Voice recording at Kojima Productions with Banjō Ginga (Liquid / Zero)

Earlier today, Kojima posted some pictures on his Twitter showing a voice recording session. This time he has been recording with Japanese voice actor Banjō Ginga. For those who don’t know, Ginga previously voiced two roles for several Metal Gear games, he played Liquid Snake in MGS1 and MGS2, and Liquid-Ocelot in MGS4, as well as Zero in MGS3 and Portable Ops.


“Shooting VO session.”


“Had a great shooting with Banjo Ginga, the key person in MGS SAGA.”

Both Liquid and Zero are likely to make an appearance in The Phantom Pain. It is widely assumed that Eli, the boy seen in the E3 2013 and E3 2014 trailers, is a young Liquid Snake, and Zero will play an important role in the story as Snake’s nemesis. However, given the actor’s age it does not seem too likely he’ll be playing Eli, but he could very well provide the voice for Zero, aka Cypher. Or, it could be for something else entirely (Metal Gear Online?). With Kojima, it’s always a mystery.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Big_Boss88

    I bet he’s Zero in TPP. Goddamit I’m too excited for this game!

    • Anyone know if this is the first time we’ve heard of him doing VO for the game? I can’t remember seeing Kojima tweet about it before.

      • Big_Boss88

        Now that you asked that, I don’t remember reading about him doing VO before for TPP. Which makes me think now that could he be Zero then? I would assume they had recorded him already.

        I actually didn’t know he was the Japanese voice for those 2 characters lol, but I wonder if old dude like him can do voice for a young Liquid.

        Anyway I’m pretty sure Zero makes appearance in the game, he has to because it would be so epic ;D.

        • Yes, it would make sense. Judging from the trailers he will play an important role, at least from the shadows. And Skull Face was going after him after the GZ events.

          • Big_Boss88

            Yeah I agree. I was thinking that maybe we see in TPP ending a legendary duel between the three dudes, Metal Gear standoff.
            SF vs Zero vs Big Boss. Similar to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ending :D.

            Thanks for these sweet news Nyxus! Now I can go and sleep well :3, good night folks XD !

          • Hanna-Mari

            Ah I wanna see that movie again 😀 Btw, thanks for this, now I can imagine BB, SF and Zero standing there and watching each other hahah btw, where would be ocelot? 😀 probably laughing “you don’t use revolver like that”

          • Big_Boss88

            Yeah Ocelot would probably be just like that ;D. I need to watch the movie again too, it’s been a while. My favorite western 😉 and I love them also because of Ennio Morricone’s awesome songs, just like in this scene.

          • Mini gear

            I wonder if ocelot will do his gun tricks in TPP. So far I haven’t seen left his holster

          • Big_Boss88

            Lets hope we see him do some cool stuff 😀 !

  • simiopapion

    dicember 5 / cant wait for #releaseDateMGSV 🙁

  • PrinceHeir

    Wow Glad your covering the JPN side of Voices @Nyxus:disqus

    Wait so Zero will truly appear in the game 😀

    Man i’m hype for this!! It seems Kojima has been hiding a lot of VA lately.

    Still no sign of Eva, Strangelove, Sniper Wolf and Gray Fox.

    I really hope some of these characters appear in the game 🙂

    Can’t wait for TPP!!!

    • PrinceHeir

      I remember Banjou Ginga. He made the famous speech by Gihren Zabi from Gundam 079 and did Souther from Fist of the North Star

      Classic scene! Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        so the guy behind zero plays souther.Never noticed.(I did watch some episodes in japanese)

        • BomKosh

          What’s funny is that Solid/Naked Snake’s Japanese Voice Actor also did Souther for the five-parter movie series.

          What are the odds of that?

  • LukesAlike

    The man looks like a beast.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Zero was in Peace Walker?


    • My mistake. It’s changed now.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Oh dude, you scared me there for a second! I still don’t get 100% completion in PW, I was afraid I was missing some tape XD

        • I believe there is a secret tape where Kaz talks to Zero (but I assume you only hear Kaz’ voice).

          • César H. Sandoval

            Yes, Cipher wasn’t voiced in PW nor GZ.

  • well zero and big boss will have to shake hands or something at the end of the game since big boss has a nice job in the US army… as an insider, also I bet BBOSS will ask for KAZ getting a job as an instructor for his clone, since a mutilated man training his former friend’s clone while working for the person/gov he hated the most makes perfect sense… (maybe he realizes skull face was behind Motherbase attack and Bigboss working with skull face made him mad…) I just don’t want MG2 to get more retconned

    • uya333

      well, as far as i know, Kaz should be getting his limbs back, just as Big Boss. I mean some high-tech, biotechnology shit….

  • jack_coban

    Well let’s just thank god Kojima let Big Boss wearing gloves at the end of GotP

  • Shalashaska

    “…something else entirely (Metal Gear Online?).”

    What if, in MGO, there’s a deathmatch mode in which one team is Diamond Dogs, and another is something Zero owns, and then like you have Big Boss and Zero giving you commands. (Just a wishful idea – more than likely, he’s voicing Zero for an appearance in the single-player.)

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    FACT . In the tgs 2014 gameplay there is a skull logo behind the stun arm and a word starting with o is written below.

  • MrVux007

    Good ,we will finaly see that old fart confront Big Boss in way (heres hoping)!

  • MichaelPayneV

    True Story!

  • MichaelPayneV

    How i feel about Metal Gear Online Reveal.

  • Nacrois

    In what MGS we realize that Cypher is Zero and how?

    • MichaelPayneV

      At The End of Ground Zeroes Skull Face Called Cipher both Zero and Cipher.

    • At the end of Peace Walker, Kaz says: That name Paz mentioned at the end – “Cipher” – it’s code. It means “empty”… It also means…
      Snake: “Zero.”

      • Nacrois

        Thanks !

  • Edward Wokhands

    Ah crap, does this mean the game won’t be released early 2015? They’re still doing voice recording? I thought the game would be in the very last parts of development by now. All I can hope is that when it comes to Japanese voice overs they’re just dubbing, kind of like in a movie. It’ll take less work.

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