Kojima: For the sake of the story, sometimes we sacrifice consistencies

In an interview with Kotaku (held today in New York) Kojima said it is a challenge to keep a consistent story keeping all events in the saga in mind. He also added he wouldn’t be surprised if there are some minor inconsistencies in Metal Gear Solid V’s story.

“The most important part is writing something that is fun, something that is impressive, something that is better than it was before, so sometimes in the interest of doing this, of having a better experience, we sacrifice some consistencies in the story. I hope the fans and players understand this, but I need to write the best we can, even if there are some small discrepancies.”

This is nothing new to the series, Kojima has always changed small things if it suited the story. In fact, there are already some things in Metal Gear Solid V that could be considered inconsistent, such as Big Boss’s mechanical arm.


Kotaku will have more details from the interview next Friday, at 9AM.

Source: Kotaku

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