Game Informer’s Ground Zeroes impressions: ‘Best gameplay in the series’ and ‘the biggest step forward’

Two editors of Game Informer, who got to play a demo of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at Kojima Productions, posted a video with their impressions on the website. Most of the information was already written down in the Game Informer preview, but there is also some new stuff, and the journalists seem really enthusiastic.

According to the journalists (Tim Turi and Dan Ryckert), Ground Zeroes represents the best gameplay in the series so far, and the biggest step forward. ‘It plays really, really well.’

One of the journalists compared Ground Zeroes to the MGS2 Tanker demo, in the sense that it really invites you to keep replaying it and play around, trying out different things.

Some more details emerged as well. For example, you can take out the power in the base, resulting in cameras and lights switching off, after which Snake can sneak in. One of the journalists tried an aggressive approach involving a truck, but was chased down by a tank as a result.


They were really impressed by the AI, describing a situation in which a guard was looking for Snake, climbed into a watch tower to use the search light, and when spotting Snake called out to his comrades.

One of the journalists once again stated that the PS4 version looks somewhat better, mentioning Snake’s hair as one of the things that stood out for him. But the Xbox One version was said to look great as well. They didn’t see the last generation versions of the game.

They saw credits after about 1,5 hour. ‘People are going to complain’. But they said that just slapping a specific play time on it doesn’t do the game justice. They said it’s a lot of fun to replay.

They also emphasized that they would like people to focus on the quality of the game and not just the playtime, because there’s more to a game than just that.

Furthermore they noted the game ‘does a fantastic job of making you super excited for The Phantom Pain’. Part of this had to do with the ending, something they were really impressed with. They even called it one of the most shocking moments in Metal Gear, and that’s saying something. The ending made them understand why Big Boss is so grim after what happened. In relation to this, they also said once again that Kiefer Sutherland did a great job voicing Snake.


The journalists concluded by saying they were now extremely excited for The Phantom Pain, one of them even calling it his number 1 most anticipated game, and they both agreed that this is the most excited they’ve been about a Metal Gear game in a long time. ‘It’s an awesome game. It’s so fun to play it.’

It’s worth watching the video for yourself and see the enthusiasm this game has generated.

Source: Game Informer

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