Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid V: It’s not as easy as it looks

Some people are worried about the difficulty level of Metal Gear Solid V, because in the gameplay videos released so far, the game looks rather easy. However, looks can be deceiving.

During the latest Kojima Productions podcast, the hosts explained that in (most of) these videos, it was the lead level designer himself who was playing.

There is no such things as an ‘autolock headshot’ mechanic in the game. Each headshot that you see in the video is being aimed properly. The reason it may look easy is because it’s the game’s lead level designer playing. He is really good, and of course he knows how the game works.

One thing that makes headshots more challenging is the added bullet drop. “Each weapon has a certain effective range, and that’s indicated by the reticule on the screen.” host Sean Eyestone explained. “If you’re out of range then that reticule will actually appear white, which means you have to compensate for the drop of the bullet by matching the notches on the reticule. It kind of simulates an iron-sight where you have to compensate for the range.” This effect will be different for each gun. “Of course lower powered weapons like the tranq gun are more susceptible to bullet drop and you’ll notice [it] a lot more.” Eyestone added. Sniper rifles will have a much better range, obviously.

What it comes down to is that the game won’t be as easy as it may appear. We’ll only know how challenging it is once we’re actually playing it.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 007

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