Christopher Randolph (Huey): MGSV TPP to be ‘graphically shocking’, and will explore the dark history of Otacon’s family

In an interview by Fragged Nation, co-hosted by KorruptRonin and YongYea, voice actor Christopher Randolph answered questions about his roles in the various Metal Gear games. He has done the voice for Otacon in MGS, 2 and 4, and Huey (Otacon’s father) in Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain.


When asked about the differences between the two characters Hal (Otacon) and Huey, Christopher said they’re very different, but in very subtle ways. “Whereas Otacon is very much a hero in many respects, Huey is a little more in the ‘grey area.” Christopher explained. “He is not ‘evil’, one of these super bad guys, but […] his moral judgement is, I think, not as clear and locked in as Otacon’s is.” He then added: “And I think actually the reason that Otacon’s is so locked in is because of what he knew about his dad.”

Talking about the voice specifically, he said: “When we did Peace Walker it took a little bit to try and figure out how Huey sounded. Huey’s really much more my normal voice. […] It’s a brain shift.”

Christopher also confirmed he’s doing the facial capture for Huey as well as providing the voice. “There was quite a bit of facial capture done in TPP.” he explained. “I haven’t seen a lot of it, but the little bit I’ve seen is just astounding. It’s really amazing, it’s like you’re in a movie.” The body motion capture on the other hand is done be a completely different person. “But it doesn’t look like either of us.” Christopher said. “It’s this sort of hybrid creation, and I think that’s really cool.”

During the interview they also talked about the relationship between Big Boss and Huey in The Phantom Pain. Although Christopher couldn’t say a lot about it and he had to be careful not to reveal too much, he did say some general things. “It’s interesting, because to some degree, like Otacon (particularly in game 1), Huey as the scientific genius is not particularly powerful. And in the face of all these powerful forces, he is often the victim. But what he knows is valuable to people. And so I think he gets used in a number of respects.”


At another point in the interview he also stated: “In TPP you’re going to learn about some of the family’s dark history. And the fact that they put that in is very very smart.”

During recording they were very secretive, and it took some probing from Christopher to get some answers about what was going on in the game. “Am I a good guy or a bad guy? What’s happening? […] There’s no right answer to that, actually. And I think that’s actually kind of interesting, because nobody is all good or all bad.” Christopher concluded the answer with these words: “I think it’s very exciting and very dramatic what Huey goes through, and I think it’s going to be really extraordinary. And I really look forward to hearing what people think of it.”

When talking about Kiefer Sutherland, Christopher explained he never actually met Kiefer in the studio, he was only working with his recorded voice. But he did seem impressed by the work. “I think his performance is terrific, but it’s obviously a different Snake than David’s. And so I’m really going to have to leave it up to the fans what people think. Kiefer is an extraordinary actor and I think this was probably a new process to him. […] I’m going to be very interested to see his performance.” he said. “I think he pulls it off. I don’t know, you guys will have to be the judge.”

Fans will probably be able to get an idea of what’s going on by piecing together Ground Zeroes’ cassette tapes and the trailers released so far. “It all fits together. There’s nothing in Phantom Pain that doesn’t fit with whatever you’ve seen in Ground Zeroes.”

When asked Christopher also hinted at the fact that some more cassette tapes ‘may be’ in the game in which you will learn more about Huey.

Christopher was also asked if we will see a different side of Huey, given the fact that Kojima said characters in The Phantom Pain will undergo dramatic changes as a result of the climactic events in Ground Zeroes. Again, Christopher couldn’t reveal much about this but said: “The short answer is yes.”

Another questions revolved around Huey’s role in the game. “I think that he’s a key element to the storyline.” Christopher said. “He may not appear a whole lot, but when he does there’s some very very interesting and exciting things going on, both good and bad.”

Christopher couldn’t answer if player’s choices will affect his role in the game (for instance whether Quiet lives or dies depends on the player’s actions), since he doesn’t know how his recorded lines will be used. He did say this: “I think that is the cool thing about TPP. It’s going to be a different game every time you play it, and for every player, with the individual choices and the way you go about it. It’s going to offer so much possibility. I think it’s going to be really exciting.”

Christopher then got asked if there were any controversial elements in the story, and if there were things that have shocked him or made him uncomfortable. “Yeah.” Christopher said. “There’s a couple of things that are really… I would say: graphically shocking.”


Responding to the question whether Huey will be experiencing loss like Hal, and go through a similar emotional spectrum, he said: “I will say that you will definitely see Huey go through a very large emotional spectrum. That’s really all I can say.” And the performance capture plays a role in this. “You will definitely get to know Huey. And then the other thing is, I think because they did quite a lot of facial capture, TPP is really going to be like watching a movie, with almost life human beings.”

During the interview Christopher also talked about earlier Metal Gear games, and answered some more general questions.

On the subject as how he got the role of Otacon for the first Metal Gear Solid, Christopher explained he was always interested in acting, and when he took some acting classes he met Jennifer Hale and Kris Zimmerman. When auditions began for MGS about a year later, Kris asked him if he wanted to audition for Snake. When Christopher was done auditioning and was about to leave the recording booth, Kris stopped him, and he saw there was some discussion going on between her and some Japanese people. Then she asked him if he wanted to try another character. She handed him a picture of Otacon, and Christopher noticed the similarities between himself and the character. He did the audition and got the part.

