Kojima talks about MGSV’s graphics, replay value and FOX Engine

On Twitter, Kojima talked about the FOX Engine (Kojima Productions’ in house developed engine), and about designing an open world game like Metal Gear Solid V using this engine.


Can’t expect so much in graphic quality as GZ is open world game. More, I want u to experience the smooth maneuver of Snake anywhere u want. Worth replay value instead of just clearing the game just like the old days when u touched the game first time in ur life.

Kojima also noted FOX Engine can be used for different kinds of games.

If we were to dev rail game on our FOX Engine, will result a pretty hi graphic quality game, but that won’t apply to MGSV. Maybe other title. U see FOX Engine is eligible to dev open world, linear or even sports game. The hardest part is the one I’m creating.

On example of a sports game made with the engine is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.


EDGE cover with FOX Engine

Kojima continued talking about MGSV’s replayability.

Since GZ is a real stealth simulator game, bit different from other open world game.  In rail game player proceed w flag according to the design programmed such as A→B→C→D→E→F→Goal.

Cut scenes are included in every → and dragged player into the game. GZ allows u to play the missions in open world freely. It’s up to player how you play tactically moreover the way to evacuate. Thus after mission clear, u want to play it again and again. Story goes by mission to mission but you have total freedom in mission.

So Kojima believes that since there isn’t one pre-determined way to go through MGSV, there is a lot of replay value since each time something different will happen, when it comes to infiltrating but also to extraction.


Bottom line: What Kojima is saying is that we should have different expectations for an open world game than we would have for a linear game, when it comes to graphics but also to how we play through it. Still, many people will agree that MGSV is a very pretty looking game.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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