Watch Quiet enter Mother Base in this snippet of MGSV: TPP TGS footage

Yesterday Kojima announced he was going to show a bit of Metal Gear Solid V in advance of TGS 2014, which starts next week. The footage was shown during the latest episode of Kojima Station, and can be found below. As you can see, it shows a snippet of a cutscene in which we see Quiet entering Mother Base, from the air. It appears she has been captured by Diamond Dogs, but is able to free herself while entering the base.

After Kojima Station had ended, Hideo Kojima left the following message on Twitter:

“Sorry for the “too short” sneak preview of MGSV TPP. Pls keep guessing until TGS.”

Tokyo Game Show starts September 18th. Go here for an overview of the stage events planned by Konami.

Source: Kojima Station 22 (Japanese)

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