sell it

    Probably more reasons but these came to my mind after seeing the project got canceled.

    • Pilgrim

      They agreed this project wouldn’t be comericial thus at least e) is false.

      • Shalashaska Has Landed..

        Yeah, I agree. Plus Kojima did say he would be willing to do a Metal Gear Remake in that Q/A on Twitch a few months back. Konami probably backed out when they realized this..

        Still. It’s crazy to know that all those professional industry members would be involved and it wouldn’t be commercial. That’s quite impressive.

        However, nothing against them, the trailer looked awesome, and definitely caught my interest to play it – but if I had to make a choice between them and Hideo Kojima, I would choose Kojima each and every single time.

    • Big Blouse

      “Overall Game looks too professional”

      That’s funny.

  • Zven

    hopefully this means we’ll get a proper Kojima led remake at some point
    I can see why the’d get pissed with this though, with the fonts and taglines exactly like those in The Phantom Pain trailer and the “Coming in 1995” at the end, that was a mistake

    • Diselt

      Konami were the ones who greenlit the project in the first place. This trailer wasn’t released until just now.

  • I thought that was a confirmed go.. This sucks.

  • Snakeman – this is doing the rounds over on mgsforums, get it signed! I need to see this happen!

    • No Place For Hayter

      We know how impact full these are.

  • Richard Ballsenshaft

    They should have invited Keifer to voice act instead. In fact, they should remake MGS1 with Kiefer. Than Hayter’s butthurt will be so glorious, he will turn into Godzilla and try to destroy Japan.

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  • Cartmangus

    what a bunch of cunts konami are being

  • LukesAlike

    Oh man, Davy…

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  • Nekkedsnake

    OMFG this woulda been Epic! I say this fan made MG game should still proceed. why? If there’s no money being made then there should be no concern. There are so many fan made versions of MGS all over the place. Case in point, the new Metal Gear Online in the form of MGO2. it’s a fan made endeavor which is free of charge to JB’ed PS3 owners. Another example, fan made comics. Also, remember that fan movie, MGS PHILANTHROPY? Yea… There are tons of great ones on the net that aren’t profiting from anyone. Why would Konami have to “shutdown” a game that isn’t asking for even a kickstarter? I was looking forward to this. And knowing now that David Hayter was gonna voice SS makes this shutdown even worse. Maybe he can find a way to help these guys.

  • Nona Colby

    Why couldn’t konami make ends meet with this project?? I would have loved to see MG resurrected again. <3 KONAMI WHY YOU MAKE NO SENSE!! DX

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  • Smiley

    That was the best take they got from Hayter?

    • Zlatan

      i’m with you. it’s not good. especially the ‘kept you waiting’ at the end… thats weak david.

      • It was the MGS2 era voice, probably to better fit the younger Snake. No clue what you’re complaining about.

  • Dizz

    Wtf. They got permission to work on it, then after working for months they get told to shut ‘er down. Goddamnit Konami. Stop wasting people’s time.

  • PrinceHeir
    • Invader_skoodge

      “previously only at last week’s Gamescom Expo in Cologne, Germany.” That line in the IGN article makes me think they are showing the off-screen video that went up a few days ago, the one on Mother Base and the two snakes so….no hype for me.

      • Yeah, it’s very likely that it’s the base invasion gameplay, only now direct feed.

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  • Maik O’Bannon

    Konami played them like a goddamn fiddle.
    They should keep on working on this remake.
    Only for revenge.
    No,actually Kojima should hire everybody in that project and lead the team.

    Hayter’s voice sounds f”””’g amazing.

    • Invader_skoodge

      “Kept you waiting, huh?” That line gave me goosebumps.

    • tz

      What if they actually wanted to give up and announce an original IP but didn’t have the guts to? I’ve seen popular devs take drastic meassures when not being able to stand the heat of fan pressure. See Ocarina of Time 2D, Daniel.

  • No Place For Hayter

    OK so…..


