Kojima tweets about MGSV’s story and themes

Kojima has been tweeting about MGSV: The Phantom Pain and its themes and visual design in the past couple of days. Here is what he had to say:

August 3rd

MGSV TPP’s story of the legendary hero fails into hell (OUTERHEAVEN). Wanted to express that in visual rather than words. This one was testing in blood visual few months ago, exaggerated version like a horror movie.

Bloody-Quiet-MGSV-Poster-Horror-Snake Bloody-Quiet-MGSV-Poster-Horror-Quiet

Themed continuous threat of nuclear & DNA problem that continues in next generation in MGS1, meme in MGS2, Cold War era in MGS3, drones and proxy war by PMF in MGS4, deterrence beyond peace in PW, and in MGSV chain reaction of revenge will be depicted. Coming in less than a month from now.


Seeing MINIONS made me happy esp. by the song Happy Together and the jingle of Universal Pictures sang by Minions. The story reminds me of war buddies in Mother Base as Minions go look for the strongest & worst Big Boss.


August 4th

MGSV TPP will be launched in Sept (9/1 in U.S./EU, 9/2 in JPN). BTW MGS’s JPN launch was on 1998/9/3, 17 years ago.

MGSV TPP allows free infiltration in open world. 1st u do mission to develop ur mother base(MB). 1 mission is as if 1 episode of TV series. U can go back to MB or do sideOPS anytime / when u got tired. Story proceeds in MB as well. Broader story grows as you keep doing missions.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Chem

    i just can’t describe how much i love MGS, the way Mr. Kojima create each story is just indredible, a true artist and a true storyteller.

    • PsychoMantis18

      You still haven’t fixed incredible

      • Chem

        fixed…sorry, english is not my main language

        • PsychoMantis18

          Sorry, thought you were rushing to post the first comment cause I saw all your corrections as I was typing. I found it funny

          • Chem

            hahah no problem bro, i don’t care about making the first comment, and well yes i correct and make a lot of mistakes and use google translator too lol

          • PsychoMantis18

            That’s fair enough. I was just being a dick

  • PsychoMantis18

    Is he hinting that minions will be in MGSV?…….

    • Acehalo2

      Maybe, that depends on your opinion of the Diamond Dogs’ soldiers.

      Are they heroes, or minions? lol

  • Snake
    • ObsessedGeorge

      That trailer is the exact opposite of dark and gritty. 🙂

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet


    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      can someone translate these japanese characters

    • kirtanloorii

      I don’t get it, but…. METAL GEAR!

    • Tong Ninja

      haha awesome! 😀
      A few seconds of new footage of TPP as well. Seems like they slightly changed the camera angles for all the cutscenes for the final version of the game. 😀

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        the graphics remid me of the witcher 3 now they look a little bit downgraded 🙁

        • Tong Ninja

          I will wait till the game comes out for final judgement. 🙂

          I’m also playing it on PS3 (can’t afford PS4 or a good PC haha), so graphics won’t be too much of a priority to me haha.

          As long as the PS3 graphics for TPP are better (whether more or slightly) than the PS3 version of GZ, I will be very happy. 😀

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            I’m also playing it on ps3

          • angeliquedevive

            Fuck the graphics, people should be playing for a story.

          • Tong Ninja

            and gameplay! haha 🙂

        • Alberto Sánchez

          There’re not even in HD in this trailer. Wait.

      • Saxon McMichael

        I remember it being stated that cutscenes change with the players choices. So it’s pretty likely that you may be able to influence the way the camera moves… given that you could also do that with the right stick in GZ, along with zooming in with how much you press the trigger.

        • Tong Ninja

          Wait, you could do that with Ground Zeroes? I didn’t know that. haha
          You could do it with MGS4, but I didn’t bother trying it out for MGSV.
          Thanks! 😀

    • Gatsu

      Oretachi wa Daiyamondo Dogguso!

    • ARIOCH

      They commercial is people being nice to each other and doing good deeds, yet Konami is being a bag of dicks to their employees. The irony.

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet


  • Gatsu

    Watching my favorite character&hero Biggu Bossu change from hero to a demon will be so emotional. Im confident the MGSV ending will be truly amazing and will be remembered as one of the best, like MGS3 ending, or even better 😉 .

    Also 17 years since MGS1, wow been coming such a long time :).

    • Danny Patten

      o/ Gatsu

  • Tong Ninja

    SO MUCH TPP NEWS over the last few days … 😀

    Even more news and game footage by the end of this week. Seems like Kojima Productions/Konami is going all out promoting this game till the end of this month! 🙂

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      can the guy who is replying to him take less speed to write a comment!

      • Tong Ninja

        I think you scared him off … haha

  • Boldizar

    Man, it implies such huge areolas!

    • WaterFaster2012

      the bigger areolas, the better!

  • Saxon McMichael

    What I wanna know is why it looks like Quiet bled a goat over her chest, and only a few drops are Anywhere else. Especially the black and white picture, where it looks like she rubbed the blood into her skin. Shes a sniper, so I understand why she has any blood on her at all. Big Boss is the most likely to be the most covered, given that he slits throats for a living, and he has a bit less blood on him than her.

  • Rob Machado

    26 days…yasssss

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