New off-screen MGSV:TPP gameplay footage: hiding in toilets and a customizable horse

During Kojima Station Episode 32, a brief new gameplay segment for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was shown. The show started with a small tour of the Kojima Productions studio, and showed Kojima himself checking the game. One of the things it demonstrates is a new hiding spot for Snake reminiscent of the famous locker: a portable toilet. You can check out the gameplay clip below, or follow this link.

Here are some screen captures:


And here are some more details on what Kojima is talking about (via NeoGAF, (thanks Sn4ke_911) and JunkerHQ):

  • The horse is not the same as the previous ones, it’s one of the horses you can customize.
  • In this clip all the enemies are gone, because Kojima extracted all of the soldiers.
  • In addition to the dumpster seen before, Kojima ordered his staff to add a toilet as another hiding place (which is what we see in the video).
  • There was no sound yet when Snake opened the door of the toilet, but it will be added in the final game.
  • There will also be flies buzzing around the toilet in the final game.
  • You can make noise while inside the toilet to lure enemies. The sound heard in the video is not the final version, Kojima is telling his staff to fix this.
  • You can shoot the water tank above the toilet, and possibly use it to your advantage.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 32

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