Metal Gear Survive will be playable at gamescom

Metal Gear Survive will be playable at gamescom 2017, Konami has confirmed. Gamescom will take place from August 22 to 26 in Cologne, Germany.

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced its highlights for this year’s gamescom. With PES 2018 and METAL GEAR SURVIVE the publisher presents two eagerly awaited highlights in the sports and action genre. Located in hall 6.1/A011, the KONAMI booth will feature playable preview builds of PES 2018 and METAL GEAR SURVIVE for visitors to try. Additionally, a dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! booth will be set up in hall 5.2/A030/B031, where visitors can also take a look at the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

METAL GEAR SURVIVE is a spin-off of the METAL GEAR series that takes place in an alternative universe. The game will feature renowned gameplay elements of stealth and action while introducing new mechanics of exploration and survival – including a new co-op mode that supports up to four players. Visitors at gamescom will be able to experience the thrilling co-op mode. METAL GEAR SURVIVE will be released early 2018 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™ and PC (Steam).

“With PES 2018 and METAL GEAR SURVIVE, visitors can lay hands on KONAMIs next premium videogame titles. For many dueling fans KONAMI presents the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game with a dedicated booth and activities,” said Martin Schneider, General Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “Once again, we’re back at the most important games exhibition in Europe and will impress and surprise with our products.”

The exhibition booths of KONAMI are located at hall 6.1/A011 (PES & MGV) and in hall 5.2/A030/B031 (Yu-Gi-Oh!). The booth for business partner and media is in hall 4.2/C021.

Further information to be announced shortly.

Metal Gear Survive will release early next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. You can read Metal Gear Informer’s hands-on impressions from E3 2017 here.

Source: Konami

  • No Place For Hayter

    First! (Sorry had to Never done it before 🙂

    I know the gameplay and engine are great thanks to KP, but does anyone really gonna support the obvious whoring of an IP by an Evil as shit corporation?

    I know I’m not touching this flaming pile of zombie shit no matter had much fun it might be. After all put your money where your mouth is, talk with your wallet, etc, etc. Konami is never seeing another dime from me.

    P.S. Sorry about making obvious simple opinion hate comment, haven’t commented in a while and I thought I’d throw some of my 2 cents in for a bit, lol.

    • Jav

      I will only play it for free in pc.

    • NegaScott128

      I have no interest in it, but that’s more due to the premise than any ill will towards the company. I hope Konami turns itself around, because I’m a big fan of Silent Hill, Castlevania, etc. and I want to see those series return to greatness. Frankly, I don’t think they even want to win fans back, since they decided to do a glorified zombie mod for MGSV immediately after firing Kojima. It’s just about the opposite of what they should have done.

      • No Place For Hayter

        I hope so too, I really do. But ever since Silent Hills I can’t ever see doing anything great, what they had with Silent Hills was potentially the greatest thing to happen to gaming in a LONG time (If perhaps ever) and they can it without a second thought. Unless they hire people whom know anything about the industry they are simply going to follow whats popular and mobile trends.

        • NegaScott128

          I think proclaiming Silent Hills to be “the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming” is a bit over-the-top. It probably would’ve been awesome, but at the end of the day, I doubt it would ever revolutionize the industry. It sucks that it was cancelled, but it also allowed Death Stranding to get made, and perhaps Kojima would be able to go even further with his ideas now that he is working on a new IP rather than an established property.

          • No Place For Hayter

            I think you missed the most important word in that sentence of mine. that word being “Potentially” because at the time Silent Hills was nothing more than an idea, I mainly make that remake because we also don’t have horror games anymore and one that involved Junji Ito in design would have fucked everyone up. I have read plenty of Junji Ito’s stuff, and he makes some really fucked up shit, its amazing, and to have him attached to a horror “Game” would have been revolutionary. and would have brought a lot of the right kind of creativity that we really need.

