Akio Otsuka: Kojima Productions was forced to disband, but Metal Gear Solid is immortal

A few months ago Kojima Productions was suddenly disbanded as a result of Konami’s restructuring. Whether Kojima’s future still lies with the company or not is still unclear, but Konami is already planning for future titles in the franchise and hiring new talent. Solid Snake and Big Boss voice actor Akio Otsuka took to Twitter today to show his appreciation for the team and the game they’ve created. Here is what he said (translated by website Gematsu):

Kojima Productions was forced to disband, but it appears that the work that the team has been putting their utmost effort into is nearly complete. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I expect it will become their greatest masterpiece. I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to say ‘Kept you waiting, huh?’ (Laughs.) But even if this is the end, Metal Gear Solid is immortal!


Picture included with the tweet by Akio Otsuka

According to GameSpot’s inside source who originally broke the story, Kojima will leave Konami in December of this year. We likely won’t know the full story until then.

Source: Akio Otsuka Twitter, via Gematsu

  • Kazuhira-on-the-roof

    You make me sad.

  • BrunoBarrios

    I have no doubt that TPP will be the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced. But in the mean time…

  • Cartmangus

    Disheartening that such a great studio has come to an end. I hope Kojima acquires a lot of the talent from that team for his future projects, most of all Yoji Shinkawa. It would be the saddest shit ever if those two never worked together again.

  • MeLand127

    well, that’s confirm the Studio is Disbanded 🙁

  • PrinceHeir

    Huge respect to Otsuka-san 🙂

    He was always been an important part of Kojima Productions. Talking and interacting as well as helping build Snake’s character with Kojima and crew as a whole.

    Will definitely miss his iconic voice as The True Snake. Still wish for the MSX remakes, but i’m fine with Solid series ending at MGSV.

    Even the new Arise Batou doesn’t really hold a candle on the original one 😛

    I’m still gonna check out the new Metal Gear games just for MGO. But we’ll see how it holds compared to the Kojima games 🙂


    • Kawaii Monster

      Batu from GiTS, my favorite series of all time

  • No Place For Hayter

    Gotta love the effort and love Kojima and his team are putting into finishing their last MGS game. ( ‘ ‘ )7

    • korruption

      Effort we almost never see otherwise, even from companies who haven’t been given the shaft.

  • Aleezy

    Fear not…. Kojima productions will rise from the depths of Konami hell.


  • Shalashaska

    I can not help but feel anger at Konami for their actions But at the same time, I am glad this game will die to me as a masterpiece rather than a cash grab.

    I am happy that Kojima san can finally move on from The metal gear saga. Its been to long MEN!

    To me, MGS takes its’ final breaths on September 1st. Without Kojima san, You already know its not a Mgs , its just a cash grab.

    • Tong Ninja

      Kojima was really excited to make Silent Hills with Del Toro and Norman Reedus, but that was cancelled. Could of been one of the best survival horror games …

      What about Metal Gear Rising 2? haha
      Loved the first one. 🙂

  • JablokoMoloko86

    Hi guys. As I told earlier in a differant topic , I will show You now from where Mr. Kojima gained his inspirations for a few motives in MGSV:PP

    I found this by pure luck : ) ( I have this movie in my cpu hd )

    This movie is about cyborg-cop ( he have body implants – mechanical and he also had pain issues )
    What I want to point out is the scene in 9 minutes 40 seconds. ( Big Boss is taking care od the puppy/wolf in african jungle. In the movie nemesis a hero is doing something similar : ) ). Now please go to 13 min 55 sec and tell me what you see here : ) Hmmm.. Big Boss runing with his D-Dog ? Same setting ? Desert ? Dog runing close to you : ) Coincident ? Decision is up to you Guys 🙂 Have fun with the movie. You will also find a lot of cool stuff that can be compared to mgs univerese ( cyborgs – grey fox stuff ? xd ).

  • !!! ATTENTION !!!
    !!! Kojima San Is In The House !!!

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I just don’t understand why Kojima Productions had to be disbanded. It’s like if Sony decides to part ways with Naughty Dog, would they have to be disbanded? And why remove the Logo from the game? Seriously, after all of this, Konami is dead for me. One last hoorah for the MGS franchise… ALL FOR REVENGE!