Christopher then got asked what about playing Otacon keeps him drawing in all these years. “There’s several things.” he answered. “The process of doing it is really fun, I actually enjoy it. I enjoy the actual going into the studio and doing the work. The character really is such a part of me, and I’m so fond of him.” Another reason for him to keep coming back is the quality of Metal Gear’s story. “But I also feel like… It sort of goes back to what I said about the detail of Metal Gear.” Christopher explained. “I’m an actor, I’m a storyteller in that respect. That’s what interests me, and there’s, you know, some amazing storylines in Metal Gear and the history and there’s some extraordinary scenes of you know great drama. […] And for an actor, that’s what you want to be doing. You want to play that stuff.” He also mentioned he thinks that fanbase is remarkable, saying he constantly meets people of all types who are genuinely moved by the games, sometimes telling him that they helped them through some difficult times. “To be able to have that effect as an actor is really rewarding.” Christopher said. “So far the kind of broadest reach that I’ve had as an actor is from Metal Gear. So I want to stay with it.”

When asked wether he played all of the games, Christopher replied that he has played MGS1 all the way through and bits and pieces of the other games, and he is planning to get a new PlayStation for The Phantom Pain. “It’s really really fun. I really enjoy it when I play it.”

On the question ‘are you really an otaku’, Christopher answered that he doesn’t think he qualifies as one, but he does have a deep appreciation for the art of Japanese anime.

Two of the scenes that stand out for him are the deaths of Emma Emmerich and Sniper Wolf. Christopher was asked what he thought it was that drew Otacon to Sniper Wolf.
“I think there’s something for Otacon about the lone wolf, you know? I think he identifies with that, given his family history and his sensitivity as a character. […] I think he saw something in Sniper Wolf, a vulnerability, you know, the fact that she’s a loner. […] I think that Otacon relates one some level and really emphasizes with the loneliness and the kind of self reliance necessary to be able to do that, and he was pulled in by that.”


What did Christopher think Otacon would do after MGS4 and Solid Snake’s death? Given the strong connection between the two characters, it was surely a huge loss for Otacon, but he has shown before he is able to cope with loss. Because of this, Christopher believes Otacon is a survivor and was able to move on. Would he like to do a ‘Metal Gear Otacon’ game? Laughing: “Sign me up!”

The last question was: Do you think love can bloom on a battlefield?
Christopher laughed and answered: “Yes I do. I think that love can bloom anywhere, as long as you’re looking for it. And then you just have to nurture it, and there it is.”

To see the entire interview, follow the link in the source section below.

Source: YongYea (with FraggedNation and KorruptRonin)

  • Shalashaska

    Remember when this game had Mo-cap for the faces.. yes now imagine THAT with MGS…I didnt realize until now but the Mo-cap IS GOING TO ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING THINGS ABOUT THE game!

    NOW imagine that AWESOMENESS with Ocelot, Big Boss, Liquid,Skullface and maybe even solid snake… this game.. (just a gag but look at that! Its like a real person)

    • Gatsu

      I agree, LA Noire got outstanding face mo-cap and It’ll be epic in TPP :D.

      I seriously need my TPP now lol… 4 more months !!!

      • Shalashaska

        I know. This game is what made The new Sherlock Holmes unplayable for me. To me, if there is a detective game, it should be with mo-cap like this because being a detective means catching lies. In Sholmes, there was not even a little mo-cap and therefore i couldnt even push myself to get past the 3rd level.. I went back to playing L.a noire from the beginning and left Sholmes to sit.

        As for Tpp..I believe this is going to be amazing. I mean, everything is mo-cap even to the way they raise their guns and the way the walk and run.. which in my opinion.. is what is going to make this game stand out from the previous mg games.. Imagine the L.a noire No-cap tech with MGS.. WOW man… its going to be wow. Cant wait for this game to come out.

        Im gonna go play l.a noire now xD

    • Kol Leqejza

      l.a. noire didn’t use mo-cap. they used a different technique invented by themselves.

      • Shalashaska

        Really ? O_o hmm.. I read somewhere that it was mo-cap.. hmm i think it was angryjoe review.. My bad, i must have heard him wrong. Either way, you get what I mean. 🙂

        • Ninja_Se7eN

          No man, you’re correct they used MotionScan which is a different technology for motion capture but it’s still motion capture.

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        They did, but that technology was still motion capture. Better motion capture but motion capture nonetheless ;).

        • Kol Leqejza

          the process is the same of course, but a more advanced method. one that focuses on all the facial expressions, without the need to perform exagerated expressions by the actor to show convenient faces.

          fox engine & unreal engine are both engines of course, but they’re not the same 😉

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            True, it’s just that the way you said it sounded like it was something entirely different ;).

          • Kol Leqejza

            to the head of team bondi it was xD

          • Shalashaska

            Oh.. my bad, i just checked that out, i know of that method, saw a small video about that once 🙂
            So which one will look better in-game though? You know .. in terms of the expressions.. ? o_O

          • Kol Leqejza

            don’t know. MGS V’s mocap looks more expensive & sophisticated, but on the other hand it’s not a detective game where u need to know who’s lying or not.

            l.a. noire had a great feauture, but a lot of problems, too… MGS V priorities lie elsewhere, but i think it will be mostly on par with l.a. noires facial expressions. the lip syncing is great so far, and facial expression seems also very great. but we have only GZ to compare it to and those elements are scarce in GZ. we have to wait it out.

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      I really want a L.A. Noire sequel. Maybe with some improvements of some of the gameplay though. Like the driving and shooting. The detective work was fantastic, and the reason I keep going back to play it again and again. A PS4 sequel with better visuals and gameplay would make me a very happy person.

      • Shalashaska

        I know.. a nex-gen version on L.a noire would be.. FABULOUS xD

    • Cipher

      Never played LA Noire, but since John Noble is in it, I might do

      • Shalashaska

        Piece of advice; Play it, NOW.

