Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain screen and artwork released

A new artwork and screen for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain have been released.




The artwork seems to be the same as the posters Kojima teased a few days ago on his Twitter.

Also, Kojima’s personal assistant announced the longer version of today’s trailer will be released on 11:00 PST.

Source: Examiner

  • Vic Boss
  • Ilja Y.

    So, today at 23:00 we’ll see a longer version of this trailer. Sounds good.

    BTW: I tried to make some kind of wallpaper with the same background like in the first picture. Could need someone who could help me out a bit with Photoshop since I’m pretty unfamiliar with all those functions. (via skype) :p

    That’s the result. Pretty much my first attempt.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing stuff 😀

    love the skeleton picture 😀

    reminds me of the one in MGS4 when Big Mama is discussing about Big Boss

    can’t wait!!

    btw is Ayako really Kojimas’s personal assistant?

    i thought that was Yumi Kikuchi 😛

    in any case let’s go!!!!!

  • risingin4years

    Sure is a pain waiting for a real release date. 2014 E3 2014: 2015, e3 2015: 2016. Its finally here! But have you noticed anytime Kojima isn’t supervising a game or have one his team supervising the results range from anemic (Metal Gear Acid) to nonexistent (Metal Gear Rising)

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