Metal Gear merchandise on new photos: Action figures, Puma Boots, MGS Deluxe Edition Comics

Up for some Metal Gear goodies? Well, here’s a round up of all MGS merchandise related pictures shared by Kojima (among others) in the past days. First, the Metal Gear Solid Deluxe Edition, a re-release of the comics by Ashley Wood.


“Ashley Wood’s comic book ‘METAL GEAR SOLID DELUXE EDITION’ published by IDW has arrived.”

Secondly, some detailed shots of the head belonging to the Play Arts Ground Zeroes Snake that was on display at TGS.

Head-Play-Arts-Snake-Metal-Gear-Solid-V Head-Play-Arts-Snake-Metal-Gear-Solid-V-2

A MGSV: Ground Zeroes case for iPhone 6.


“Yoji’s iPhone6 has arrived.”

A Diamond Dogs branded cushion, it’s not clear whether this will be sold in stores.

MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Pillow-Kojima MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Pillow-Kojima-2

Some new pictures of the Solid Snake and Gray Fox RevolMini figures, including the packaging.

RevolMini-Gray-Fox-Packaging RevolMini-Gray-Fox-Packaging-Back

“RevolMini’s Cyborg Ninja sample has arrived. 10/25 available in stores. ‘Make me feel it!'”

RevolMini-Solid-Snake-and-Gray-Fox-Kojima RevolMini-Solid-Snake-and-Gray-Fox-Kojima-2

“RevolMini’s Cyborg Ninja that Yoji has kindly inked slightly. It can successfully appear with round-shoulder.”

Prototype of the sneaking boots by Puma, unveiled at TGS.

Puma-Sneaking-Boots-Prototype Puma-Sneaking-Boots-Prototype-2

“‘Sneaking Boots’ collaborate with PUMA still in prototype phase to check how it fits. The gaiter is removable.”

Lastly, two pictures that were posted to RevolMini’s official Twitter account showing Venom Snake.

RevolMini-Venom-Snake-Unpainted RevolMini-Venom-Snake-Unpainted-2

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, RevolMini Official Twitter

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