‘Metal Gear Solid Chocolate Crunch’ boxes and other TGS 2014 merchandise shown

Kojima Productions is gearing up for the Tokyo Game Show, which starts next week. The latest episode of Kojima Station was almost fully dedicated to the upcoming game show. They gave a small peek at what the MGSV booth will look like.


Here is the time schedule for the four day event.


As you can see, the first MGSV stage event starts at 12:00 (JST) September 18th.

Update: Kojima Productions published the time table on their website as well.


They also showed a whole bunch of goodies (both new and old) that will be available during the event at a special booth. Stickers, pins, pamphlets… but perhaps the most striking are these ‘Metal Gear Solid Chocolate Crunch’ boxes.

MGS-Chocolate-Boxes-TGS-2014 MGS-Chocolate-Box-TGS-2014 MGS-Chocolate-Box-Open-TGS-2014

Kojima also posted some photos of this item on his Twitter. Looks like you can choose between different colors, and inside you will also find a Diamond Dogs sticker.

Metal-Gear-Solid-Chocolate-Box-1“Chocolate box that will be available at TGS.”

Metal-Gear-Solid-Chocolate-Box-2“Inside of the chocolate box. It has a sticker inside.”

Metal-Gear-Solid-Chocolate-Box-3“MGS chocolate crunch.”

MGSV-Stickers-TGS-2014 MGSV-Shirts-TGS-2014 MGSV-Pins-TGS-2014 MGSV-Pamphlet-TGS-2014 MGSV-Fulton-Balloon-TGS-2014 Konami-TGS-Merchandise Konami-TGS-Merchandise-2

MGSV-Bronze-Snake-TGS-2014 MGSV-Bronze-Snake-Close-TGS-2014 MGSV-Bronze-Snake-Box-TGS-2014

Another thing shown during Kojima Station was the white iDroid iPhone case by Sentinel.

Sentinel-White-iDroid-Box-Kojima-Station MGSV-White-iDroid-Packaging-TGS-2014 MGSV-White-iDroid-Close-TGS-2014 MGSV-White-iDroid-Box-TGS-2014

Source: Hideo Kojima TwitterKojima Station Episode 22 (Japanese)

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