Metal Gear merchandise shown off at WonderFest 2016

During WonderFest 2016 Winter, an event that took place in the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo this past Sunday, a lot of Metal Gear figures were on display, including Raiden and Snake by Good Smile and Union Creative and Sahelanthropus by Sentinel, among others.

Good Smile

Solid Snake
Venom Snake
Raiden MGS2 Version

WonderFest-2016-GoodSmile-Solid-Snake WonderFest-2016-GoodSmile-Venom-Snake WonderFest-2016-GoodSmile-MGS2-Raiden


Gurlukovich Soldier
Solid Snake MGS2 Version




“Sentinel’s booth at WF got Sahelanthropus, and you can actually touch the model and try full transformation.” – Hideo Kojima

WonderFest-2016-Riobot-Sahelanthropus-1 WonderFest-2016-Riobot-Sahelanthropus-2 WonderFest-2016-Riobot-Sahelanthropus-3

Union Creative

Venom Snake

WonderFest-2016-Union-Creative-Snake WonderFest-2016-Union-Creative-Raiden WonderFest-2016-Union-Creative-Raiden-and-Snake


Rubber Keychain Collection

WonderFest-2016-MegaHouse-D-SPEC-REX-and-Rubber-Keychain-Collection WonderFest-2016-MegaHouse-D-SPEC-REX-and-Rubber-Keychain-Collection-2




Fan creations

WonderFest-2016-Cyborg-Ninja-1WonderFest-2016-Cyborg-Ninja-2WonderFest-2016-Solid-and-Liquid-Shinkawa-1 WonderFest-2016-Solid-and-Liquid-Shinkawa-2

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter, AmiAmi

  • Venom_Sina
    • BurntFM

      This just makes me mad that they didn’t even give a tiny hint of Frank Jaeger. But then again, it wasn’t Big Boss’ story but Venom’s story. I like to think that while we were playing MGSV Big Boss was out rescuing Sniper Wolf, Frank and Naomi.

      • Venom_Sina

        For this rescue part you mentioned:I wrote something about the ending of MGSV and I mentioned this.Will post it tomorrow.Thanks to the great story of MGSV,it’s unclear who saved those people,Venom or the original one.

        • No Place For Hayter

          “Thanks to the great story of MGSV,it’s unclear who saved those people,Venom or the original one.”

          I am unsure if you are serious or not, lol, if you’re serious, I always found it a very negative trait of TPP that it not only answered no questions but only muddled the water with such things and really broke the legacy of Big Boss because we don’t know which one did what, the real or the fake.

          If you’re using sarcasm than I agree, I don’t like it confusing and destroying previous ideas and plot points which are essential the the build of MGS.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,that phrase was complete sarcasm,lol.
            Your comment is exactly what I have in my mind right now.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          The original one since he was in the fucking U.S!

          • Venom_Sina

            BB went to hiding after the hospital escape in 1984.If we assume that he went to US,it will be problematic.According to MGS1,BB saved Sniper Wolf when he was in Kurdestan,Iraq.That’s when they gave him the title of Saladin.
            Again according to MGS1,BB saved Gray Fox and Naomi when they were in Mozambique (or Rhodesia).(but GF’s history is a little blurry.I believe that I read somewhere that BB saved GF in Vietnam).
            If BB was in hiding,then who saved these people?Original or fake?If we assume Venom did all these things,it makes much more sense.But if V saved these people,it will decrease the heroism of BB’s character.

          • Didn’t BB save EVA in Vietnam?

          • Venom_Sina

            This is also one the blurry parts of MG saga (like GF).When and how,it’s unclear.

          • Venom_Sina

            This is one the blurry parts of MG saga (like GF).When and how,it’s unclear.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            The real bb is evil.BB probably finished some business with campbell and then returned to africa to see whether v was ruining his reputation while gathering funds and you know the rest.Now for wolf its probably venom!

        • Spectralbuttplug

          The story of mgsv is not great.Its horrible!Its as horrible as COD Declassified.

