Close Up: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Premium Package


As with nearly every major Metal Gear title in Japan, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was also available as a ‘Premium Package’ upon release. These Premium Packages are special edition bundles that usually come in large boxes and contain some nice extras for collectors.

The Metal Gear Rising Premium Package is a bit smaller than the one for Metal Gear Solid 3, but it’s still an impressive box. On the front you can see a close up of Raiden readying his sword for combat.


On the back – visible after removing the sheet of paper describing the contents – a shiny print of the game’s logo.


The box is made of sturdy, glossy cardboard with a slanted opening running along the middle (probably made to look like Raiden sliced it in half). Due to the shininess and silver background, the whole box gives off an industrial, metallic vibe, which fits well with the aesthetics of the game and its cybernetic sword wielding, armor wearing protagonist.


The inner box has more or less the same artwork but in monochrome, warmer colors. On this artwork, Raiden is in combat mode, wearing his visor over his face.


The reflection on his blade is different as well: you can see the enemies that you will face in the game, while the other art shows Raiden himself in the suit he’s wearing at the beginning of the game.


This inner box holds all the contents, and removing the lid reveals its goodies.


The first thing you’ll see is an artbook. It doesn’t have too many pages, but what’s really nice about it is the size. Often artbooks included in special editions are quite small because they have to fit an a smaller box, but for this one they used all the space they had. Each page is in A4 size, with some artworks taking up a whole double page spread. It’s nice to see concept art printed in such a large size for once.


Especially since most of the artwork in there is by Yoji Shinkawa. And you can’t go wrong with Shinkawa. The prints look nice and colorful, so there’s nothing to complain about here.


After taking out the artbook the rest of the contents are revealed.


To the left are two cases: one contains the game, the other is a steelbook holding a soundtrack cd.

The game’s boxart is quite nice, it may not be by Shinkawa but the render has stylish subdued colors and a nice silver sheen.


The soundtrack is actually rather extensive, containing no less than 32 tracks. However, none of the vocal tracks are on there, which makes sense as Konami released those as a separate, stand alone soundtrack cd.


Last but not least, a set with two figurines of the Dwarf Gekkos found in the game. Quite possibly the most entertaining extra in the box.


Their arms and wrists can be bended in all sorts of directions to create numerous poses.


You can also attach the two together, as demonstrated in the instructions.


Also, they can be taken apart in two halves, as if Raiden has sliced straight trough them with his sword, revealing their electronic innards. They snap back together using small built-in magnets.


The figures come with eight extra hands: four open ones and four closed fists. So you can swap them to your heart’s content.


To conclude, this is quite a nice package. When it comes to its presentation, everything looks slick and shiny, really embracing the term ‘premium’. The soundtrack contains a lot of songs (unfortunately none of the vocal tracks though), the artbook features some spectacular prints and the figurines are a fun addition to the regular figures on the market.


  • Plissken

    I like that box art, and the steelbox art as well. At least we got a reversible Ground Zeroes box art with Shinkawa. Hopefully they’ll be doing the same with The Phantom Pain or whatever Limited Edition they release in the states.

    • Europe’s GZ boxart wasn’t reversible. 🙁 But yeah, TPP needs to get a CE outside of Japan as well.

      • Plissken

        You mean the west actually got something cool for once? Too bad these kinds of things have to be exclusive to certain regions, rather than be distributed worldwide. Its just a small thing, but it would’ve been awesome, like to have the wooden sword with Snake’s soul in Revengeance. (The sword that talks)

    • glitchbomb

      Already started saving for the TPP SE sets!!!

  • César H. Sandoval

    Still waiting for the sequel 😉

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Same here. I remember takeing an online survey they put out about what you would like to see in the next mgr. MGR2 on ps4 with online mode sounds good to me.

    • Chris Redfield

      but will have a sequel Kojima already said that…OMG…Metal Gear Rising 2 + Fox Engine = GOTY…when that happens, goodbye God of War,Devil May Cry and other Hack n’ Slash games hahaha

      • A game like MGRR can’t be done in the FOX engine, thats why this game isn’t called Metal Gear Solid Rising any longer. if there is a sequel its going to be with the platinum games engine and developed by platinum games, Kojima only trusts them to get it done.

        • Chris Redfield

          well i remember back then that Kojima said that MGRR was going to be with the Fox Engine..but the Fox Engine wasn’t ready yet that’s why they called the Platinum Games to finish the project that was taking soo damn long already…and after the success of MGRR Kojima already said that MGRR will have a sequel with the Fox Engine..Platinum Games will be involved of course but the engine will be the Fox Engine

          • Where in the holy hell did you hear that?!


