Kojima Productions: ‘Only a little longer’ until release window announcement, no live stream at Taipei Game Show

It is clear that Metal Gear fans around the world are eagerly awaiting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and wondering when we can expect the game to be released. During episode 32 of Kojima Station, this subject came up briefly. Just a couple of days ago Ken Imaizumi told fans the studio is not ready to announce the release date yet, but during the show they stated an announcement regarding the release window is not far off anymore. Keep in mind that this upcoming announcement is for the release window, not the release date.

“I know you’ve all been eagerly await for word on releasing timing, I think we should be able to announce that soon, so look forward to that. It’s only a little longer.” (translation by Gematsu)

At the end of this month Kojima will present the game at the Taipei Game Show, where he will reveal ‘new information’. Don’t expect too much though, during Kojima Station they said no live stream will be available. Instead, they will record some video themselves and show it on the next episode, on February 12th.


Source: Kojima Station 32, Gematsu, NeoGAF

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