Kojima Productions asks Japanese fans what they want in the MGSV: The Phantom Pain Premium Package

During the latest episode of Kojima Station, Kojima looked back at the Premium Packages for Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. These packages are special limited edition bundles that are released alongside the games in Japan, and contain several extras, such as figures, t-shirts, etc. The studio is also planning to release such an edition for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and during the Kojima Station episode they addressed the Japanese fans, asking what they’d like to see included. People can send in suggestions via Twitter.


Keep in mind though that the studio is addressing the Japanese audience here. The Premium Packages have, for the most part, been specifically for the Japanese market, while different limited editions were released in the other regions. Still, for the collectors there’s always the option of importing.

Update: People have been sending in their requests, and according to Kojima, the most requested extras are an art book, bonus footage and a soundtrack.

To see what’s inside the Japanese Premium Package for Metal Gear Solid 3, go here.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 26, JunkerHQ

  • Ian Reay

    ogd damn it man I wish those premium packages where sold worldwide!

    • Yeah, though they are easy to find on eBay. Some of them are pricey though.

  • flying_fox

    GZ Premium Pack was perfect. Not too expensive, compact and beautiful, with very nice exclusive items.

    I wonder what they’re up to, this time. I’d like a big fat OST but above all, an artbook. Just please, please don’t make it Amazon.co.jp exclusive this time.

  • im a dot

    my god please have one for US

    • And Europe.

      • gnysek

        For all, so everyone can get it!

      • Big_Boss88

        Yes please <(^O^<) !

  • Will

    Artbook, Necklace or bracelet, patch, special casing (maybe faux leather or something?), an exclusive Play Arts special edition figure similar to what they did for Rising Revengaance. Yeaaaah

  • I liked the MGS PW HD EDITION PREMIUM PACKAGE for 60USD I got MPW in HD, a soundtrack and a playarts figure, but that doesnt beat the MGS2/3 premium pack with that huge ass artbook with stuff from MGS1/2/3 since getting the artbooks for MGS1/2 is dam expensive this is the next best thing, also includes the full unreleased MGS3 artbook… also box with amazing shinkawa art and it didn’t get ruined like the US version

  • psychomantis18

    Ohhhhh yeah! Sweet sweet Premium Editions. Still bitter that MGS4 didn’t get a proper Premium Edition.

  • PrinceHeir

    I might have to get the JPN version 🙂

    Let’s do this!

  • Fraaancis


    • Ricardo Oe


  • cardboardbox engineer

    a bit off topic , but nyxus you’re not gonna run forum on your site?

  • KojimaKaminaDesu

    I’d like a complete soundtrack, artbook and making of DVD/Blu-Ray myself, as well as any other little extras. Whether we get a premium edition outside of Japan is another question entirely. And hopefully it’s also available for the PS3/360 versions and not current-gen exclusive.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Artbook = take all my money.

  • mgsfan17

    The fact that he’s asking people what they want in a premium package and that the game is nearing completion and it’s going to release in 2015 makes me think we’re going to get a release date soon.

  • Mini gear

    this is the last thing I ask of kojima, to release this world wide please kojima, id buy an one for everyday of the week

  • metalgearjax

    A premium package for those of us outside Japan would be awesome

  • Justin Dloski

    A Quiet action figure.

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