            Though when all is said and done, I do completely agree that it is better the way it ended up, with kojima free of Konami with his own company 🙂

          • NegaScott128

            “We don’t have horror games anymore”? That’s just blatantly untrue. Just this year, we had both a AAA horror game (RE7) and a mid-budget indie game (Outlast 2) get major releases, and God knows how many no-budget indie horror games come out every week. In the past few years, we’ve also seen games like Alien: Isolation, the first Outlast, the Amnesia games, and The Evil Within, and indie games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Slender have been pop-culture phenomenons. The horror genre is doing fine, and it was doing fine long before Kojima made PT.

            Ito and del Toro working with Kojima on a horror game would’ve been awesome, but it’s the claim that such a collaboration could have ever resulted in the best thing to ever happen in gaming that’s absurd. Compared to all the massive revolutions in gaming history – Super Mario Bros., CD and DVD technology, the move to 3D visuals, etc. – no matter how good Silent Hills might have been, it would never come close to being the biggest thing to ever happen in gaming.

          • No Place For Hayter

            I completely disagree.

            But you do have a good, horror isn’t dead, I should have been more specific. GOOD horror, not the absolute shit you mentioned and think is horror.

            RE7 is a great attempt at survival horror, probably the best attempt we have had at horror recently, but it didn’t make me scared at all, nor did it frighten me or disturb me.
            Outlast 2 has to be the biggest piece of shit I have played in a long time, a LONG drawn way the fuck out boring linear trudge of hide and seek, is not horror, nor is it any fun.
            The first outlast was a good game but again was simple linear corridor hide and seek, not horror.
            Alien Isolation, was a great attempt and partially succeeds at being a horror game, the game could have been great except the aliens AI was a too broken and way to psychic for it to be scary and it lost a lot of its fun and atmosphere, the Androids were freaky though, they were great.
            The first Amnesia game was great, good horror fun, a bit linear, but puzzley and good, but that came out a long time ago and did nothing new with the genre.
            The Evil Within attempts to be survival horror….. But it fails MISERABLY, you cannot have item SURVIVAL management in a LINEAR world, hence why RE7 works and Evil Within doesn’t. Also because Mikami was pushed into doing another Survival Horror when he didn’t want to he decided it was a good idea to hit all the common notes, so not only does it do nothing new, but retreads old horror ground REALLY HARD.

            99% of indie horror games are absolute shit, so yeah, I meant a GOOD horror game.

            “Ito and del Toro working with Kojima on a horror game would’ve been
            awesome, but it’s the claim that such a collaboration could have ever
            resulted in the best thing to ever happen in gaming that’s absurd.
            Compared to all the massive revolutions in gaming history – Super Mario Bros., CD and DVD technology, the move to 3D visuals, etc. – no matter how good Silent Hills might have been, it would never come close to being the biggest thing to ever happen in gaming.” I meant to horror games, as the genre much like the rest of the industry is dead and long out of new ideas, let alone actual content that disturbs or makes you think.

            You know what, you have your opinion and I have mine, if we disagree why the fuck are you jumping on me trying to start a fight? what I stated was an OPINION, if you disagree fine, say you disagree and why, what you have is also simply you opinion. But honestly if you feel the need to jump down my throat like your OPINION is indeed fact and I’m simply wrong, I’m done, honestly it seems to me talking with you it pretty pointless, so I’m taking my marbles and leaving some place far, very fucking far away.

          • NegaScott128

            When you say “the best thing to happen to gaming ever,” I don’t read “the best thing to happen to horror games in a decade.” When you say “we don’t have horror games anymore,” I don’t read “we don’t have good horror games anymore.” You wanna know why? Because I can’t read your mind. I can only go by your words, and it is not my fault if your words don’t actually say what you want them to mean.

            That being said, I do hope you recognize you’re in the minority for most of the games you mentioned. Though Outlast 2 received mixed reviews, the rest were all received well by fans and critics. Heck, some fans are even hailing RE7 as one of the best in the series. So to say that these games are signs of the industry becoming stagnant or that they’re “absolute shit” is a really puzzling statement, since from most accounts it appears to be doing just fine.

        • Biggy

          With Kojima at the helm. It would definitely be the greatest thing

    • I’m not supporting it since this … I’m also not really interested in a zombie game.
      I really like Fox Engine and stealth gameplay but this game does not push Fox engine further and stealth gameplay is not really there…
      Maybe I will get it after a huge steam/PSN discount.

