Konami releases graphs that show this month’s nuclear weapons ownership in MGSV

The official Japanese Metal Gear twitter has released graphs showing the amount of nuclear weapons owned in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on each platform. On them you can see how ownership has varied during the past 16 days (May 1st until May 16th).

Bringing the number down to zero on any platform will trigger the ‘nuclear abolition event’, a hidden cutscene. More information can be found here.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter (1,2,3)

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    Damn !… Is Kim-Jung Un playing TPP or what ??

  • You guys may have already noticed but Robert Peeler is no longer at Konami. Friday was his last day.


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      Mmmh… In hope he is ok. He did not updated his Linkedin profile so far.

    • Well… I guess this is a confirmation that Konami is not looking forward for Metal Gear future.
      I will miss Rober Allen Peeler, such a nice guy.

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        Hopefully not that drastic, but yeah, as one of the main interfaces with the fanbase, it is definitely not a positive sign, whether he left or if they ended his contract..

        • moto hellogoto

          Hey bro totally unrelated question but where did you learn to code?

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            Wuuuoowww, Moto, that’s a long one and happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away… But always happy to answer and will try to keep it as synthetic as possible.

            My first contact with code was in the mid 80’s on a MSX actually… It was not a popular computer in my country but I was using the MSX Basic interpreter bundled with the system at this time. It was rather awkward for a 12 yr old kid only interested in games.

            My second concrete contact with code was on CBM Amiga with its ASM, testing some small snippets and trying to understand what was happening at lower levels.

            Then at high school I had computer science class, teaching us very basics of procedural programming with Pascal / Turbo Pascal language.

            Then I got in 1993 a programming analyst certification through courses / trainings also based on Pascal.

            But all this part was boring and not really efficient / useful compared to real field experience.

            I started studying C/C++ seriously around 1997. As a 3D graphist, I was mainly tweaking DCC tools plugins through their SDKs to basically obtain some effects that were not out-of-box, regarding modeling or texturing.
            The same applied using also some game development environments such as Dassault Systems Virtools (was named Nemo first, a kind of Unreal-like editor with a C++ corresponding SDK).
            All this was experienced mainly using MS-Visual Studio (V4 at this time) as my main C++ IDE.

            Since then I am doing most of my C++ coding (when not ask for some easy php web stuff) in MS-VStudio. Playstation mainly supported Microsoft compilers but you don’t need to stick to a specific C/C++ compiler or IDE. You may concentrate back to your code once you understand that they work all mainly the same way. One used at the very earth of many SDKs is LLVM’s Clang (PS4’s, Android,..) . A top-notch compiler for which you can configure any IDE to use it. Whether VStudio or Eclipse. This compiler was designed to free LLVM toolchain from GPL limitations of the previously used GCC compiler. Just ask if you need any detail here and there

            So to resume, I gathered 99% of my coding knowledge myself on my own PCs.

            If you are interested, I would suggest you install Visual Studio Community edition and try examining some samples.
            All this take time and can appear pharaonic so you may also consider training with higher level languages if C/C++ appear too complicated. But the lower level the language is, the closer you get to what happens in the CPU and better understand how it may interact with the contents loaded in RAM.

      • They did get a new community manager for Japan. But yeah, still not very reassuring.

      • Eugene Voldo

        oh c’mon. He’s just a community manager. Yeah, he’s a nice guy, but it was his job to be a nice guy to MG community.

      • Mr.Pony

        I wouldn’t see it as that dramatic (just yet), Metal Gear will Survive. If this means anything, it is that TPP is about to get a drop on support and future updates. They are moving on, that’s how i see it.

    • Lex Radu

      We’re Homo Ludense now!

  • Lex Radu

    He was a great community manager.

    Hope Kojima approaches him, and i hope he is interested in being the Koji. Prod. Community Manager.

  • Limit Break

    Should recognize his work.
    …I have no idea whatsoever what Konami is thinking… Just… Pffhhh… Was doing AVGN marathon yesterday and every single time he was talking about any old NES/SNES Konami games I was just sitting there, checking when the episode aired and had a feeling as if there is a stone in my ribs or something. Such a waste, such a shame…
    Also, it IS Metal Gear’s 30’s anniversary, right ? And E3’s coming next month. Are you guys… ready for dissapointment ? I sure am. It’s been much easier after I killed a child in me, but the sadness still remains.

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      We’ll still have a probably cool Death Stranding trailer at least if Survive is too disappointing. But I am very curious to see what Konami did all this months. Not expecting any astonishing developments regarding the story of course but rather confident in their aptitude to improve various MGSV flavor of FoxEngine gameplay elements with Survive.
      I will definitely buy and test it and may tell you then what I feel about it.

      • Mr.Pony

        I’m curious to see the survival aspect, lets not forget that they own the MGS3 mechanic which was and still is unique, even tough a single mechanic does not make the game, they have a lot of great material to recycle from old games.


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          Right really curious to play those new missions. I agree, I hardly see them f.ck up the stealth gameplay ergonomics even without any convincing story behind. I hope the sandbox can serve a cool gaming experience.