    • decoyF0XX


    • ominonarepus

      I don’t think they gonna arrive to that level… on L.A. Noire, all the effort was put on the facial expresions but, from the neck to the toes, they were just doll, tipycal rockstar dolls.

  • Gatsu

    Oh god I’m so hyped for this game XD I NEED IT! Just imagining how the story unfolds for each character is so awesome . Then those torture scenes with Huey 🙁 oh no…what’s going on in them I need to know?!

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Huey in the game and also learn more of his actions between GZ and TPP + his dark history :).

    Was interesting to hear him say, that Huey isn’t evil but more in the grey area in TPP (no one is pure evil or good) and that he might be used by strong enemies/forces etc. I still believe it might have something to do with Strangelove, although some can say that her leaving from MB was just to give room for new characters. But I think XOF/Cipher got something to do with it and Huey cared a lot about her. So he do something unimaginable as being blackmailed etc.

    I’m sure we will hear Christopher a lot, even though being huge open world game with lots of exploring. At least will when progressing through main story.
    I was sure he met Kiefer in the studio, but he didn’t which was surprising imo.

    Also face mo-cap tech is sooo incredible, it really feel like watching a real person and this makes TPP give us fans a whole lot more emotions for sure <3.

    I loved this interview :).

  • Kol Leqejza

    i thought it was clear, that snake survived MGS 4. the last line after the credits suggest this

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      He survived the game, yes. But he’s still aging rapidly and most likely died a few months or a year afterwards. It’s inevitable.

      • Kol Leqejza

        naaaaah. in metal gear rising it’s clear that he survived. FOXDIE has been deactivated. big boss & naomi made this clear, too, in the final cutscene of MGS 4.

        • ThreeMadFrogs

          FOXDIE isn’t the problem. The accelerated aging isn’t going to stop.

          • Kol Leqejza

            look at zero. that guy’s like 130 in MGS 4. solidus looked healthy, too in MGS 2. rising makes it clear that he’s still alive & well.

          • What the people above have said is true. FoxDIE isn’t the problem, but his natural lifespan is almost at an end. Snake didn’t live much longer after the events of MGS4. He says it himself in the final conversation with Otacon:

            “Otacon, I’m gonna be dead soon. You don’t have to come.”

            Zero has nothing to do with it, he isn’t a clone made in the Les Enfants Terribles program. Solidus also looked a lot older than his actual age. Metal Gear Rising isn’t canon so what is said there is irrelevant.

          • Raymondius

            Actually, Naomi explains pretty clearly that Old Snake’s accelerated aging is caused by his shortened telomeres. And that makes indeed his death inevitable in the nearest future at the end of the game.

          • So then we agree right?

          • Raymondius

            Of course! Sorry if I didn’t manage to explain myself correctly! :S

          • That’s okay, just making sure. 🙂

          • Kol Leqejza

            hmm, the story department for rising was kojipro staff, so i guess part of it is right. and i m also aware of the accelerated aging, but we all have to wait out TPP’s story to unfold. les enfants terribles project is like the best kept secret in the MGS universe. there are many retcons by kojima himself. look at the end credits of GZ, for example. it says that les enfants are canceled in 1976!
            this means that eli would be only 8 years old in TPP (if the project woul’ve been secretly conducted in 76). and solidus only being 12 years old when recruiting raiden? so why would solid snakes accelerating only kick in in his late 40’s? it’s all fucked up. kojima is going to set this right in TPP. and let’s face it: there’s going to be a next solid game. no matter if snake truly did die after MGS 4.

          • Rising isn’t canon because it’s not ‘a Hideo Kojima game’. It’s true that we don’t know wether or not some things will be retconned in MGSV, but until that time what we know is what we know. And that is that Snake didn’t have much longer to live after MGS4. There is not really a reason to change that in MGSV, since it takes place 30 years earlier so what would be the point? And yes, there may be more Solid Snake games in the future, but since they most likely won’t be created by Hideo Kojima it doesn’t really matter.

          • Kol Leqejza

            so what’s the point of passing the torch then, if no MGS will ever be canon unless it’s by kojima. it’s not like he’s doing the screenplay all by himself. in fact the on he did alone had the weakest story of them all: peace walker.
            if we don’t acknowledge the credibility of the whole team, then there’s no reason to play them at all.

            sry, for being a bit off-topic. what i was trying to say is, that the making of MGS 4 blu-ray, in regards to snake’s fate, is a bit more optimistic about it.

          • A Metal Gear that Kojima isn’t heavily involved in just doesn’t feel the same. He has just been too important to the series. Of course, he hasn’t done it all by himself, the team is important (and other individuals such as Shinkawa are very important as well), but a Metal Gear game that has no involvement from Kojima just isn’t the same. Doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, just different.

          • Kol Leqejza

            if it’s not going to be a trainwreck like snake’s revenge, i’m all for it.

            i was surprised that rising was considered not canon by miller in GZ, cos storywise it felt metal gear-esque, but a bit too japanese, even for metal gear standard. so ok, it’s not canon, which is a shame. cos it fits so well after MGS 4. portable ops was a bit off, i reckon that. but it had some nice twists & tweaks.

            it’s a bit kojimas fault for us acknowledging only HIS titles.

