Metal Gear Solid V story theme to be revealed in the next trailer

Hideo Kojima is hard at work on a tight schedule preparing for E3 next month. He’s currently editing a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In this trailer Kojima is trying to avoid including flashy moments as much as possible, so no crashes, explosions, or things like that. He seems to be aiming for something more subtle this time around.

According to Kojima, the trailer will be a combination of lyrics, music, visuals, dialogue and titles, and it will have a structure that will make the theme of the game known to everyone. Themes of previous games were GENE (Metal Gear Solid), MEME (Metal Gear Solid 2), SCENE (Metal Gear Solid 3), SENSE (Metal Gear Solid 4), and PEACE (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker).


Earlier this month Kojima’s comments suggested a gameplay demonstration at E3, and it’s not entirely clear whether that is a separate video or one and the same thing. It is quite possible there will be both a story trailer (the one talked about above) and a gameplay demonstration (live played or not). That would be great news for Metal Gear fans.

We won’t know for sure until E3. Konami’s pre-E3 show will take place on June 6th.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

  • I think the theme of the game will be related to “Deception”

    • Nyxus

      I have a feeling it might be ‘War’.

      I also feel we might get to see Big Boss’s darker side. He is forced into a corner by the war between Zero and himself, and has to take extreme measures. It was already beginning to show at the end of Peace Walker, and what happens in MGSV (Mother Base being reduced to ashes) may contribute as well.

      • solidmatt

        I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. The central issue addressed by the Metal Gear series, in my opinion, is the player’s relation to the game medium. MGS1 broached this subject by breaking the fourth wall. MGS2 made it front and center by making Raiden into a metaphor for the player as such. MGS3 and MGS4 develop this in their own ways. The former shows how the program for the ultimate soldier begins (sets the SCENE so to speak) and MGS4 shows how this could lead to a future in which humanity is a collection of programmed soldiers (the manipulation of SENSE creates an army of big boss copies–which in a way is what MGS4 did to the world when millions played it).

        I think the theme for MGSV has to fit within this narrative. At the same time, I take seriously Kojima’s remarks that the game will treat taboo subjects. Things that come immediately to mind when I hear that word are incest, rape, and abortion. For this reason, I think the theme of MGSV will be WOMB.

        The womb is the original space of mind-body programming. The movie The Matrix plays with this in its imagery and title (matrix is Latin for womb). Mother Base is a kind of prototype for making the womb technological. It’s arguably the inspiration for the S3 program of MGS2 (don’t forget that the ending of that game has Raiden running naked through structures named after internal organs connected to the stomach). We know that Big Boss’s genetic material will be stolen from him in MGSV and implanted in a woman without his consent. Does this constitute rape? Is it a kind of incest (technically his genetic material is not being recombined with someone unrelated to him)? What are the father’s rights in this situation? Does he have the right to terminate the pregnancy? These are some of the questions I could see being raised by such a game.

        • Nyxus

          Impressive analysis! I never really looked at it that way before, thanks for sharing.

  • Nyxus

    Yeah, can’t wait! I believe we get a gameplay demo (Kojima talked about that), and probably a story trailer as well going by these tweets.

  • Golgari

    Excited about 6th of June. I hope that he will explain the differences between Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain. In my opinion this is the biggest problem right now.

    • Nyxus

      Yeah. it’s pretty unclear right now. I hope they will clear that up and announce a PS4 version as well.

      • Ilja Y.

        I thought that GZ and PP were suposed to be the same game?

        Anyways, Im very excited. June 6th will be a fantastic evening.

        • Nyxus

          They are both part of MGSV, but how they will be distributed is still unclear.

          • Ilja Y.

            Im quite sure they will be distributed as the same game on the same cd.
            Anyways, on June 6th it’ll be revealed.

          • ObsessedGeorge

            MGSV is a huge and ambitious project. I bet they will sell them as separate games just to get the double earnings.

  • PrinceHeir

    for me the theme could be Zero(meaning a switch of position of Big Boss from Hero>>>Zero)

    it could also mean the start of rivalry between Zero and Big Boss.

    i just hope the trailer is as powerful as the TGS 2009 Peace Walker trailer 🙂

    the scream that Naked Snake @8;30 and @8:37 when Naked Snake said “From Now on, call me Big Boss”

    love Akio Otsuka’s voice 🙂

    that’s one of the best moments in the game as well as a symbol that he finally accepts himself as Big Boss ^^

  • I think the theme of MGSV is FREE. Freedom of gameplay, freedom of in-game choice, open-world game (meaning freedom to go anywhere you want), and ossibly freedom in story.

    This is just a hypothesis though 😛

    • Nyxus

      Not a bad one, and Big Boss’s goal is to achieve freedom as well, so it would also tie in with the narrative of the game.

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    I’m still curious about the 3rd guy in the hospital (we don’t SEE him but he’s the one the camera’s perspective is coming from while big boss is on the bed and Mr. Miller is on the hospital bed next to him and he looks over big boss and mentions “what about HIM?” and the camera looks away…) I have a feeling that (obviously) Mr. Kojima is keeping more from us than he has shown about the game 😉 He’s #1 when it comes to building anticipation / excitement for a game… even when you’re PLAYING the game you’re still getting surprised by characters deceiving, etc… 🙂

    • Nyxus

      Kojima said it’s meant to be him, so it could just be a random soldier from MSF, through whose perspective they show the scene. But maybe there is indeed more to it.

      • oo7PorscheMGS

        Yea he did say that but he said it and then laughed, so maybe there’s more to it / I just have a feeling one of Big Bosses clones may make an appearance lol, maybe SS? We’ll see.

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  • Meezo

    Can’t wait to see the smooth movements and environment

  • PhillipRivers

    Snake Phantom Limb Urinal

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