Metal Gear Online announcements: a look at new Mother Base map and PC beta tomorrow

During a Twitch Channel stream, Konami has made some new announcements regarding Metal Gear Online. During the stream, Robert Peeler and T.K. Shrodes first talked about the upcoming DLC, which includes a Mother Base map, designed specifically for MGO. They showed a short video of the map, followed by some more footage of the team testing it out.


The map doesn’t have a name yet, and the team would like the community to help name it. Check out the requirements below:

We’ve got a new stage coming to MGO based on Mother Base and we need YOUR HELP in naming it! Tweet your suggestions to @MetalGearOnline with the format <COLOR> <LOCATION> (like JADE FOREST) for your chance to name the next stage of MGO!

Furthermore, they announced that the (open) beta for the PC version of Metal Gear Online is going live tomorrow. The exact times are:

  •  January 12th 10 PM PT / 1 AM ET
  •  January 13th 6 AM GMT

The beta will be made available via Steam, and anyone who owns the game can join.

The check out the stream for yourself, follow the link in the source section.

Source: Konami Twitch, Konami Europe Twitter

  • gnysek

    Mother Base map? Meh, Big Shell would be better 🙂

    • Hideo

      This is my base name, its orange too (default color yeah), could show my emblem, but i’ve deleted the game long time ago.

    • same difference

  • They’ve also updates their designer notes Nyxus, vol.9 talks about the return of ranks which imo is an awesome news.

    第9回デザイナーズノートを公開しました!今回は「機動力」について掲載しています。次回アップデートについての先出し情報も!是非ご覧ください>— MGO Official (@MGO_Official)

    • Hideo

      Melon Gear

  • SaladinSilver

    Wow these guys are really trying to improve the game and actually make it fun. These guys should really be commented for still trying and adding new things to the game.

  • JoJo

    I hope there’s more than one map in this DLC. They’re tempting me back to the game.

    • AbsolvedMonarch

      I swear I was going to say the same thing .. well almost .. except for the They’re tempting me back to the game Part that is

      • JoJo

        Oh don’t worry, when I said “the game” I was referring to MGO, not TPP. I’ve completed TPP 100%, I’m super burned out on it, there’s nothing left for me there.

        • AbsolvedMonarch

          Oh I got you mate alright, I still got 20% to go to plat TPP mainly objectives, animals and blueprints, I played a hefty bit of some MGO and it’s precisely what’s pushing me away from this gem … I don’t want to play anymore MGO and still somehow I still hear the calling :'(

  • [MSF]Vinicius


  • Gerson Pena Diolola

    The new map shall be called… (Kojima’s Haven)

  • mfw have to wait till 1 am

  • proceeder

    As always:
    Fuck Konami!

  • And there will be more maps than just this one:

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Call it “Rehash Waters”.

    Seriously! The least this game needs is more shit placed on those damn struts!!

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