Kojima almost moved to tears by supportive email from fellow game designer

Earlier this week Kojima described on Twitter how he received a supporting email from a fellow game designer. Joshua Boggs, whose mobile game Framed was in fact Kojima’s favorite game of 2014, was thrilled last year when Kojima praised his game publicly for its style and gameplay. And now Kojima seems to have his spirits raised by Joshua’s support.

“Received emotional email from Joshua, game designer in Australia. Though we stand in the different place, his mail made me almost cry as I feel not in secure during this crunch time of development. What I’ve been doing for long time, continue doing proved not wrong. Someone is supporting, okay let’s wipe away tears and do my best.”

It’s nice to see how game developers from such different parts of the world who are creating very different kind of games can still be an inspiration to each other, especially since Kojima can be quite harsh on himself when he compares his work to that of others in the game industry.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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