  • Big Bosch

    Those Shinkawa figures at the end :O

    • Full Options

      Yeah Yoji Rulez… Those poses, wooa…

  • Full Options

    This piece of Sahel always seriously Kick Asses !

  • oh interesting to learn those last two are actually a fan creation, i already got plans to sculpt something on the same style, recreating shinkawa’s work but it’s always harder when big companies start doing the same, glad this isn’t the case.

  • Venom_Sina

    Off-Topic: This was posted by PlayStation Middle East:
    That word you see in the top is written in Arabic.It means “wanted” or “wished for”.My Arabic is not that powerful,but I think it’s the right meaning.
    Can we get Crash back?!

    • interesting. i don’t remember having seen this design on him anywhere.

      • Venom_Sina

        It’s the Radical Entertainment’s version of Crash.They used this model for 2 games.
        Also thanks for your reply up there.You mentioned some great things.

  • Venom_Sina

    Hi everyone.How you doin’?Let’s talk about mission 46.Honestly I wanted to write something about Mission 45 and Huey’s Exile,too,but I don’t know why I didn’t,lol.Anyway let’s talk about those later.Before I start,I need to point out that this is my opinions.It may be right or wrong.
    I found lots of flaws in the final part of V.At first I decided not to think about it fast.”Maybe it’s not as bad as I think”.But unfortunately,the more I thought about it,the more I found problems in it,lol.
    1.The first problem is that 46 just jumps out of nowhere!!! There’s no explanations for it and other missions doesn’t build up towards 46.I don’t know what happened in KJP,but it seems like Kojima came forward and said:”Okay guys,we have to finish the game before Sep. 1st.Let’s go for some “it ends where it all began” cliche and finish the job.Do you rike it?”lol.
    2.The credits in the beginning of every mission (that completely destroyed the experience) is also here,at large.”Starring Big Boss,Punished Venom Snake”.I mean,who gave this idea in the first place,and who found it interesting?
    3.Needless to say that you have to go through all that boring hospital scene…AGAIN.
    4.The hospital scene is exactly the same,but there’s a minor (or maybe major) change in 46.Before the Quiet attack,Venom looks at two pictures and turn them over.Those pictures are absent in the prologue.The question is:why V remembers this scene differently?
    5.Do you know about “time traveler Ocelot”?Okay,I won’t say more,cause that phrase can speak for itself,lol.
    6.During the big revelation cutscene,Ocelot says:”Boss,the whole world wants your head…”.Let’s stop here.Okay who exactly wants BigBoss’ head? I can think of Skullface and… and…that’s right,NOBODY!!! Even Skullface doesn’t seem to be a big threat.I mean,people are more interested in Zero’s head than BigBoss’.The whole reason of this body double thing is to protect BB,but from who,or what threat?Don’t you think that BB can handle a stupid guy like Skullface?BB had way dangerous rivals and defeated them (at that time,he had less experience,too).Who’s this Skullface guy,anyway?
    7.I had some problems with this”Big Boss-Ocelot-Zero” relationship.You know,in ’64,Ocelot and BB wanted to kill each other.In ’74,Zero sent a spy to BB’s home,MSF.So how the hell they are working together right now?The game gives no explanations for it.It’s like :”It’s Ocelot.He will help you.Just follow him and don’t say anything.DEAL WITH IT.”
    8.Okay let’s go to that bathroom scene.Venom recieves a cassette tape from BB and puts it into his WALKMAN™.There’s some bullshit talk from BB and as you know,it’s clearly Hideo Kojima,talking to the players.The funny thing is V laughs at the end of the tape.Okay V is actually me,right?I don’t want to be BB.He destroyed my life to satisfy his needs.Why should I laugh at this?Why should I be happy?Why I can’t decide for myself?
    9.V flips the tape and we will see a 11-year fast forward,to 1995,Operation Intrude N313.V inserts the tape into Bitcorder.Kojima actually broke the 4th wall again.But the weird thing is V comes back at the mirror with a bloody face and a big horn with an angry face and punches the mirror.Okay why he sees himself like this?He was a nice guy in the whole campaign.He didn’t kill any child,he saved the world from nanoma….I mean parasites,he forgave Huey (who was an asshole,lol) and I as the gamer,tried to tranq everyone,so V won’t see his hands dirty,lol.So the question is:what happened between ’84 and ’95?Again,the game leaves this point in the air.
    10.When the game ends,it will leave the gamer with so many questions.For example:What happened to Diamond Dogs?
    11.We finally found out that BigBoss was the (sorry for the bad language) pussy of MG saga,lol.He went to hiding for absolutely no reason and used another guy in his place.That really dropped the heroism for the character.That brings us to another batch of unanswered questions:Who saved Sniper Wolf?Who saved Gray Fox?Phantom or the real one?What is BB’s goal right now?What he wants to achieve by establishing Zanzibar Land?What happened to the character between 75-99?
    12.The ending of MGSV,not only destroyed the whole game,it affected the whole saga as well.The ending of 4 is absolute garbage if you count V.Peace Walker seems to be a completely different game from a different franchise when you consider V.Also it affects MGS1,Liquid’s grudge was mostly for the phantom,not the original.Kojima had such a lust for breaking the 4th wall (WHOOOOOO?) that he completely forgot about these little details.If we close our eyes to these things,we still can enjoy the series.But it hurts to see a series grow up like this and falls to the ground with its face.