          • Melyssa

            Liquid and Solid were born in ’72 and Solidus came a couple of years later, so in TPP Eli and David are 12 and Solidus is still a bit behind. For the sake of convenience, lets say that he was born in 1976

            I think that it had been established somewhere that Solidus had an accelerated aging because of being cloned in Big Boss’ late years.
            Given how he looked in his early/mid sixties when he was 37 (Big Shell Incident), we can assume that he has the physical appearance of a man doubling his age. Also, the CIA used him when he was a kid/teen, so we can also assume that his accelerated aging kicked off before the 80’s, if not shortly after his birth.

            From this I believe that while Solidus was indeed a teenager when he got involved in Liberia, he would have looked like a man in his early twenties. By 1989 (Raiden’s first battle as a child) he would be 13 years old, but would’ve had the appearance of a 26 years old guy, give or take.

          • Kol Leqejza

            we gonna have to wait it out. to me it seems that the les enfants terribles project is full of disinformation, like we were led to believe what was the official truth. like zero spreaded lies about BB, like big mama said in MGS 4. ur points are valid of course and accurate. but the after credits scene of ground zeroes and the information we get about the year 1976 led me to believe that there is more to it. kojima retconning himself – nothing new. and imo not that bad. big boss’ prosthetic looks amazing & brings a whole new dimension to his character. but changing his birthdate in MGS 3 from 1915 to 1933 was a bit off. and that’s what’s going to happen with les enfants terrible.

          • Melyssa

            Oh, the retcons… they’re my nightmare! Although when you really think about it, we could consider the current non-retconned story we all know as what Cipher and The Patriots have told us, and that we’ll learn the real truth in TPP.

          • GreatShadow

            But Rising is canon, according to these people:

            But, whatever, you’re all right. Snake dies anyway

          • This has been discussed before, but in general there is a distinction between ‘A Hideo Kojima Games’ (written, directed, designed by Kojima) and other games in the series. Rising isn’t ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’, it can be seen as a ‘what if’ story. It’s also missing from most official timelines released recently.

        • invader_skoodge

          FOXDIE wasn’t going to kill Snake. The accelerated aging was planed from the moment he was born. It was part of the Les Enfants Terribles. If Liquid wouldn’t have died he would have aged the same as Snake. It was the Patriot’s fail-safe.

          • ThreeMadFrogs

            Thank you, some one who gets it.

        • decoyF0XX

          Snake has been programmed to die early. It’s in his genetic programming, sorry 🙁

          • MichaelPayneV

            Unless they make the Head Transplant…oh sh*t, this is what Konami is doing with the New Series, Solid Snake in future?

          • decoyF0XX

            This whole Head Transplant controversy just proved that Kojima is an evil genius. I’m scared of that man now!

    • MichaelPayneV

      With the head cloning thing is possible that the MGS4 Big Boss was actually Frank Jagger.

      This has nothing to do with PythonSelkan, we are playing as Big Boss, but there is no certitude that Frank Jagger is the one who became Gray Fox, that’s all i;m saying, there is not way to prove that he was or that he isn’t, which open to endless possibilities.

      1 thing for sure THIS MGSV Doctor was responsible for both Gray Fox and Raiden.

      • Kol Leqejza

        para-medic was dr. clark.
        frank being BB in MGS 4 makes no sense. the closure between BB & snake would’ve made no sense.
        but i know where u coming from. frank jeager is going to be the new kazuhira miller for big boss. the second in command. i guess frank was more like a son to him, than his own children.

        ps: raiden got it’s implant by dr. madnar.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Like i said, just a thought that has a lot more believable evidences than PythonSelkan’s theory, which means nothing as his theories don’t make that much sense.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    I always thought it was a little too coincidental that the fathers and sons worked alongside each other without ever knowing it. I hope The Phantom Pain closes that gap with the Emmerichs and the Snakes in a good way.

    • invader_skoodge

      I don’t remember them working together. I thought HAL worked for ArmsTech/DARPA building Metal Gear Rex. Huey worked with the CIA in PW and then with Big Boss is MSF. When did they work alongside each other?

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        No, what I meant is that Big Boss and Huey worked together and Snake and Otacon worked together. Fathers worked together. Sons worked together. Sorry I should have made that clearer.

        • invader_skoodge

          ah, Okay gotcha.

        • Melyssa

          It was probably another stake at the “Our genetics don’t decide who we are” statement that Kojima has been working on so hard. Fathers messed up, but their sons did it right despite having the same genes and being almost clones.

          (Yeah, I know that Hal isn’t Huey’s clone, but damn if they look just the same!)

  • Cipher

    Really enjoyable Interview. Thanks

    18 weeks and 5 days to the release of the game of the Century

    • Chao He

      For some reasons I got tired of MGS narratives after MGS II , partly thanks to KOJIMA ‘s unconstrained and mostly wild storytelling and partly thanks to the series self repeativeness… With Bloodborne’s ever obscure and bewildering narratives along with its intricate and evolutionary mechanics that renders me a never before gaming experience, whereas now Octacon to fill up MGS story gap, I must say TPP is no longer the most expected game for me…

      • decoyF0XX

        Dark Souls just became my favourite game this month after I completed it. I’ve been getting less excited for TPP now that I know that I’m so stoked to play Bloodborne. But I’m still HYPED as hell for TPP because it’s a whole new take on the series that seems to be doing some things better than the previous instalments. I never worried about MGS because I know that the gameplay, which is very important to me, will always be deep,fluid and engaging.

        • Gatsu

          Dark Souls one of the best games ever to me :).

          • decoyF0XX

            I LOVE Dark Souls!! I haven’t even gotten the DLC yet like you suggested, but I’m fiddling around with NG+ and having a blast. If I had a PS4 I would be playing the heck out of Bloodborne now too.