      For now, I can say that I can’t wait for Kojima’s new IP. In comparison to SurVive, DS is a new IP with fresh new ideas, setting, characters, story, gameplay and great looking visuals.

      • No Place For Hayter

        You just about summed up my thoughts in the classiest manor ever. You’re really fitting that Moderator tag 🙂 I got total respect for ya.

    • moto hellogoto

      If it’s fun then I’m going to buy it and enjoy it. I have no loyalty to Kojima, only to good games.

      • Eugene Voldo

        Yep. It looks fun and judging by crimsonfox’ impressions it plays like a fun coop game with some crafting and stealth elements.

        • SholidOnline

          It has no stealth, no tranqs, no fultons, and no common sense for Metal Gear. You might as well just play Killing Floor or something.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Oh, don’t worry me too, IMO Kojima can make huge mistakes as well as masterpieces.

        But this topic for me is not about the game itself it is about whom I am supporting by buying the game.

    • BurntFM

      Nah, not gonna bother with it. I didn’t partake in that #fuckonami smear campaign which was full of awesome MEMES just to give up on my principles. Fuck this game. lol

    • Mr.Pony

      Not buying it either but I’m curious to see what they do with this, at this time i would say that its the same type of curiosity one gets by watching someone doing something that will go terribly wrong.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      You speak for me as well bro. This has gone past the Konami screwed Kojima phase. We are talking about innocent people. People that haven’t done anything wrong and whose lives as professionals is getting harder by Konami. I say #FUCKONAMI. I was about to buy New Little King’s Story for my Vita that I wanted to play for years. After 2 years, it’s price dropped from 40 euros to 6, and naturally I emmediately went to buy it digitally. As soon as I saw it was published by Konami you know what I did? (Or didn’t do in that case)

      • King of Disgust

        This Fuckonami bullshit is for kids . Boycott them instead of writing shitty hashtags.Every publisher is evil . Except CD projekt red . Wake up you gullible fool . It didn’t take capcom insults to make a true RE game .

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Well, you’re right. I too don’t like these hashtags and other social media bullshit. So let’s keep it clear and simple. Just fuck Konami. They won’t see a cent from me again.

          • King of Disgust

            How about we fuck up Konami’s game sales until they stop releasing their failed regurgitated abortions worldwide and keep doing pachinko shit in a village in Japan or they actually take the effort to make a good original game . And plz keep the mgs story finished and expand on its unknown parts like Yaeger’s life or a ww2 game

        • No Place For Hayter

          o.0 Geez dude, deep breaths

          Latching unto a popular hashtag because it represents your feelings isn’t “bullshit for kids”, it’s a quick way to easily express specific feelings and ideas for others consumption, you know Memes. Easy communication isn’t bullshit for kids, I mean sure social media and “all bark but no bite” is, but you can’t label all hashtag usage as simply “Bullshit for kids”.

          Also you literally responded to a comment which clearly stated a specific example of boycotting them. Your comment is very weird, you get pissed off and insult a guy whom is already doing what you think he should be doing? I don’t get it.

          “Wake up you gullible fool” why would you be spontaneously rude to someone who is in agreement with you? Maybe you just had a bad day, your comment really baffles me. It’s actually kind of funny, lol.

          • King of Disgust

            Or maybe I hate Konami for disrespecting mgs

          • No Place For Hayter

            Haha! Amen!

      • No Place For Hayter

        My man! High five!

  • Nekkedsnake

    Official boxart hahaha XD

    Once it hits the $5 bargain bin then MAYBE i’ll think about it. But if I wanted to play a game that had the same gameplay mechanics as MGSV I’d just pop in my copy of MGSV and play that.

  • King of Disgust
    Is this guy just delusional or mentally ill?

    • Eugene Voldo

      No, he’s just an admin of “Never be game Over” group on reddit.

  • SholidOnline

    This game is going to be THE BOMB. By that, I mean it’s going to be a bomb, exploding into a pile of crappy pieces.

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