Third ‘BIG BOSS X BOSS’ collaboration held in Japan, customers can collect MGSV bandanas

After doing two earlier ‘BIG BOSS X BOSS’ collaborations (supply boxes and coasters), Suntory BOSS and Metal Gear are now doing a third one. At certain stores when buying a Suntory BOSS 6 pack you get one of six MGSV themed bandanas. The promotion is valid starting today, until supplies run out.

MGSV-Suntory-BOSS-Campaign-Bandanas MGSV-Suntory-Big-Boss-X-BOSS-Campaign-Bandanas MGSV-Suntory-BOSS-Campaign-Cans

Size: about W48cm x H51cm
Period: September 6, 2016 (Tuesday) lasts ~ prize
Suntory “BOSS” 6 cans pack (various)

Source: MGSV Official Website, Official Metal Gear Japan Twitter, AEON Japan Twitter

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