Metal Gear Informer now has a Tumblr page

Metal Gear Informer now has its own Tumblr account. Links to the website’s articles will be shared there, as well as Metal Gear related GIFs and possibly other nonsense.


If you happen to have a Tumblr account and you’re interested in following Metal Gear Informer, head on over to the page.

  • Venom_Sina

    Ha!!!The photo rocks!!!

  • Will Hough

    Good to see the message spreading ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Javier

    Coming 2018

    • Jason Mounce

      I can’t wait for Metal Gear Kart and Metal Gear Racing and Metal Gear Tennis and Metal Gear Heroes and Metal Gear Basketball and Metal Gear Defense on the iOS and Metal Gear Legends, MOBA-style and the lazy spinoffs that likely will be made when Kojima is gone.

  • solidsnack

    i followed ya nyx ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cardboardbox engineer

    congrats nyxus, already following the man ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • PrinceHeir
  • MichaelPayneV

    Plot Twist: What if David Hayter is the New voice of Zero?

    Jokes aside, am i seriously the only one intrigued on who is the New Voice of Zero, now that Jim Piddock has refused to be part of MGSV?
    My money are on Benedict Cumberbatch, he is English, like Zero, and he is “Pretty Gooood” when it comes to Motion Capture…and Hideo loves the TV Show with Sherlock, so….

    • mcroix

      Jim Piddock turned down the offer because it was too cheap. Why would a known actor at a high point in his career take chicken scraps?

      • MichaelPayneV

        Maybe because Jim Piddock thinks he is better then someone like Cumberbatch, and considering the way he talked on Twitter about it, saying to a random fan an in-house information unlike Hayter who tried to be as diplomatic as possible, makes me thing that Jim didn’t though the offer was as big as his Ego.

        Seriously, you don’t go on twitter and say that they give you an insulting offer, you have to stay diplomatic.

        • MrVux007

          yea i mean look at KONAMI for example…they stayed diplomatic and official,yet the fans piss on their head for it …. lol jokes aside i wont say Jim Piddock was unprofessional,nor will i say that he was proffesional… i can i only say if they did give him *an insulting offer* he has every damn right to be bitter and angry,and he is free to say whatever he wants as long as it doesnt comprimise himself to the level where everyone will think he is self-protentius douche….trust me in my line of work if my contractor gives a slightly lower pay-grade then usual (without any bloody reason) i would go full Vietnam on their ass… other then that it would be really interesting to hear Benedicts voice….

          • MichaelPayneV

            I just felt Jim reaction a little arrogant then it should have been.

        • Kol Leqejza

          piddock was asked & he gave an answer. nothing to be blamed for.

          maybe richard doyle will make a return… or that guy who dubbed the president from MGS 2. who knows?

          would be awesome if donald sutherland would speak Zero. but that’s just wishful thinking.
          i bet it’s going to be a talented videogame voice-over artist.

    • kirtanloorii

      Benedict Cumberbatch would probably do a better Major Zero anyways. But remember that this game is nearly 20 years after Snake Eater, and he was pretty old in Snake Eater. So it would not surprise me if they went for an older British actor.

  • PrinceHeir

    Also someone(reeceprocter89 from reddit) made a comprehensive list of the Metal Gear Solid Story Saga(including Portable Ops)

    Might want to read some to refresh your memories ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pretty long :O

    You can download the PDF as well!

    • Just printed this. I will be reading with a glass of milk and oreos…

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    The website is in 4D sound data. All I did was convert the sound data into image data. It was easy. This Nyxus sounds pretty cool.

  • Vegas

    Tumblr is awesome for its gifs… and for the kids telling how pitful their life is. Love it.

  • mcroix

    cool. now we can all talk about our feelings.

  • Kol Leqejza

    it’s about time! going to follow

  • Guest
    • Chris Jackson

      Yup, I posted that in another article. It is the most absolute piece of garbage EVER. I’m actually the guy with a recent paragraph ranting in comments.