  • NakedSnake85

    Just saw the video Sutherland did for gamescom…well no ofence but i think there is only one true voice for snake/big boss. and thats David Hayter. Im nto a fanboy of hayter in any way..he just feels right for the role. i respect sutherland actually he was good as big boss. but good is never enough.david hayter fits the role perfeclty.. it was a huge mistake.. huge huge mistake

    • What about Richard Doyle? He did a great job as Big Boss in MGS4.

      • Jack.

        Richard Doyle has a great voice and he is a good voice actor, but he isn’t Big Boss; he was Big Boss in MGS4 due to the necessity for the viewer to identify Big Boss as a separate character to Solid Snake in a scene where they must converse together.

        This trailer made me happy because David Hayter is Snake (both Solid and Naked) and his voice is the only voice for Snake.

        I will not forgive Kojima, Konami and the other people that attempt to be unaccountable for what they did to David Hayter, and how they did it.

        • Big Boss was also voiced by Doyle because he was much older in MGS4. Also, in MGS3 he is also a different character than Solid Snake, by the way. Solid was cloned from him, yes, but still.

          Also, Revolver Ocelot has had three different voice actors as he grew older, EVA has had two actors, SIGINT two, so why is it such an outrage if it happens for Big Boss? Hayter as the younger version, Doyle as the older and Sutherland as the one in between.

          • BigBoss_88

            This is what I’ve been wondering too, I mean Ocelot got again a new voice actor in TPP. But fans seem to only rage about Big Boss voice change. I admit, Troy Baker is a talented voice actor and maybe many think that the voice fits him, but still I think it’s funny. I like Kiefer, but it’s all about opinions in the end I guess.

            Also Not sure if David was going to voice both Solid and BB in this remake, but I think it’s a bad idea. Imo David can’t make the voices different enough for me, so I rather have them voicing BB with another actor. Especially in scenes, which includes both of the Snakes.

          • Jack.

            Nyxus: The fact that Big Boss is older in MGS4 was my point too. David Hayter couldn’t voice both in the same scene because they would have the very same voice. Do we know the circumstances for Richard Doyle’s selection? I do find it odd that he was chosen considering his role as The Fury, It is worth noting that Japan also had a different voice actor for Big Boss, and that itself had significance due to him being the father of Solid Snake’s Japanese voice actor.

            Solid Snake was cloned from Big Boss, yes, but Liquid and Solidus both have completely different voices. One factor is the interpretation and impact for the player. Why not John Cygan as Big Boss in MGS4, not Richard Doyle? David Hayter has the best portrayal as Snake, the ultimate soldier.

            The characters such as SIGINT and EVA have much less significance in their change, one reason is due to the timing release of the games. Ocelot was quite major, but was perhaps again for interpretation and significance to the player as a suspense of disbelief. It is an outrage changing Big Boss because of the role that David Hayter has played in shaping the characters and the popularity of the series outside of Japan. Doyle has no place, as far as I am concerned.

            88: The selection of Troy Baker is also a Kojima/Konami choice that was done for seemingly the wrong reasons. Have we heard from Patrick Zimmerman at all? Josh Keaton? Or from Kris Zimmerman-Salter regarding any of these changes?

            The MG remake is apparently not going ahead now. Also, David Hayter can make his voice different. I urge people to go back and play MGS1 and see the difference since then, and also look into David Hayter’s other works. He’s talented as a voice actor, not simply a gruff, rumbly, gravelly, awesome voice. Don’t forget his actual voice.

            :: The thing that annoys me greatly is that no one seems to care that Christopher Randolph is Huey and also Hal. All the ridiculous reasons that people create for the Snakes’ change in game and no one seems to question that Huey and his son Hal have an identical voice. Big Boss and Solid Snake need to interact in Metal Gear, and high-up military officials and members of FOXHOUND would know of the Snakes, but have people considered that Huey and Hal need to interact? Age isn’t a factor here. When Huey is drowning in the pool, Hal is old enough to have the same voice, so please don’t any one try to suggest that Solid Snake and Big Boss can’t have the same voice actor because of age. I enjoy that Christopher Randolph is both Huey and also Hal, and I don’t want that changed, just like how David Hayter is Big Boss and also Solid Snake.

