Metal Gear Skin for PlayStation Vita

In Japan, Konami is releasing a Metal Gear themed skin for the PlayStation Vita, that will be bundled with the HD Collection’s release for the handheld.

The skin also serves as a protective layer, and covers both the handheld and the screen. As a result of a matching wallpaper buyers will receive as well, the handheld will have a continuous art of Big Boss and Raiden.

The offer will not last forever, so first-come-first-served.

If you buy the game at Konami Style you will also receive a matching cleaning cloth for your system.

In Japan, the game comes out on June 28 this year. Whether Europe and America will get the same offer is not announced at this point.

Update: Tsubuyaki Jiroo, spokesman for Kojima Productions, posted a photo of a PlayStation Vita fitted with the skin on his Twitter:

Source: Konami Style Japan, AndriaSang, Tsubuyaki Jiroo’s Twitter

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