            I have to confess I’ve been off MGI for a long while because I’ve been too busy on the Dark Souls reddit XD

          • Gatsu

            I loved Bloodborne, but for some reason it did not give me the same desire of such multiple NG+ playthroughs. Not sure why, maybe it just didn’t feel the same as playing DS which was my first Souls game :).

            DS world still is the best imo so magical, but BB is really amazing game too with very cool dark world :). Different from Souls but amazing.

            NP I sometimes stay a bit off from MGI if got other things to do or play on PS4 :D.

          • decoyF0XX

            I heard the environments are not really different from each other in Bloodborne so maybe that’s why. In Dark Souls we have Firelink, Undead Burg, The Depths, Blighttown, Anor Londo, Duke’s Archives, New Londo, The Catacombs etc which are all completely different areas. Such an amazing game.

          • psychomantis18

            ALL MGS’s shit on Dark Souls 1&2 and Bloodborne. Better games in everyway.

          • ominonarepus

            I love MGS series… but Souls series are in other level, just different kind of games… when I first plat Demon souls in 2010 was like “WTF!” but then I play Dark Souls and I fell in love…once I understand it xDD… then I play Dark souls 2 and it was like, “okey, I don’t think the difficulty was what makes your games good…” and then, a couple weeks ago I play about 6 hours of Bloodborne in my friends PS4 and I fall in love again… I dont even wacht the “honest trailer” to don’t get spoiled about it…

            MGS saga and the Souls saga are very different from each other… it’s like MGS4, if MGS4 is the first MGS you ever play, you gonna blame Kojima and Konami and every one involved… cus’ you don’t know the roots of the franchise and it’s gonna be all new to you, and all cut scenes, and boring…

            If you like MGS and Kojima, is really difficult see it impartial and appreciate other games… and that’s sad being a “gamer”…

          • decoyF0XX

            Aw man, I don’t know if you’ve played Dark Souls (1) but if you haven’t you should because it’s an amazing game! I hate to have to compare it to MGS because they’re two really different things, which I really love.

          • ominonarepus

            I love the souls saga (not the DS2, call me hipster) and for the little I see of Bloodborne (just to the third boss) I fell the same… but I hear someone talks about the difference between Dark Souls, who talks you through the characters and objects, and Bloodborne, who makes it through just the environment (and some objects too)… and it makes a lot of sense… like, when you play, you really don’t give it importance, but if they give you, for example, molotovs in certain area is because the next enemy gonna be vulnerable to the fire… and that’s just an obvius example of the weapons, there are others like, if you find a key in a church is because someone before you steal it and try to use it to arrive somewhere you have to go now, but he fail, and that told you the next area gonna be dangerous and you are not the first there, and little by little you make the story on your head… I don’t know, I think the souls series are a great example of story telling without a cutscene every 5 minutes to make the plot move and explain whats going on…

            I understand it’s hard to get in to the mood, but once you done it… men, it’s a Zelda for grown ups… and it’s one of the few little “adaptations” of the H.P. Lovecrafts universe that works! The tower of Latria, from Demons Souls, with that “cthulhu” guardians… wonderful…

            In the last… I don’t know, 2 years, the games that makes me love the games again where Demons souls and Dark Souls, because they remenber me, like an spanish reviewer says, “to that age when internet still was new for us and you only know secrets from a game because a friend told you he see it, like missingno from Pokemon…” and Far Cry 3, because it remembers me for what the games are, to enjoy and have a good time… and the indies, like Hotline Miami or OlliOlli.

            That’s why I’m waiting patiently to MGSV, cus’ this game give me a hype a don’t feel since Red Dead Redemption…

        • Chao He

          I found MGS 1&2 quite engaging and has relatively balanced narratives, whereas 3&4 showed obvious signs of repetitions in terms of game play(key mechanism hardly changes, bosses too reminiscent of previous installments) and the ever expanding and too often trivial storytelling seemed to have only served KOJIMAs own indulgence better than the game necessarily required. Deja Vu is what I find conclusive when recalling my MGS experience all these years. (Or maybe I find Miyazaki’s narratives at a higher level than KOJIMAs )

          • decoyF0XX

            Me too I find MGS 1 & 2 to be the purest experiences, MGS 2 being my favourite. Not a popular opinion but I think the gameplay slumped in MGS3 especially with the gunplay but I did like the survival aspect a lot. Also I felt the eaarly bosses (excluding Ocelot) in MGS3 we’re a bit underwhelming and lacked character. However after The Fury the rest was excellent. The story too was top notch. MGS4 had a really weird story but I think the gameplay was fantastic just that it felt a bit behind (and more foward than, at the same time) other games at that time. Let’s just say it was different. The bosses we’re cool but I think the difficulty wasn’t matched with the gameplay. If you we’re playing on normal for instance, the game could be challenging for you but then the bosses would feel really easy, they could have been scaled a bit better. One other thing about MGS4 is that it felt really cartoony compared to the rest, but I can’t lie I enjoyed a bit of that.

            They’r all pretty great games anyway, you have to agree. And TPP will be even greater, I can just tell it!

          • Chao He

            I never really felt the same thrill and attentiveness after MGS 1&2… KOJIMAs resort to a prequel installment in 3 in terms of ‘plotline’ gave me an impression that he has already consumed his originality(the excessive and distracting information feeding in 3&4 only strengthened my assumption though mgs fanatics might call it Grand Narrative.)

            With all due respect, if KOJIMA never really found any motivation to substantially improve the series’ key mechanisms (the outdated item/weapon switch control for one, clearly doesn’t match his otherwise over-ambitious storytelling, or duck feeding ), then MGS2 might have been the peak of the series in terms of originality and creativity.