          • Mr.Pony

            Exactly, from what we saw, it looks and feels like TPP, right out of that bat that is pretty good. I just want them to make a new sandbox, and introduce some mechanics. I have no illusions about this, it could be a solid 6/10 or 7/10, something fun to mess around and get for like 10€ on a sale, at this point i really made my peace with the spin-off.

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            I also welcome the idea of re-starting our arsenal from scratch, slowly re-composing it by finding blue-prints for our favorite gears and crafting them. This combined with possible cool elements such as those barricades and perhaps more to interact with enemies AI. I hope it won’t be as light as its rumored price suggest it.

          • Mr.Pony

            Yeah, gathering and developing weapons and items is always something I like, i hope they have an extended tree with all new weapons, and I still want someone to mod the bow into TPP so i can play as Rambo xD

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            Weapon customization feature should be extensively used in such survival context.. A “Rambow” that can shoot RPG rounds… xDxD

          • Mr.Pony

            Rambow…god, that’t pretty good

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      • Limit Break

        …In case anything happens to you… Do not worry, your sacrifice won’t be forgotten.

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          xD Aw cmon are you that sure booting this game is going to be that painful ? Besides all, I really need to figure out how they perform without Koji-Pro around. Just pure curiosity. If it is an epic failure, then we will be definitely sure no good energy is left at Konami. But we need to check at least one title to be consistently objective, even if what we saw may appear cheap on some aspects.

          • Limit Break

            Oh, no, I am over-reacting for humorous effect (probably butchered a bit of that English language there, excuse my Ukranian post-soviet spy education, joke).
            I don’t think it will be bad. At least in terms of gameplay… But you do realize it’s a game about… a bunch of MSF dudes that were… sucked into a sky-portal to… basically Mad Max with zombies ?
            I dunno… I would much rather prefer Metal Gear Acid 3… Especially if the music was done by the same guys from MGA2. That stuff was completely and absolutely off-the-rails awesome ! Spy electronic music. The only way I can describe those masterpieces.
            If I were in charge of MGS now I would’ve just gone full style-over-substance with lethal injection doses of fanservice… and Survive doesn’t seem to be like that, it looks like it thinks of itself pretty seriously… Which I don’t think suits a spin-off project like itself in the slightest.
            Seriously, just remember this theme and tell me your balls don’t increase in number:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxpY5kpA5-A

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            No no, I perfectly got your joke first and laughed really, no problem with your English. I started my comment with “xD” for that exact purpose. 🙂

            We share the same point of view regarding the story or what it appear to be.. I believe Konami has a problem with any content heavily related to Kojima’s work since they decided to erase any signs of him, in a very childish manner we may add.
            Metal Gear universe is way too linked to Kojima and Shinkawa.
            I think they are still too mad at them to use any canon element for now.
            I am also afraid they may try to cut any link with Kojima and his stories, from now on. Maybe for the next chapter after Survive (if any) they’ll re-integrate such element or consider any work based on previous project, but I think Survive was planned a bit in a rush, too close to the storm.

          • Limit Break

            It may be because of my love for conspiracy theories, but I am almost absolutely sure Survive was first planned as a DLC for TPP… You know. the Far Cry: Blood Dragon type of DLC…
            This entire situation reminds me heavily of CAPCOM’s Clover Studios back in the day. Remember that ? The result basically being the creation of a almost absolute juggernaut in the field of top-notch action games development – Platinum Games and the consequent fall of CAPCOM’s stock…. But CAPCOM’s status as of right now is leagues better then Konami… Mostly because of favorable Resident Evil 7 reception (which I enjoyed greatly, but am really hoping they are not going to continue making RE into a yet another First-Person horror game… too many of those)…
            All of that aside, I am just trying to say that CAPCOM, basically, was in the situation where it NEEDED to pull it’s head out of it’s ass and start producing good games. Now, Konami, perhaps, doesn’t yet realize that it is the next on the chopping block, perhaps in a even worse sense then CAPCOM. CAP at least has people like Ono and Itsuno (really hoping for DMC5 announcement soon, it’s been 10 years now since 4), but Konami is … well, basically naked: they destroyed Team Silent back in 2004, made Igarashi leave, lost who knows how many other people throught the years… And now Kojima and his crew. This is nothing short of a catastrophe, really…
            The time is inbound when Konami WILL NEED to pull it’s head out of it’s ass and start producing good games just to stay afloat.
            I am no businessman, but the way I see it any company, no matter how regarded, at some point becomes bloated and starts wrecking itself to the point of becoming small yet again and then HAS to figure something out and do it QUICK to just not fall apart.
            Well, unless we are talking ATARI, ofcourse.

          • The thing is, from a business perspective Konami is doing well. They are not just a gaming company, and there are other segments that are pretty big in Japan. In fact, in the financial report they released earlier this year they reported a big increase in profit: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=29399

            In other words, they don’t need to make games, and it’s not where their focus is right now (except perhaps mobile games and pachislot, if you want to count that). In terms of AAA games they mainly seem to be about PES now (they announced a new installment today that will be shown at E3).