    • silentspeed13

      Whats that picture from?

      • A very detailed cosplayer haha I don’t know his name personally

        • Rick Boer.

          • Gatsu

            Yeah he has done some amazing cosplay :).

    • J_muse72

      I think it is because Kojima used Konami’s money to make Kojima Productions and it cost them a lot.

    • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

      It depends. If Naughty Dog is a subsidiary of Sony then yes, if Sony fires them the name will go with them. Kojima Production is owned by Konami.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Well, sh*t…

  • Sn4ke_911
  • Solidus Türk

    who has the rights of metal gear? Konami says that Kojima wll work on the next mgs

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet


  • J_muse72

    Konami = The Patriots

    • ddmaster


      • Mr. Sir Shpee

        Now that I’ve seen a let’s play of Metal Gear Solid 3, it seems I’m now seeing La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo everywhere.

  • BurntFM

    I think it was apparent a long time ago but now looking back, this picture does seem like a farewell. I just didn’t want to believe it.


    • Tong Ninja

      So many people being made redundant after working so hard on the game …

      Hope they find other companies or get funded from Kickstarter to make awesome new games for us. 😀

  • Ozzman

    To Konima

    • kuaikukia

      You’re pretty good

    • Aleezy


      (uploaded upside down)

  • CrazyGuy207

    How do you post pictures without captions?

    • vic boss

      You can crop them

      • glitchbomb

        No no. He means the text in the post. Not the text in the picture. :B

  • Mini gear


  • MichaelPayneV

    At this point Hideo should take Silent Hills’s Scrip, change the Character names, the title, and make it either a Movie, or better yet a “Netflix” Show, and keep Norman Reedus for the titular character.

    What do you think, would you watch it, i know i would, plus it would finally be Hideo’s Movie Directorial Debut.

  • Sn4ke_911


  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami Fuck you Konami

    We Will never forget. You destroyed my beloved series . One i grew up and get in my soul . You are the worst company in the history of gaming. I hate to buy Tpp knowing you will be full of money . I hate it . But only for kojima the one and only Hideo Kojima . He worked 5 yeras without sleep for this game

    We will never forget. Go to hell Konami !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niko

    Wherever they go, we will always be on their side. Always. Kojima knows that he has our support, and that’s what keeps them going. Respect for KP.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Really wish he would get chose as the Director for the Terminator Genisys Sequel, if something the world Genisys created is Perfect for Kojima to explore and develop!

  • VenomSnake1974

    Well, Konami CEO’s have a really weird idea of “restructuring”; indeed, they did restructure by cutting they’r own balls. Now, they can rot, for all I care.

    “Konami, this is the end of the road for you! Right, my friends? Listen, they agree. Fans are not scavengers, like most people think; they’r simply returning to the natural world that wich is no longer needed!”.

  • Eugene Voldo

    I think i’ll play devil’s advocate to
    start a discussion. Konami probably made a right call from the business point.
    Kojima Producions was obviously overspending on marketing (while I appreciate Moby
    Dick trick, Sutherland voice and other stuff you need to remember that it costs
    big money) and was late on the deadline. Plus Konami is no more interested in
    traditional gaming, so what’ the point to continue spending big money on 200+
    people strong studio when mobile gaming looks like a good profit-driven
    alternative? Yep, I defiantly understand motives behind Konami’s decision. At
    the same time I’m sad that Kojima’s era ends with MGSV, but it was still inventible,
    guys. Sooner or later he would have been retired. So it’s good that he is now
    has time and energy to develop something completely new.

    • glitchbomb

      Just a thought but maybe he was stuck in a contract and the only way he could leave was to get them to boot him, so he spent as much money as he could.
      I mean…the fox engine was expensive enough but that makes sense. It’s something the company can use afterwards. But there has been a lot of money being spent and licensing involved with this game it feels like he’s just trying to spend as much as he’s can.haha.
      Don’t get me wrong. I love the merchandising but come on. I’m half expecting to see TPP cereal.
      Which I would probably buy. -.-

      • Eugene Voldo

        That’s actually a neat theory if you think about it. Because it’s quite obvious that Kojima Productions started spending a lot of money (on freaking intro with David Hayter!) and missing deadlines with MGS 4. And we all know that Kojima hated PS3 and even more hated the fact that he’s still MGS director, because he for long wanted to leave the series and develop something fresh and groundbreaking. Interesting theory indeed, even though we probably will never find out anything about the terms in Kojima’s contract 🙁

      • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

        He might have been stuck in a contract but he can’t exactly “spend as much money as he could.” Its not like he just takes a stroll to the bank and takes out a big wad of cash whenever he needs to do something. Everything is hierarchy approved. Kojima had people higher than him in the food chain. Everything he’s spent money on has some rate of return. Merchandising for instance, since you mentioned it, is not being created for the sake of making it. It obviously sells and turns a good profit.