          • BigBoss_88

            I actually finished MGS1 last week after a long time, and still loved it and David’s performance was superb :). I know he can make his voice different, but in this trailer it was more like MGS4/PW style. That “Kept you waiting, huh” sounded weird, maybe because I’m used to hear Kiefer say it :P. But I think it’s pointless if we all start arguing who is better etc as we all got our different opinions and likes. My opinion is that Solid and BB should have different voice from the start, to distinct them from each other as they ain’t the same person.

            Yea I know some can argue that Solid is a BB clone and clones can have same voice, but I don’t agree to that as Liquid and Solidus are different too. I’m sure many has noticed Huey/Hal thing too, but I’m not gonna write a novel here about it. Konami and Kojima got their reasons, it’s their game and I respect that and I’ll adapt to the changes. No point arguing or discussing about these things too much in my opinion, because what happens…happens. David sure made the iconic voice, but things change and some people like the change in V. I’ve said this before, that one voice actor don’t make MGS.

          • Jack.

            Nyxus: They can ‘say’ things as much they like (or don’t like) but the excuses they have put forth so far have no grounds. Japan get the true game because they get to keep Akio. That isn’t fair in any regard.

            A character changing heart, direction, philosophy is not sufficient backing for a new voice. Not even a coma changes that. And Akio demonstrates that fact.

            Kojima doesn’t do what people want regardless.

            88: A script excerpt from the remake forum, post 365, ( reveals that David Hayter was voicing Big Boss in the trailer apart from the line at the end. As Big Boss in the trailer, he needs to have the MGS4/PW style as this is the voice of an aged Snake (Solid in MGS4, and Naked in PW).

            Kojima and Konami do have their reasons, but they have done so for the wrong reasons with rather weak excuses. The way they went about what they did is also rude and inconsiderate.

            There is a point and I will keep writing.

            ::I don’t understand how people that “love MGS” can sit back. Kiefer Sutherland is awesome, I’m a huge 24 fan, and I recognise him as a good actor and he does have a unique voice, but what we have been shown so far, for MGSV, does not substantiate the things that Kojima has said. Think about the significance of the things that Kojima has done; the voice acting change, the facial capture, the same Japanese voice actor, the Deja Vu mission in Ground Zeroes, the cancellation of David Hayter’s involvement with Metal Gear altogether. Think.

            “Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me? Your country, or your old mentor? The mission, or your beliefs? Your duty to your unit, or your personal feelings?”

            I choose David Hayter.

          • Like it or not, it’s Kojima’s series, and it’s Kojima’s decision. And wether the reasons for changing the actor are good or not is debatable. Also, in the case of MGSV the English version is the ‘true’ game (if there is such a thing, but those are your words), and the Japanese version is the dub. Also because the facial capture happens with the English actors. But if you like the Japanese version better, you can always get that one.

            People ‘sit back’ because after so many years they trust Kojima’s vision and understand that taking risks is often a good thing. Also, usually what the fans want isn’t what’s the best for the series. They wouldn’t have wanted Raiden for MGS2 either, and we would have never gotten the game as it is now. Many MGS fans here want the game that Kojima wants to make, and the not the game the fans want to make.

          • BigBoss_88

            This has been discussed a lot before so I’m not gonna write too much. But you wrote that you don’t understand, well people are different and so are opinions. I still understand your reasons why you dislike these changes, as I’ve heard these things before.
            Basically for me it’s what Nyxus posted below. Many of us who love MGS trust Kojima no matter what. He always manages to make his new games different, but still amazing. Something not everyone can do.

          • No Place For Hayter


            Can't express how much I agree, lol.

          • Jack.

            Thank you.

          • There are other factors as to why they chose to go for another voice actor for Big Boss, one of them being the importance of facial capture in this game. But looking at the trailers and what we have heard so far, Snake is a very different person from the one he was before. It makes sense for him to have another voice actor to reflect this. In general, one has to remember how Kojima works: he sees each new Metal Gear game as a new project, trying out new things with them. That’s why he is changing the entire structure of the game (from linear to open world) and why he chose to go for this voice actor instead of just simply hiring the same one he always has. That’s just not how Kojima works, and it’s one of the reasons the series hasn’t gone stale after more than 25 years. Kojima also angered gamers when he made Raiden the protagonist of MGS2, but guess what? It turned out to be a brilliant game, or at least a very special one, and not just a formalistic sequel. So it wouldn’t really be the best thing if Kojima would simply do what the fans want, which is mostly just more of the same.