            ^Right there. Kojima says he only trusts Platinum to get the job done and that MGSR was a total mess with the FOX Engine. they only way he would consider the FOX Engine if it could bring the same fast action paced gameplay that MGRR did, and clearly if the MGS4 version of the FOX Engine couldn’t do it the MGS5 version can’t as well.

            All Kojima had to complain about was graphics and I’m sure Kojima would rather wait until Platinum Games is done with their new revision of their engine then start a project with an engine that has a less then 30% chance of being successful.

          • Chris Redfield

            wow..and u think that the engine is not upgraded with time? man shit Fox Engine is project is ready but still has a lot of work to be done in this u cannot expect a MGRR before 2017 do u really think that the Fox Engine won’t be upgraded until there? even Silent Hills will use the Fox Engine and is not coming out before 2016 so of course MGRR 2 will be with the Fox Engine…and if u really read the article that u posted the link it says THIS:
            “The one thing I think they can still improve on is their technological level. Their technology is not quite up to par, so maybe for the next project if we did something with them, we would maybe have them use the FOX engine. Or, perhaps their next generation engine. I’m not sure. But it’s the only point I would improve.”

          • You are not seeing the point.

            The FOX Engine on a fundamental level just cannot do the stuff MGRR did or what Kojima wanted without a major code rewrite of everything and by then it won’t be the FOX Engine anymore. Kojima realized this and went with a developer whose engine can handle all the demands his own engine couldn’t do. it doesn’t matter if we wait until MGS7 in 20-fucking whatever, the FOX Engine was made for stealth and action games like Metal Gear and Silent Hill are perfect for it not a game like MGRR.

            Mark my words: MGRR 2 will be developed by Platinum Games with their Next Revised Engine and whatever Kojima has been suggesting to them in improvements over the past year (what? you think hes just been visiting their main studios on and off for the past year because hes bored? think again.)

          • Chris Redfield

            what makes u think that u know everything that the Fox Engine can do? u don’t know a shit the Fox Engine is a masterpiece the best engine ever created it can support eveyr single type of game..every engine can create everything MGRR was created with the Havok engine the same of Resident Evil 5 and even Alone in The Dark and other games too was created with this engine different types of games was created with this engine..and DmC was created with the Unreal Engine same of Gears of War and other different games too…so even PES 15 was created with a variation of the Fox the Fox Engine capabilities are unimaginable so stop talking shits like if u knew everything about the Fox Engine cause Silent Hill is different than MGS and still they will have the same engines so MGR 2 will have the Fox Engine or a better one and this are the words of Kojima if Kojima said it then u shut the fuck up about it

          • Guest

            Right, okay, sure. I should’ve guessed where this was going….

            Okay FOX Engine fanboy, you go on living in your bubble and when your ready to face truth get back to me.

          • I really should’ve guessed where this was going….

            Okay FOX Engine fan boy, you go on living in your bubble and when your ready to face truth get back to me.

  • XIFF-5

    I miss E3 2010 MGR Trailer ;( That game was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

    It is clear from the trailer that they have made a whole gameplay mechanics , maps and character models with fox engine…. And then later, simply to the trash?

    Please KOJIMA, finish MGSV, then make this METALGEARSOLID RISING.

    Or a DLC in MGSV? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • AgitAngst

      There was an interview with Kojima where he said that they just didn’t know how to make all this mechanics playable and fun for the player.

      • True, they didn’t succeed in making the game work, so Kojima cancelled it. But they still have the script and they may use it in the future.

      • Machine Gun Kid

        I remember reading that article also.

    • gerber

      How about MGR with cyborg ninja Gray Fox with fox engine? I would love to play it

    • Plissken

      I’d like to see them do something with the time period between Sons of Liberty and Guns of The Patriots, like what Rising was originally supposed to be. If not a game, then maybe a digital graphic novel.

      • From The Distant Future

        I agree.

        Perhaps it’ll be something, like, this: Raiden learned from Big Mama, in exchange for the location of Big Boss that he obtained from GW, that Olga’s daughter, Sunny, was being held in Area 51, and successfully rescued her with the help of Big Mama and the Paradise Lost Army. At this moment in time we’re still a normal soldier. It was during his rescue of Sunny that he met the former Soviet soldier Boris Vyacheslavovich Popov, who was the war buddy of Sunny’s grandfather, Sergei Gurlukovich. Raiden rescuing Sunny in the massive underground base known as Area 51 is like bringing it back to the original Metal Gear Solid.