    Oh,I wrote a lot,lol.Unfortunately,V disappointed me in every way (mostly storywise).I was expecting an epic story with a great ending,but what I got was a game with a really bad story and repetitive,Ubisofty gameplay.The ending of PW was really cool and my expectations was really high,but after I finished the game,it was like someone punched me in the face.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      The man who smiles is both BB and venom.Watch the scene again and you might get it why im saying so.AND MISSION 46 IS REALLY FUCKING FLAWED!

      • Venom_Sina

        Can you please explain more?What do you mean by “The man who smiles is both BB and venom”? Thank you.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          Nah I kinda fucked up on that part.We wont know shit thanks to cuntami

    • Mr.Pony

      So there are a ton of little things in the game that make me think that Kojima wanted a bigger game than the one he ended up with (Konami am i right?) stuff like the battle tank to the way the story evolves all the way throughout chapter 2 and the rumors of mission 51 and chapter 3. My theory is that Kojima needed more time and Konami said “Just wrap it up to make minimal sense, we want to continue the story in a new MGS”.
      Some of my interpretation about the points you mention:

      7- Even though BB and Zero seem like enemies (and they actually are until TPP) both realise that they are not anymore (in the words of The Boss “Is there such thing as an absolute timeless enemy? There is no such thing.”). Zero created a system to control information and therefore control the people with the intention of a better world, a world without borders where one nation works as a single organism, or so he believed, he later comes to repent this creation of his because in making a world with only one nation, cultural diversity could end, the end of different opinions and the beginning of a single minded mass, where the strongest ideal, tradition even race could end up being the only one of its kind. As I said Zero repents his own creation and both himself and BB know that Zero cannot stop this. BB will continue to fight the system Zero created while Zero appears to lose all hope that such a system can be destroyed and decides to live with it.

      9- I’m guessing that Kojima wanted to tell this part of the story, the transformation of a good man into a villain (maybe in chapter 3 “Peace”?). And yet again Konami intervened changing its mind about this being the last MGS as well as the release date, so Kojima improvised and did the best with what he had already made and what was now needed to create.

      10-Same thing as point 9.

      11-Personally i don’t see BB as being a pussy for going into hiding, he is trying to achieve something the he knows only him can do (which is ironic since it is Solid who ends up finishing the job). BB know that he’s branded as a criminal by the system Zero created (information can be a weapon too, and in this case its used to change the view of everyone when it comes to BB being a good guy). By establishing Zanzibar Land BB might be making the same mistakes Zero made, a nation without borders but this time just for soldiers and with a nuclear weapon. Now take into account that Diamond Dogs had abolished all nuclear weapons (if that endin ends up being part of the cannon) making Zanzibar land the only nation composed of only soldiers and with nuclear capability. Yet another effort from BB to fight the system Zero created, which fails when the system sends Solid to kill BB and destroy Metal Gear (irony at work again). So BB ends up losing yet another battle but not the war.

