Snake can bring a companion to certain missions in MGSV, speed up time by smoking a cigar

Some interesting information on Metal Gear Solid V has surfaced.

This information was actually revealed several months ago during the Hideradio Podcast, but because this is spoken entirely in Japanese, most of it hasn’t reached fans outside of Japan. But recently it has been translated, and summarized in a video by Youtube user YongYea.

Snake can bring a ‘buddy’ with him in certain missions. This companion can wear the same equipment as Snake. An (unreleased) concept art by Shinkawa was shown during the podcast, and according to the female host the companion looked ‘cute’. Whether this will be a co-op feature for two players or just a single player option wasn’t clear.

It has also been confirmed by Kojima that Snake can fast forward the passage of time by smoking a cigar, as was shown in the E3 2013 trailer. In other words, by using the cigar item players can speed up the time, and this part shows what it will actually look like.


Some small bits of information were given as well, but most of it was already known. There were still some interesting new things though:

  • The Afghanistan map in MGSV will be geographically based on Jordan.
  • A boy from Ghana, named Julius, will be playing one of the African child soldiers seen in the trailer.
  • Snake’s face is based on four different people, Kaz’ model was made in a similar way.
  • Huey’s face has been 3D scanned from a French model.

Source: HideRadio, via YongYea

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