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        I can even explain what I feel after watching this piece of sh#@. ThE journalists who was supposed to be a fan is a completly retard. then you have the other xbots fan who really put in a bad place any metal gear xbox user

        It’s feel attended to make Kojima an absolutely looser creator. hope they will be fired and loose their jobs someday
        it’s simply a shitty move and they are laughing of this.

        Poor Fuckin casuals. It’s really get you mad

  • Cipher

    Just like expanding mother base

  • kirtanloorii

    @nyxus, that pic is epic, by the way! So now we know who you really are!

  • Gatsu

    This is awesome :D, I love tumblr for gif and images. Been using it for quite long time, but still haven’t made account there ;(…

    I shall do it now :)!

    • Shalashaska

      man you wont believe this.. my xbox isnt giving out audio anymore.. gonna take it to repair .. if this thing cant be repaired i wont be able to play MGS TPP :/

      And also.. Whats wrong with the main page, mod ? o.O

      • Gatsu

        Sad to hear that :(… hope you get it fixed. Not sure what happened to front page, but Im using tablet currently and wonder if it is only with this.

        • It was supposed to be, as it’s a mobile theme. But anyway, it’s switched off now.

        • Shalashaska

          yea, man.. hope so too.. if i cant play mgs, i’ll melt and die.. yea… melt first, then die.

  • ominonarepus


  • Golgari

    Tumbler is great. Thanks Nyxus for your support.

    So far we have good news from Kojim…. Konami LA and MGI.

  • Shalashaska

    Why is the main page WordPress ? o.O

    • Shalashaska


  • XIFF-5

    Something wrong with the main page of the site…..

    • What is happening exactly? Looks normal over here.

      • XIFF-5

        Thats how the home page looks… :/

        • Alright, tried something. Is it fixed now?

          • XIFF-5

            Nope, still the same…

          • And now?

          • XIFF-5

            Nope. :/

          • Pretty sure this is causing it: Tried it out but deactivated it just now, so it should be back to normal now. Could it be your cache that’s still showing the mobile theme? Because it’s no longer activated.

          • XIFF-5

            I deleted the caches on Safari Mac, and the problem is still unsolved… I think all of us are facing the same thing.

          • Okay, looking into it.

      • Kol Leqejza

        it’s all white instead of black. but the site seems more fluid now. i’m ok with that.

  • Old Liquid

    Ew. What the fuck happened to Metal Gear Informer’s webpage?

    This must be what Konami’s restructure looks like at their headquarters.

    • Shalashaska


  • Gatsu

    Interesting new look for MGI :O, turned into white.

  • kirtanloorii

    Not liking this new web design at all.

    • Yeah, that wasn’t supposed to happen. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Gatsu

    @Nyxus the front page is normal now again and the site is too, well at least for me :).

    • kirtanloorii

      Yeah, I just noticed that too. I’m glad because the all white background strains my eyes.

  • XIFF-5

    Problem solved!

    • Ah, so it just took a while. Good!

  • Javier

    I can finally import music in pc version.


    Tumblr huh? Well that’s a perfect place for wonderful well thought out pieces like this video. Diving into the important issues in the Metal Gear universe: “Dat ass tho”


    Ahh they finally did it. KONAMI573ch channel on YouTube renamed the Kojima Productions playlist to the Metal Gear playlist. So that’s that. I should buy some KojiPro merchandise before it becomes overpriced collectible items on ebay

  • Shalashaska

    oh and i forgot Nyxus… I shall follow you to the ENDS OF THE… Tumblr

    Now to just make a tumblr account ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kaz, i already follow

  • Venom_Sina

    Hey guys,How you doin’?If you have some time,take a look at this.It’s not a bad read:

    • Gatsu

      Hey Sina :D. Gotta go sleep so no time to read all :), but he made good points in the 1st part and yes maybe most of it was Kojima’s idea.

      I dunno.

  • Gatsu

    22 weeks <(^O^<) …

    • kirtanloorii

      It’s about to get a little slower now that news is going to slow down.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah ;(… we need more news >:C !

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