Kojima wants us to guess MGSV’s story theme, posts another picture from the trailer

Kojima has asked his fans to try to guess Metal Gear Solid V’s story theme. So far, the right answer has not been given yet.

Here is the question asked by Kojima:


Gene(MGS1)->Meme(MGS2)->Scene(MGS3)->Sense(MGS4)->Peace(MGS PW)->???e(MGSV)

A bit later he gave a small clue:

Many of you answered “LOVE” but it’s not the answer. From my editing room.


He added:

The answer isn’t “Love”, “Hope”, or “Fate”. Question Gene(MGS1)->Meme(MGS2)->Scene(MGS3)->Sense(MGS4)->Peace(MGS PW)->???e(MGSV)

So this word ends with an ‘e’, and consists of four letters, going by Kojima’s hints.

A few days ago Kojima posted a similar screen:


So can you guess the theme with these few clues? According to Kojima, no one guessed right (so far):

Gene (MGS1) → Meme (MGS2) → Scene (MGS3) → Sense (MGS4) → Peace (MGS PW) →???e (MGSV). The answer at E3. Unfortunately, there was no correct answer person.

The trailer will be shown at Konami’s pre-E3 show on June 6.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

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