        Wandering the Earth and learning from others Raiden studied scouting techniques under a Native American shaman (some reference to Vulcan Raven would be awesome) living in Alaska, and learned to hunt. He then began work on retrieving Big Boss’ remains from the Patriots for the Paradise Lost Army, leading to his capture. If rescuing Sunny was the 1st major act on this wishful-thinking game, then, trying to retrieve Big Boss’ remains is undoubtedly the 2nd major act. In this act I would really like emphasis on the Paradise Lost Army, Patriots, and Big Boss to the point Raiden understands and recognize all parties and what they’re fighting for.

        The 4th act. As a prisoner, the Patriots used Raiden as a test subject for experiments in exoskeletal enhancement surgery, during which he had his head and spine excised from his body from his lower jaw down and subsequently grafted into an enhanced synthetic body. With the help of the Paradise Lost Army (we should play as Eva aka Big Mama at least for this little part), Raiden managed to escape his captivity. Emphasis on Big Mama and the Lost Paradise Army more-so to the point where we the players understand why, more than ever before, she’s doing the things she’s doing as well as why her soldiers loyally follow her.

        Final act. Like Sons of Liberty’s end game we were giving a sword out of nowhere with new gameplay mechanics unusual to us. After undergoing surgery to clear his body of nanomachines and being saved by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar (now we’re Cyborg Raiden with all the new gameplay features), he was successful in reclaiming Big Boss’ remains from the Patriots.

        This game has to be a Metal Gear Solid game. Not a Rising one. As much as I love Rising (patiently awaiting for the sequel), for this game it should stay Solid because for the most part you’re still a normal Soldier.

  • Big_Boss88

    So amazing :D, I bought this on Steam -_-…so I didn’t get such sweet looking goodies!

    • turkishgamer35


      • Big_Boss88

        Hey buddy :D, no problem! I’m a long time fan of the show myself ;), but if you’re new to the AVGN then you should check the official site too if want.

        I highly recommend starting to watch it from beginning, 2004-2006 videos 😀 can find them in the “Shows” tab. All the videos are guaranteed to give you lots of laughs XD. Top Gun and Nightmare On Elm Street are some of my favorites. Zelda games too + so many others lol!

        I might as well check them again sometime soon.

        • turkishgamer35

          thank you and yes never heard of them before just saw your post and watch really like it

  • Rob Machado

    i have that art book 🙂

    • This one you received for buying the game at GameStop right?

      • Rob Machado

        Yes sir!

    • Machine Gun Kid

      I have the artbook also. It wasent exclusive to japan. Im in north america. It didnt come with the limited edition tho. I got it as a pre order bonus.

      • Machine Gun Kid

        Let me correct myself. The artbook wasent a pre order bonus. Like Nyxus said they wer giving it out for buying the game at gamestop.

  • PrinceHeir

    Now that’s some godlike edition 😀

    Damn Japan always get the best edition for their games ^^

  • Guest

    Haha, I just love the text on the back: “Metal Gear has been cut.”

  • Is a shame they didn’t release a “cutscene soundtrack” most of the tracks on that disc are from gameplay sections

  • glitchbomb

    Man! Really wish the version I purchased had the Dwarf Gekko!!!
    I got the steel case, book, CD and this.
    Which I never turn on. Well. Not true, I leave it in lamp mode sometimes,

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Man, this looks amazing! Why don’t you turn it on?

      • glitchbomb

        Thanks! 🙂 I turn the base light on often but i am afraid that if I leave the plasma on it may “burn out”.
        The plasma/ Nobel gases will last an extremely long time(as long as the glass is not damaged) but the specialized power inverter or other parts can burn out over time, and I have NO idea how to replace any of those parts :/

        I saw one of these sets on sale @ GameStop in a hidden corner up on a high shelf all dusty a few months back. Think it was $99?

        (Fun fact! apparently some of the ones Tesla invented are still in working condition.)

        • Planning to get one off eBay some day.

    • Rob Machado

      haha same as well.

  • that’s really pretty and i would love to have those dwarf gekkos. i loved the easter egg in rising where you find two dwarf gekkos that make Snake’s taunt from MGS4

  • PrinceHeir

    Freaking awesome!

    I have the steelbook as well as the Special Edition one 🙂

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