          • Jonny McLaurine

            Look how do you know what the reasons are? Serious enjoy the game and stfu about hayter

          • Jonny McLaurine

            I agree nyx but that shouldn’t even matter. James Bond has been what 6 or 7 diff people?
            It’s up to makers and their vision. Half of these guys were to young when mg came out and mgs 1 they were 8. Try telling me the voice had a impact on thier life? GTFO that’s retarded. I usually don’t post because of these dumb fucking arguments. I have watched your page since beginning and with all the facts and reasons you have posted about this game. Idiots still ruin the convo with hayter is snake blah blah. I’m sorry but it’s taking away from the awsomeness of the snakes. I mean wtf I care about this story not some deutche who got the role because just voicing something was cheaper than getting a actor who job is Being a ACTOR. Now though with new generations of gaming . Games are becoming interactive movies that need real actors to take advantage of all the tech available that hayter would be like a lost puppy using. Ty for your time and patience reading this. I’m going back to lurking because this shit makes me wanna beat my dog

        • Jonny McLaurine

          Omg yea since kojima gives a flying fuck if you forgive him. My god why about James fucking bond and all his actors. Jesus Christ grow up.
          David hayter is stuck in the 80s and 90s and now upset he couldn’t change with the times. DID U EVER STOP AND REALIZE MAYBE KOJIMA HAS A VISION AND HAYTER IS
          I mean this is starting to really piss me off. Are you a metal gear fan or a hayter fan? Me I don’t give a fuck about hayter. We had no voice in mg1 and that snake was awesome. Snake was around before hayter.

      • zblacktt

        He is a add on voice actor and nothing compared to the man who brought Snake to life for a decade and a half. Without David Hayter in MGS the fans know it’s just another game. The emotional connection is not the same at all. I’ve been with this series since MGS1 first came out. I still own the original games from then as well. Long before it became what it has. I’ve followed the back ground stories, etc.There’s drama in real life that hurts the series and ultimately hurts the fans of it.

        • Metal Gear is more than just David Hayter for many of the fans.

    • Sutherland will be able to fit the tone of the game better

    • BigBoss_88

      There should be made some kind of comparison video after players have finished GZ and TPP. Video between Big Boss’ lines voiced as both Kiefer and David, I think only then people can go and say which voice fits the game better, in the dramatic and emotional cutscenes etc. Just to see how well each voice would fit.

      Sure we all love David for his epic voice, but I think it’s wrong for people to go say it’s a huge mistake. Or that David is godlike and Kiefer is trash, before even seeing all the cutscenes in upcoming TPP. I’m not trying to defend Kiefer or anything, more like a neutral guy myself and will hold my judgement after finishing MGSV.

  • That “kept you waiting huh?” was identical to his MGS2 voice. Looks like the fans were wrong, again.

  • zblacktt

    This means Kojima came in with lawyers. The whole reason why David is no longer used is because of control. It became clear to Kojima that David was becoming the face and voice for his baby. So after 15 years, Kojima decided to take back all control. He gave the fans of the series a bullshit reason why David was not to be used in the new up and coming MGS5. Yet, it goes back before that. When talks of the MGS movie came about. Where David has a background in the movie business. He was first told there he would not be in or used in the movie in anyway by Kojima. As Kojima wanted to separate David from his baby. So to get on track with that Kojima created a MGS spinoff game with Raiden only. Which bombed hard. So Kojima knew he had to return to what he is best known for, MGS with Snake. He thought this time by going with a big Hollywood name it would pass over on the fans easier with no David. He was wrong….. Kojima as tried walking away from MGS a few times in his career only to come back to it. Because it’s what made him famous and everything else is just ok or bad. He just doesn’t want to share his creation with the likes of David Hayter anymore for personal reasons.

    • That… sounds a little farfetched, to say the least.

      • N-Shifter

        The tinfoil hat was strong with this one.

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