            That said, I always see every MGS installment best among its peers, and somehow unsurpassable. Now BB and Miyazaki provide me with alternatives and serve as reminders that the thrill of MGS is already gone, long gone…

        • Gatsu

          When I first time played Dark Souls few years ago, every other game I tried after wasn’t interesting at all for some time. I think it had something to with the challenging gameplay DS offered and the whole world in it, which was done REALLY well :).

          I hope it don’t happen to you now as it did for me back then, stay super excited for TPP decoy :D.

          • decoyF0XX

            I started playing AC Black Flag and Dark Souls together after I finally finished my university thesis. After I killed the Taurus Demon in the Undead Burg I never touched Black Flag again, and I haven’t played any other game since then, that was mooonths ago lol XD

            It definitely happened but I’m still excited for TPP, It’s the game I’ve been waiting for my whole life!! Dark Souls has really helped in making the wait better though!

      • Kol Leqejza

        ur talking about repetiveness… still ur sayin’ that bloodborne is revolutionary… it’s the same game like the souls game, but with a new setting. and the narrative is the same; almost non-existent.

        • Chao He

          I m new to Bloodborne and I m sure repetitiveness exisits with the series, but didn’t they overhaul the settings(neo gothic),the core fighting mechanisms and even the name?? After 4 MGS installments and 10 years of time span, tell me u don’t really get a fatigue feeling with its mesmerizing narratives and its almost unchanged playing/ fighting style, and the switching/pausing controls and etc… ? I was first overwhelmed by MGS1’s narrative and cut scenes that rendered a movie like experience most other games could only look up to…but Kojima ever since never really made any substantial progress(mechanisms and structure), he has been too indulged with his own obsession… Therefore ironically he is kinda like the hunter in Bloodborne, thrown in a tormenting nightmare, the difference being that the hunter aims to fight his way through for an escape, whereas I am not sure where the real exit lies for Master Kojima….

          • Kol Leqejza

            every new entry of MGS had revolutionary changes in gameply, especially MGS 2, 3 & PW. the controls been all the time very stiff BUT unique! that’s the whole charme of it. just like the charme of the souls series, or not?

            i’m one of the few who started with the original metal gear & metal gear 2 on MSX, so i felt every time a quantum leap from game to game. the biggest being from MGS 1 to MGS 2. MGS 2 set the foundation for the established default control. MGS 3’s setting change was well welcomed & had new tweaks like advanced combot controls & survival aspects. and i’d say that it set the foundation for vast but still linear gameplay (only in terms of story progression, gameplay was always very open when u district urself to playing creatively. if someone only tranqs people all the time & kills bosses, than it’s not the games faukt of feeling blank, but the player’s).
            MGS 4 is very special. i understand all the critique, but to me it’s the best video game out there. it had it’s improvements, great level design bit i’m too lazy now to list them all. bloodborne is a good game, but it lacks what i’m looking for in good games: an engaging & good story. if i feel my need for playing such a game like bloodborne i’ll stick with my beloved demon’s souls 🙂

        • Chao He

          And, in terms of narrative skills, as the old Chinese saying goes :over-reaching (even though with great enthusiasm, or obsession,in his case,if we are not to discredit such passion as certain psychological symptom) is as bad as not reaching far enough… (And I m sure Kojima must have learnt this classic 4- Kanji idiom back in primary school )

          • Kol Leqejza

            that sayin’ thumbs up my feelings about batman: arkham city. and in some regards even MGS 4. but MGS 4 is somethin’ else… it’s like all those anti-war films combined. from a narrative point it’s the most engaging “video game” (8 1/2 hours being only cut-scenes and gameplay is very scarse in comparison) i have ever played.

            i have a problem with bloodbornes title. a change of setting is not really a reason to start a new IP. and the change from evasing rolling to dashing is NOT a revolutionary thing. i loved demon souls, but never got interested in the dark souls, cos it was just too similar. i checked bloodborne cos of the lack of games on the ps4.

          • Chao He

            Bloodborne ‘s evo as many soul veterans pointed out lies in its encouragement on more aggressive combat tactics: useless shield, blood recovery thru first time counter attack (not without risk… just lost 120k echoes for good on my way to retrieve,in haste….). That’s quite a big change in terms of gameplay and tactics and over all experience .In comparison, MGS hardly changes in terms of core gameplay elements: no locking, 3rd/1st view switch kind of couter intuitive, and with the pause/switch control to suspend the moment, one hardly felt a sense of real danger(see how BB pushed player to the limit without even a pause available…) Such are the core elements of MGS that I feel lagged behind or KOJIMA simply put too much attention into his grand narrative… Yes MGS4 is very unique, I felt KOJIMAs total obsession and indulgence during my play/watch and immediately felt: ‘Kojima San, you are the only to pull this off like a total lunatic…I adore u cos no one else could have done wt u have done, and I m very sure no one else will ever match this madness… ‘ Its more a sense of awe rather than a true appreciation… That said MGS 1&2 really gave me the thrill and I think Kojima has never surpassed MGS2

          • Kol Leqejza

            gameplay does NOT change drastically in bloodborne. it’s a souls game, all over again.

  • Silverius

    GZ was already quite graphical as it was, knowing that TPP will be 200% as bigger would mean the same story and content wise, i mean look at any trailer from TPP, if you at least flinched during GZ regarding mature themes, i assure you will cry for whats to come.

  • Jack Moon

    Isn’t it kinda weird that Kojima used Christopher Randolph for both the voice over and the mo-cap, but David Hayter gets kicked to the curb because he apparently wasn’t experienced enough with mo-cap. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t they both new to motion capture. If so, then why not replace Christopher too because he was inexperienced with mo-cap just like Hayter was. Idk man, this whole thing stinks.