      12- Liquid’s grudge is against his father, the real BB, but he doesn’t know that V is not him, he never met him before, he has no reason to believe that V is not BB.

      I find the end interesting in the way that it changes past games, but it also creates more questions than the ones it answers, it in fact doubles said questions since we know have two different characters and no explanation for their transformations from good to bad guy. TPP has flaws when it comes to story at the moment, its a halfway station a purgatory of MGS lore. We were all waiting for the final part of the story and close the lid on MGS but Konami has other plans. I kind of made my peace with it since TPP is not the last MGS, and the next one might suck (even tough they have so much material to draw from past MGS’s) but the story doesn’t ends up here.

    • a lot to answer bro haha

      i understand how you feel about the story, i feel almost the same and thought about the same “plot holes” while playing the game, but im really really sure that the main problem is that the game isn’t finished and i bet no one can prove otherwise (maybe Kojima hehe) and all of this comes from that mission, it’s the tutorial all over again. if it really was intended to be the ending at least they would have taken out the tutorial talk, how to use controls and hints, there’s now way that stuff appeared on purpose and i’m sure that they would have also cut some gameplay portions since there’s also no reason to play the whole mission again if you just want to make the player learn a tiny bit of info with it. i think it was a really sad way to end the game because it like concentrating all of the problems (story wise) that start to arise through chapter 2.

      about the last bit with the tape… well there’s a lot of stuff that can be said about that but it’s mainly interpretations. the scene from 95 IMO reveals to us the moment where Big medic learns about snake and he probably knows he is fucked so that would explain why he’s so angry about it, i got the feeling that originally this scene would show a different skin for big medic, after all it’s supposed the be set 10 years after TPP and the only difference is the horn (which from the gameplay we know it means he has killed a lot of people during those 10 years which makes a lot of sense) if we remember the trailer with BB walking through the hallway e know there are a couple of skins that never got into the game, and also Kojima usually doesn’t mind too much creating a character/skin just for one scene. that would have made the message more clear. since a lot of people didn’t get at first the 10 year forward when big medic flips the tape.

      about BB being a pussy i’m not to sure about that. maybe a bit coward but that’s one of the few things i like (story wise) about TPP. we where all waiting for BB to turn into a demon, to become a madman and bat shit crazy, but maybe that was a bit childish from us to begin with, after seeing all the story and listening to every tape we see that things are not that black and white and just like in real life there are a lot of shades to a person and his actions, the man does turn evil but it’s not from one minute to another it’s trough the spans of years and little by little with every one of his actions, and making poor medic his body double is one of his first cruel decisions. it looks to me that BB ends up being a victim too of everything he is surrounded with. he’s just watching his back but only because of ” a greater good” it looks like BB becoming evil is mainly a series of mistakes while trying to achieve his goals in any way he can.

      in that way it kinda still connects to the ending of 4 since that’s when BB redeems himself and realise how much he fucked up through his life.

      there’s a lot that can be said about TPP and it’s always interesting to hear elaborated opinions in here, on my case i been making peace with the story and i accept it, i don’t dislike it from what it is i just dislike it because it’s the last one from Kojima and more closure would have been great, i’m not against the chance to see all of this stuff that happened with big medic but it would have been great to also see at least a bit of what the real BB was up to.

      after all and even through we played all these games as BB i’m not him, i don’t want to be him. i just wanted to see the legendary soldier. not to be on his shoes but to see “the last chapter in the MGS saga” through his eyes.

      • XOF

        In a news article with gamespot/ign (can’t remember which one) where Kojima talks about his new studio, he specifically said that his upcoming game will be a ‘complete game’.

        Heavily implies that he didn’t complete TPP to his satisfaction. How much of TPP was incomplete? we don’t know …


      Lol, I agree with nearly all your points – I still love the game, I find some of its flaws more interesting than some if its strengths.