        Whatever the case, I’m also looking forward to see what he does next.

        • glitchbomb

          Yup. But he was pretty high up. Nothing about my random comment implied he was “strolling to the bank”. Sorry of it came across that way. I didn’t mean it to. I just meant use his position to spend a lot of money. Enough to put them in a situation to where he forced their hand, and yes, he did spend a LOT of money.

          • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

            What you don’t seem to understand is that he can’t spend money that wasn’t approved. Everything is budgeted for and someone higher than Kojima on the food chain will approve any spending EVERY time. Its not like he surprised them and spent millions on the side without their knowledge. He didn’t get fired because he’s spending a lot of money. A better idea would be to take Konami’s word for it. They’re restructuring and console gaming isn’t a high priority for them any more. Even if they keep making MGS titles in the future I assume their budgets will be cut down quite a bit and Kojima seems only interested in working on high budget games. I’m sure someone else will snatch him up quick and he’ll spend a LOT of money there too and make them a LOT of money too.

          • glitchbomb


          • glitchbomb

            Tbh it was just a random thought but thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

          • glitchbomb

            Tbh is was just a random thought but thanks for clarifying that.

  • angeliquedevive

    Kojima-san has left the building 🙁

    • solidsnack

      this is the true essence of metal gear

  • Gatsu

    Metal Gear is indeed immortal 🙂 and Koji Pro will rest forever here in our hearts…

  • Tong Ninja

    One piece of interesting information from Jim Piddock’s interview yesterday about TPP.

    Jim said that when Konami offered him the role of Zero for TPP (in which he refused it because of very low salary), Zero won’t be seen much physically, only heard. So his voice will be heard through cassette tapes (or Zero will be talking while hiding behind a curtain or something haha).

    It’s at 41:29.

    • Gatsu

      Well to be honest, he wasn’t seen much at all in MGS3 either. 98% of Zero heard through codecs.

      We might still see him a little in the late parts of TPP and that’s what I’m hoping for :).

      • Tong Ninja

        True, but I want to see him face to face with Big Boss haha! 🙂

        Also when he was in MGS4, sitting in his wheelchair.

      • Tong Ninja

        No problems! 🙂

    • Will

      Also, maybe a phone call after the ending credits. XD

      • Tong Ninja

        Yes, that too. 🙂

  • Antonino Truisi

    Kojima Productions Will reborn, The Best Is Yet To Come, don’t be afraid.

  • RanFujimiya

    Thank you, Kojima (Productions).

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    This is depressing. I’m seriously bummed out, and I haven’t even played any of the main entries (watching Let’s Plays at the moment, finished MGS3 and working on PW atm, MGS3 was incredible). It’s truly sad to see such a great developer go, and it was the same case with Irrational Games. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the longtime fans of Metal Gear.

    • korruption

      On the contrary, I don’t think he’s going anywhere soon. All he has to do is fire up a Kickstarter and it’ll hit millions in mere hours, if not less. XD

      • Mr. Sir Shpee

        Right, I’ve been thinking it will either be a Kickstarter or he’ll go to some big publisher or developer. For all we know, he could leave the games industry and make films.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    He helped to build this company God damn it .

    Never forget he was also Vice president in 2011 and executive director


  • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

    I’m not bummed. Can’t wait to see what Kojima does next. I’m gonna miss MGS though.

  • glitchbomb

    Had a quick run in with Suda 51 today. Signing copies of his book and a few posters. Maybe he and Kojima can focus on a project sometime in the near future now.

  • SholidOnline

    I hope this is the last Metal Gear. Metal Gear shouldn’t be managed without Kojima, plus the series deserves a masterpiece ending. Quit while you’re ahead.

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