    • The difference is that Snake is the protagonist and Huey is a side character. It makes sense to focus on Snake since the game will revolve around this character.

      • ominonarepus

        that’s true, but Huey charater seem to suffer torture among some other things (against BB, cus’ they already say he doesn’t gonna talk a lot, anyway, hes gonna expreses himself through facial emotions, I understand that) so, the actor has to know how to fake those feelings… and i’m pretty sure both of them, David and Christopher, are able to do it, a “voice actor” is that, an actor…

        I’m still convinced David gonna be in the game, but of course they denied, if not, whats the point? it suposed to be a surprise, and if they say “yes, David will be on the game” everyone will know until when the story goes on and maybe BB storyline will only go until half of the game, and then we finish the other half with a young Snake or whatever… I don’t know, that “we need a real actro for his experience and the motion capture and bla,bla,bla” sound like excuses to me…

        Stephanie Josten is a model, not an actress… everyone there are only “voice actor” (actors) except from BB and Code talker… and pretty sure is the first motion capture for everyone, except for Troy Baker.

        • Perhaps, but for this game Kojima wanted to try something new with Snake.

          • ominonarepus

            yes, and he hit the spot! never before a Snake looks so good.

          • Well, there is his reason for choosing Kiefer. 😉

        • Old Liquid

          Nah. Robin Akin Downes has experience with motion capture. Also, James Horan isn’t just a voice actor. He’s participated in a lot of TV series in throughout the early, mid, and late 90s. He also made appearances in Lost and Criminal Minds during the mid 2000s. I don’t know why it’s such a huge struggle for Hayter’s fandom to let it go after +24 months. Everyone and their fairy godmother has made it factual that he’s not in it. Being excluded from one installment doesn’t make you excluded from the next, especially for Hayter when he’s had two main primary characters at his disposal.

          • ominonarepus

            I’m not a fan-Hayter-boy and I’m fine with the changes they made. All, from marketing to gameplay is new for this Metal Gear, Kojima adapt his formula to the “now”. I just find is an strange “excuse” want to have a new face and voice when Akio Otsuka has been Snakes voices since MGS in the japanese version and it’s gonna be in TPP too… I’m just saying they’re hiding something, even an internal fight or a twist plot, not that I want to marry David Hayter…

            And like I say, to me, a “voice actor” is an actor. Have you ever seen one in action? they have to laugh, cry, “run”, blame… and they don’t do it with a shovel face.

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        Well. Hideo explain that big boss will be the character who talk less. If you ask me: keeping out the great theories of our fan base. Kojima wants a good movie actor in one of his game. he is living the dream. Well at least for now.

        #we need to keep Asking what is going on and demand news Of kojima state in Konami

    • Gatsu

      I don’t think the experience with face mo-cap had much to do with David–> Kiefer change. Not sure had any of the voice actors done it before, but also no reason to change Christopher because of it imo. Kiefer is very experienced actor though, so maybe it helped with the facial capture.

      Kojima surely had his reasons for new Snake VA and I got some own thoughts about it too :).

    • Cipher

      Big Boss Needs his own VA, since he and Solid are different in many ways
      besides, a big name like Kiefer adds to the game

  • Batzi

    Man, Ocelot and Kaz together would be a total mess. One is a sadist by nature and the other wants revenge at all costs. The worst part is that Big Boss is approving of all this!

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      I don’t know man, Kaz might be the sanest of the three. Don’t forget he’s supposed to leave Big Boss’ side at some point, presumably because of what happens in TPP.

      • Batzi

        He is Solid Snake’s mentor. A possible scenario is that we see Snake infiltrate Diamond Dogs as a young recruit (sent by Zero), and not knowing his true allegiance, Kaz becomes his mentor eventually and the Outer Heaven uprising happens several years later. In fact, I doubt Snake knew about Zero’s involvement or The Patriots for that matter.

        • Ravenous

          Might be possible, but that would retcon the whole part of Solid Snake being as green as any rookie can be in MG and that Grey Fox showed him the ropes Oo
          And someone in Diamond Dogs should be able to notice the rather striking resemblance to Big Boss, right?

          • Batzi

            Well Eli is pretty much the same too. I am sure Big Boss will know about the sons at some point.

        • ominonarepus

          I hope that. And I hope that’s why Kojima “leaves” Konami, because he close the circle in this game, with a young Snake infiltrating Outer Heaven after being trained by Kaz under the orders of Zero… “my dear Zero”

    • Cartmangus

      That’s the best part.

    • ominonarepus

      There’s where gonna be the conflict I think… Kaz it’s only crying for the “buaaaambulance” while BB is the one who gets the dirty work done… and he is the one who make it all “for revenge, not greater good”, but we don’t know what really thinks BB about that…

  • No Place For Hayter

    Great interview, glad it was Christopher Randolph, you never hear or see much of him regarding MGS, and he also is important to MGSV so it’s awesome to hear from him.

    • It’s surprising how much he sounds like the characters (especially Huey, who has pretty much his own voice as he said).

  • Javier

    He sounds like “I dont like kiefer”.

    • Gatsu

      What do you mean?

      I didn’t really get that impression from him. Same as with Troy, they respect Kiefer and say he’s fantastic actor etc. Think Kiefer will do great job with TPP, but also that he’ll be different as David’s Snake.

      • Yeah and he says it’s ‘terrific’. Different than Hayter’s but good.