      About 8)

      I always viewed the reason Venom smiled when he was acknowledged as BB was because it was suppose to be Kojima reinforcing how MGSV was our story, not his. We gamers did things like this as we roamed Afghan:

      This is how we saved Kaz:

      You see, we didn’t watch Jack build an army, we built it ourselves. We chose how, where and when we wanted to infiltrate and ex filtrate, and what tools we needed to do such. I can count the number of scripted set pieces on one hand – the game is open and the story is told through the mechanics, a game of our actions not pre written words – a concept tied heavily into the games’ central themes. It’s not what I expected but I do appreciate the intention and the subversion Kojima loves to do so often.

    • Full Options

      You already know my opinion about it, but as Lorenzo and Mr. Pony mentioned, they just destroyed his baby. I may add in a really hysterically childish manner. We can not even think about packin up such game in 6 months, but the fact is that the release date announcement and the removal of his name almost happened the same month.
      He wanted 1 or 2 extra years like MGS 4, but Konami f.cked it up. I even suspect some lead programmers, besides their infinite talents, not to have fully supported Hideo for the sake of the Japanese hierarchy. Not trying to chase witches here, but I did not really appreciated how some dared to criticize Hideo’s decisions in his back and in front of cameras BTW during one of the MGS 4 making-of documentaries. I mean I understand that Hideo is very tough as a manager… But literally, I do not understand this :

      • XOF

        ” suspect some lead programmers, besides their infinite talents, not to
        have fully supported Hideo for the sake of the Japanese hierarchy. ”

        Sorry I disagree. Things do get heated up between co-workers.
        This is normal in game development or any other project you do. At the end of the day, both want the game to be the best it can be.

        Game development isn’t always fun and games and getting along with everyone. I like this documentary, because it shows what really does happen behind the scenes. In the end, Kojima is the boss and decides to delay the release dates by 3 months to fix up bugs/glitches. You can see that lead programmer disagrees with him

        • Full Options

          Be sure I love this documentary too. I am so mad at Konami that I see the evil everywhere.

          Nevertheless, and besides the programming talents of Korekado-San (I love every Koji-Pro fellows), I got a little puzzled by his behavior. All the technical aspects are perfectly normal, fine and very interesting, no doubt about it. It is just the human aspect that preoccupied me.

          For instance, I am quite fine with the staff meeting @17:50 (beside some “tone” employed to answer to Hideo), because they try to reach a consensus and Yuji answers to Hideo (who stays calm) directly. However, one point that I would qualify of “limit” during the staff meeting is that you could at least keep more private some reflections, rather than stating to Hideo “you endanger the product”. You do not tell to somebody that was writing the first MG rom in 1986 (while you were wearing diapers) something like that in front of the camera !? Who is endangering what ? We are talking about MGS 4 right ? Not MGS 1 !?

          I know Kojima San looks young, but I think he truly deserve a little more respect, according to me.

          Back to our divergence of opinions regarding the moment I underlined in the first comment, what I am not happy with, is the fact to discuss Hideo’s decisions with colleagues in his back, making him look like a fool in front of the reporters camera. This is a particularly unacceptable behavior. Even if Hideo decide to replace Snake by a monkey at the last minute, you can of course make fun of him with colleagues, but you have to keep those observations private. But that’s my point of view.

          They are so tired and late that every slight changes in their code, even not too difficult, looks pharaonic to them. Hideo teach them to not let the dead-line influence their efforts, hereby showing them that they can push their limit much further than they think.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      “ubisofty gameplay”

  • Raven_Sorrow

    Off topic:

    Hi guys. I have a problem. I’m going for the mission tasks and one is 50 successful fob defenses and I got the previous 20 and 1 achieved but 50 wasn’t popping so I went to records->playskill and it says I only have 2 successful defenses! What happened? Can I fix this somehow?

  • Gatsu

    Sexy looking Shinkawa’s statues <3.

