David Hayter reacts to upcoming voice actor reveal

Today Konami announced that questions regarding the voice acting of MGSV will finally be answered at their Pre-E3 show on June 6. Many fans are still hoping for David Hayter to reprise the role of Snake, even though many signs point in the direction of there being a new voice actor. However, a new tweet by David Hayter makes matters a little more dubious.

What does this mean? Are we being deceived after all? Or is Hayter just making a joke? We might get more hints in the coming week, but we probably won’t know for sure until June 6.

For those who missed it, Hayter’s tweet is probably a response to this message posted earlier today:

Source: David Hayter Twitter

  • PrinceHeir

    finally! hopefully this will put to rest and shut the stupid elitist up at youtube.

    either way i’ll enjoy both versions, and while i may like Akio’s voice, you can’t go wrong with either voice.

    i can’t wait for the comments “i told you so Kojima is trolling us”

    OH REALLY??!?!

    in the end people will buy this if they like the game.

    now that’s out of the way what do you think of gameplay features they’ll reveal?

    for me i think they’ll expand the recruiting system ala Portable Ops/Peace Walker since Big Boss is starting to build Outer Heaven around this time(at least in Phantom Pain)

    familiar characters like Sniper Wolf, Null, Liquid Snake, or even his old MGS3 team Para-Medic(Dr. Clark), Sigint, and finally Zero.

    and yes Ocelot is already confirmed so no worries on that!!

    can’t wait June 6!!!

    • Nyxus

      I think they are going to show the freedom this game is supposed to be about, the different routes you can take and how you can tackle situations. That’s what I think they will focus on in the gameplay demo.

      • PrinceHeir

        i remember kojima saying the Social Interactions from Deus Ex Human Revolution inspired him in MGSV.

        i do hope we get Deus Ex style of play.

        multiple routes as well as the choice to kill everyone or not and will affect a big role in the story.

        MGS and Deus Ex are my favorite stealth game series followed by Hitman series(can’t wait for my Absolution Game on mail tomorrow!)

        • Nyxus

          I do hope you can’t have too much impact on the story, as I just want to experience it the way Kojima intended it. I’d rather have a linear story that is told in a great way, as always with MGS. Freedom in gameplay is welcome of course.

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah, but i think choices would be awesome as well.

            but eh let’s just save that for Deus Ex 🙂

            but multiple paths is definitely needed and a change of pace!

    • Jaeger19ultima

      I for one don’t think so if you know the internet, with looking at the xbox one controversy. I prefer as well as kojima the english voice cast but not because I prefer the english over japanese but because I’m sick and tired of “japanese is teh best” english voices have come a long way and I don’t like the japanese tendency to overplay emotion because it’s too old school japanese and some of their material is ridiculous in a bad way not to say america is no better but you can’t simply say either or is better or worse. And since most die hard anime fans aren’t from japan they would tell you there’s no such things as a subpar poor japanese dub and they are stuck in the 90s with dubs.
      All that aside on to MGS in general I knew it from day one that everything was an elaborate hoax to get people talking. It seems that aside from the hightened graphics who knows exactly but everything would be more dynamic. I plan on playing portable ops (it and peacewalker I still haven’t played even though I have the HD collection)
      Hopefull those characters will return if kojima can fit them in but it seems centered around the new mercenary group diamond dogs and one aspect is an overworld so it may very well be a expanded portable ops we’ll find out. I plan on playing the MGS games I need to beat so I can catch up. But so far i’ve seen that the games are centered around kaz, the mercenary group and ocelot and eva being in the background as usual, kojima needs the games to come full circle and give us the players on the center stage for the story the fans want.

  • Ilja Y.

    I knew it. David Hayter will voice Big Boss in MGSV. Just don’t get it why Kojima wanted to keep it secret and lied to us.

    • Nyxus

      It’s still not confirmed though, I hope it’s true but I don’t want to end up disappointed. But their reasons for this would be to have some sort of viral marketing, and it would tie in with the theme of the game (fans having to miss Hayter’s voice for a character they think it belongs to is kind of like a phantom pain).

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        I still have a feeling that Hayter will voice Big Boss in just Ground Zeroes, with a new voice actor for MGSV. I’ve done a lot of thinking lately, and I think a new voice actor is best for Big Boss, so it would help him transition into his MGS4 self.

        This is only for MGSV though. For GZ, it better be Hayter. I mean it takes place LITERALLY a few days after PW. Changing voice actors suddenly would make no sense.

    • JHuang

      trolling david? LOLO

  • Batzi

    3 words. Holy Fucking Shit.

  • Enzo

    Michael Ironside

  • Kamille

    David Hayter please!

    Stupid Kojima…. ;(

  • Andrew

    He might not voice Big Boss but he probably will voice Solid Snake as snake should be around at the timeline of MGSV. Either way, David Hayter will still be involved in the project.

    • william elliott

      David Hayter is way too old to voice a Solid Snake who is only a kid.
      Snake was cloned in 1972, PW takes place in 1974, MGSV is set 9 years laters after GZ. that makes Solid Snake roughly 11 years old.

      • You’re forgetting about the accelerated aging that came from the cloning process creating Solid, Liquid, and Solidus. Kojima could just say that Solid Snake has aged old enough for Hayter to voice him in MGSV.

  • Ryosukekun

    Double trolled Kojima is at work here.

  • Mortal Machado

    Hatyer in ground zero but in phantom pain someone else?? Who knows!!!! I’m excited for the 6th!

    • Phantom Pain is Big Boss’ Voice Actor from Metal Gear Solid IV, I though that had already been established?…

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Kojima better give straight answers this time

  • lt.dan

    Wow, just wow. I wasn’t sure if it was true, but this really might be all just a big marketing thing because these guys are A-holes.

  • DeanCutty

    My two theories were:

    1. We will get David Hayter pre-coma, and have the voice switch to allow Solid Snake interacting with Big Boss in the later games without it sounding confusing.

    2. The guy in the hospital bed isn’t actually Big Boss, but another clone(A VERY “out there” theory but…

    • GrandmasterBrain

      Your first theory is the most likely one. Thats why the Japanese trailer for Ground Zeroes featured the same voice actor as before.

  • DeanCutty

    Bryan Cranston a la Breaking Bad would make a perfect Big Boss.

  • XIFF-5

    He will be back , and you will see.

  • Zer0Shift

    Solis snake will be 11 at the timeline born 1972, MGSV part 2, is set 9 years after peace walker – 1983, I don’t expect a Solid Snake appearance.

  • PhillipRivers


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