      • Javier

        He just says “I let people to judge it”. He don’t want to say if kiefer it’s great or if it doesn’t fell good. Maybe it’s not a great job because it’s his first time in a game and troy and christopher have been working for years in this. They recognize a rookie.

        • Gatsu

          Hmm well yes he did say, but he was also impressed by the voice acting and think he pulls it off. But of course him saying that doesn’t mean every fan will like it or think the same :). So we will be the ones to judge his voice acting also, because it’s a new Snake.

    • FOX

      he said he never met him!

    • Old Liquid

      Lmfao. Wow. He literally said “I think his performance is terrific”, “Kiefer’s an extrodinary actor”, and “I think he pulls it off”, and wants the fans to ultimately judge (just like what Baker said in 2 interviews)… and yet you still tried to find a way to manipulate his statement into saying. “I don’t like Kiefer.”

      *facepalms… The blind Kiefer hating because of Hayter’s removal for a character he was recasted with in the past, after 2 years… has well exceeded the limits of being pathetic.

  • Gatsu

    So Stefanie’s interview coming soon :), looking forward to it <3. I hope she don't accidentally give any spoilers about Quiet.

    Must be difficult to answer some TPP questions when gotta be so careful how to answer lol.

  • Cartmangus

    Really cool hearing about the recording process for MGS1, I don’t think I had heard of that before, at least not to that extent. I had no recollection of them all being together during in that very cheap studio, humble beginnings. I’d definitely say that helped with the performances. MGS1 has in my opinion the best performances in the series, everything just went together so well in that one.

    Another thing I love about it is the reverb, every sound in that game just echoes and bounces around, really did wonders for the atmosphere.

  • captain!

    I always knew that love could bloom on a battlefield! Great interview

  • psychomantis18

    Randolph seems nice and all but Otacon’s incessant whinging annoyed me to no end in MGS2. Yet while he was also quite annoying in MGS4, he wasn’t half as bad as Naomi ‘sanctimonious’ Hunter or Sunny ‘so-cute-I-want-to-puke’ Gurlukovich.

  • kirtanloorii

    I feel better now.

  • Maik O’Bannon

    If we get to play as a 12yrs old Solid Snake,or as a 12yrs old Liquid,that will be the best anti-war message Kojima ever sent.
    In the previous games the horror of being a child soldier was mostly told in dialogues,especially by Raiden.
    This time it may be different,even if we can’t play young snakes we maybe see children shooting guns,or children killed by soldiers,or something as hard to accept as that…
    GZ has shown the extremely violent nature of torture camps,TPP maybe show the brutality of battlefields ,as stated by kojima “men descending into madness”.
    What is crazier than giving children guns?
    And this still happens right now,in the real world.
    I remember lines at the end of MGS (1) ,facts about the number of nuclear warheads out there in the real world…i guess we can expect similar data about child soldiers,ptsd,veterans suicides,etc.
    I guess this game will be the most crude and yet pacifist one in the history of the human race.

    • Melyssa

      Well, we’ve already seen children with guns in one of the trailers, so I believe we’ll get to see childen soldiers training around in Mother Base. And depending on how crude Kojima wants to be, we might even see them die in battle. The only worse thing than seeing a children soldier fight is a children soldier dying, not just implying it.

  • Golgari
    • Ravenous

      Oh my god OO
      That is just completely rotten of Konami…I’m feeling sort of speechless that nobody could be bothered to send atleast someone to represent them and say a few words of gratitude for being awarded THREE awards for excellence… Completely rotten and no signs of any kind of appreciation for Kojima’s work.

    • Gatsu

      ;C …he has the right to go and pick up them awards or at least send someone.

      Maybe Kojima is just super, like SUPER busy working on TPP. So he decided he can’t make it this time.

  • Talking about the voice specifically, he said: “When we did Peace Walker
    it took a little bit to try and figure out how Huey sounded. Huey’s
    really much more my normal voice. […] It’s a brain shift.”

    It’s a “brain shift”.
    Kinda clue? Hmm…

  • korruption

    They should’ve also had him say “You’re… the SHIT!!”
    Interesting hearing how things are going to build up in the game. I’m expecting some unspeakably fucked up shit here! =D

  • Gatsu
    “Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero is preparing to finally appear in an Italian TV program. There, he will show the complaint to Hideo Kojima and Konami for the unauthorized use of his image and his theories about head transplaint.”

    Why did that some dude(redditor?) have to contact the doc in the first place… I get it theories and stuff, but still was it REALLY necessary when TPP is so close to release?

    • solidsnack

      i don’t think this lawsuit will go anywhere he’s probably milking the attention for publicity for his procedures! what an asshole.

  • Nuclear_Dad

    Man, Christopher is one of my favorites voice actors of all time. He is so awesome, i will call him good

    guy Christopher for now on.

  • PrinceHeir

    Gonna be interesting what happens to Heuy.

    I actually think they might retcon his death, instead of drowning, he would probably die in The Phantom Pain.

    Then again how will that explain Otacon’s affair with his step mother.

  • JoJo

    I’m really enjoying these interviews and I’ve watched them all so far, but I kind of worry that they may accidentally goad the actors in to saying something about the game that they’re not allowed to.
    I’d just hate for them to get in trouble for trying to engage with the fans.

  • Ma2a

    Playing with Bloodborne now. The lore wich you have to interpret yourself is amazing. Loved the Souls game before, I love this one as well. As for TPP. It will be amazing, but I hope this shit that is going around Kojima’s team will not affect the game itself in any way.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Stefanie Joosten and Phil LaMarr interviews are also up by FraggedNation and YongYea. Any thoughts on those Nyx?

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