          • Limit Break

            Welp, theeeeen evil has officialy won… It pays off not having a soul.
            From this point forward and till the moment my brain stops functioning I will despise Konami to the point of behaving as if it is something out of a “Twilight Zone” episode – a parallel universe entity that was a cradle of good and then became a horrible, monstrous eldrich being of Lovecraftian horror.
            What is sad about this whole situation are the gaming IP’s, that are left to rot away in a deep dark basement of their cold inexistent organ, somewhat resembling in function a human heart.

            I am being dramatic, but the hate I feel is something that will ruin me and not Konami if I choose to let it out.
            Rest in peace. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c2bd97dfee5cb82db4c16f60de711c8e8a1931626c1cf8ba9b818cc6ecbb393.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1ff5a641366e75a204e98826f9ec39d034f189473419586612aa58c61f72d5e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a820af600bebd6fbeedb8aa0feb3d9d8a81c07786200a191605f83afb358dbb.png

          • Full Options

            I am being dramatic, but the hate I feel is something that will ruin me and not Konami if I choose to let it out.

            Let it in Kojima Productions, Co., Ltd. hands now. They ex-filtred way more former KP fellows I feared about.
            They are on it, just seat down and relax. ;D

          • Limit Break

            …I am still not sure about Kojima Productions… They seem to have become… kinda too humorless for my tastes… Too artsy…
            And I LOVE artsy, I mean I was a Silent Hill fan once (even made complete Russian susbtitles for Twin Perfect’s “Silent Hill Inspirations” videos in two parts, which is an hour and ten minutes long and pretty much nobody cared about in the end), but…
            I mean… All these uses of big star actors instead of uniquely modeled character faces and bodybuilds in tandem with cryptic trailers instead of long trailers with at least some kind of story synopsis… Do you remember that Twin Snakes traileler, which was over 10 minutes with constant dialogue on top of the edited video ? Or even better – that lovely MGS4 teaser ? You know what I am talkin’ about :3
            I miss this very much…

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            I am still not sure about Kojima Productions

            Then remember every time people started to doubt about whether the next game would be as cool as the previous one.
            KP never failed at marvelously surprising the fanbase.
            Don’t worry, under his jester-like attitudes, Kojima is probably the game designer that is the most dedicated to satisfying his fans.

            As for translation efforts, yeah this is often an ungrateful task since most people don’t realize the quantity of efforts involved until trying it at least once. I remember translating a full content management system messages in French (took me one day) and was just rewarded with a “ok, cool, cheers” so…

          • Limit Break

            🙁 Ungrateful pieces of doo-doo…

  • Mr.Pony

    Oh my god YES!! Netflix is making a Witcher series! Please get Mads to play Geralt.


  • Lex Radu

    Off-Topic: So apparently Witcher is getting a live action Netflis Series.

    Question: Konami, what are you waiting for?

    • Didn’t they announce a Castlevania series?

      • Lex Radu

        Yeah, they did.

        Hoping for MGS Next Year.

        The Best way Konami can continue making Money from Metal Gear without destroying Kojima’s timeline, is to let Netflix do their best, and get money from them!

    • NegaScott128

      They seem to be looking at movies for MGS instead of a TV series. Honestly, I think movies would be a better fit. The games just don’t have enough going on to justify the length of a TV series, unless you do multiple games in a season. Perhaps if the movies are successful we’ll get a spin-off series about Big Boss, because that type of story (creating Outer Heaven, manipulating Venom, etc.) would benefit from the longer runtime of a TV show.

      • Lex Radu

        Why not both, and actually they would do much better as TV Shows, since you would get more in to the backstory of some of the characters, you could make multiple TV shows!

        • NegaScott128

          Then you’d just be padding out the games’ storylines to get a full series out of each game. It would only hurt the storytelling.

          As for having multiple MGS series running simultaneously, that’s never been done before and probably would just be confusing for most viewers. Spin-offs and sequel shows have been done in the past, but always after the original show has ended. Better Call Saul didn’t start while Breaking Bad was still airing, for example.

          • Lex Radu

            But CW is doing great with 4 interconnected shows at a time, and so is Netflix with the Marvel shows, and they’re doing great.

            I could tell you a few ideas, that would make for some good TV, and would add to the lore, not ruin it.

            First 1 would have an Nikita type show with Adamska, Ocelot, making use of pseudo Histiory, to involve Ocelot in the most elaborate conspiracy theory of the 60’s and 70’s, and making it look like he is the reason those worked, and also show why he is the best Spy and Marksman, with guest appearences from characters like Eva, The Boss and maybe even Zero!

            Second idea would be more like “Better Call Saul” and would be focused on the events post MGS3 leading up to Peace Walker, the conflict of Zero and Big Boss, ending with Big Boss going rogue, finding Miller, Fighting Miller, and then joining Miller.

            And those are just 2 low budget options.

    • MrVux007

      Lets hope it wont be as bad as the last Witcher tv series…that crap was more cringe-worthy then power rangers.

  • NegaScott128

    The first E3 Coliseum speaker is James Gunn.

    Surprised Kojima wasn’t the first one, but I’m confident he’ll be announced soon.

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  • PrinceHeir

    I need to get back to this game sometime!

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