  • Full Options

    Andy : …And Konami !
    Hideo : …Yeah… Konami !
    Both : Yeah… them !
    +Hand Shakes xD

  • Full Options

    Andy : …And Konami !
    Hideo : …Yeah… Konami !
    Both : Yeah… them !
    +Hand Shakes xD


    First off, need to get this off my chest and want to hear other people’s opinions on the matter. I was watching KefkaProductions Phantom Pain YouTube cutscene movie compilation (go watch it it’s great), and I noticed something weird in the very beginning that not many people seem to be discussing that kinda made me question the entire narrative – the first moments of the game, I mean the black screen that shows up before the Emil Cioran quote fades in, we a vehicle crash, at first I thought it was the chopper at the end of GZ but listening more carefully, I noticed it was a plane, you can hear civilians screaming as it goes down. As soon as it crashes you hear the sound Mantis makes whenever he uses his powers. Later on in the intro before the doctors shows you the extent of your injuries a radio broadcast is playing, here is the dialogue:

    “The administration has now made public the contents of the black box recovered from the wreckage but have stated that the reason for the crash was an as-yet inexplicable fire in mid flight. The search has ended with a confirmed death toll of 94 and another thirty… [gets choppy from here for about a second because of the doctor’s voice]… however [? the only reason the search has been canceled ?] appears to have been the withdrawl from the Soviet army’s fort, and sources suggest this may be part of a cover up or straight… [?]…
    Then there is a pause, so this may be a new story. The beginning sounds a bit like “In other [?] news…”
    … news, there are also suspicions regarding the recent [ ? ] crash in northern Ukraine. Multiple NATO countries have stated that they have absolutely no involvement in the accident and [? that they have gone on the alert ?]. They note that their own citizens were among the… [Doctor turns off the radio]

    So basically, the plane crashed on the exact same day Venom woke up. Are we experiencing Venom’s story through Mantis’ eyes? What is the connection between Venom and Mantis? Is it revenge since throughout the story Mantis was used as a vehicle for other people to use to exact revenge? WTF Kojima?

    • Venom_Sina

      That’s a really interesting find.I personally didn’t noticed that.This is some golden “Never Be Game Over” material,lol.
      But jokes aside,that plane crash probably is Mantis’ (feat. Volgin) doing.If I’m not mistaken,one of the tapes mentioned this.But experiencing the game from Mantis’ vision…I don’t know.At this point,everything is possible.
      Thanks for mentioning that.

      • Spectralbuttplug

        I heard it but i thought it was on motherbase but after seeing the timeline and playing 46 i knew it was mantis

    • BurntFM

      This just makes me sad we didn’t get a proper Mantis Boss Fight. I mean you have him floating around with fire Volgin and the Sahelanthropus but that’s it. No fleshed out character at all. It could have been good to have a precedent on Mantis and know why he joined Foxhound( Well apart for Liquid joining and at the end of the cut chapter 3 you see mantis flying away with Liquid) It would have made that speech Mantis gives to Solid Snake more poignant. That’s the problem with some of these characters they don’t have an arc. They are there just because reasons. Like literally anybody on Mother Base could have done Ocelot’s job. Even a sheep could have done his job. He adds nothing to the story. Knowing about the black carrot could have been done with a UI text.

      I’m going to stop myself there. I went over my Rant limit.

      • XOF

        Same with Eli, I really wanted to know more about him. How he escaped from Cipher. How he managed to lead an army of child soldiers in africa. His motivations …
        He barely had any dialogue (less than Quiet) in TPP.

      • JJBYACH

        I agree with you, character weren’t really fleshed out. I personally like how Mantis never spoke and is treated as a vehicle, or literal parasite (I see what you did there Kojima) that attaches itself to other people to exact their revenge – but that is still no excuse to not characterise him. One of the main antagonists in The Raid 2 (best martial arts film ever made btw) didn’t speak a single word the entire movie, yet he had more personality and more character than Mantis or Ocelot.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          The raid is one of the best action movie i watched

    • Jav

      Someone said something like “mantis was on a plane, snake woke up and at that moment volgin appears and that’s why the plane crash”. I think it was yong. It’s not big deal.

      • JJBYACH

        That makes alot more sense.

  • Jav

    We are diamond dogs. lol.

    Where is that body coming from?

  • Aleezy


  • scarecrow

    I want that Miku

  • SNKtheStampede


    • Full Options

      Nobody should mess with Kaz… Specially if old AND disabled ! Man, poor Code Talker… xD

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