Kojima talks about vocal tracks used for past Metal Gear games and trailers

On Twitter, Hideo Kojima looked back at the vocal tracks they have used for the Metal Gear Solid games, and for the trailers.

Listened to MGS & PV tracks. The Best Is Yet To Come→Can’t Say Good Bye to Yesterday→Snake Eater→Way To Fall→Love Theme→Here’s to You→Calling To The Night→Heavens Divide→Koi no Yokushiryoku→Here’s to You→Not Your Kind Of People→Nuclear→Sins of the Father→

Most of this music is used during the credits and / or throughout the games.

While UK band “Starsailor” known as “WAY TO FALL” has stopped performing, James Walsh (Vocal/Guitar) is still releasing his solo album. We featured a female vocalist for ending song of MGS1&2 since those are the fatherhood story of killing parent. MGS3 was also about son surpassing parent, but it is the motherhood story, thus we appointed the male vocalist. From mother (The Boss) to BIGBOSS (son) and the story beyond, from BIGBOSS to Solid (son).


Oh, and speaking of music:


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Donna Burke Facebook (thanks, Batzi!)

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