Footage released for Donna Burke’s Sins of the Father Fan Music Video Contest

Want to make your own videoclip for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s theme song Sins of the Father, by Donna Burke? Well now you can. Donna Burke has shot 9 different clips of footage, 3 of which with green screen background so you can put whatever you want on there. You may even win a prize.

Here is Donna’s own description of the project, taken from her Youtube page:

Dag Music Presents
Sins of the Father Music Video Contest 「父の罪」ファンPVコンテスト
A message from Donna: 日本語は下に:
Finally! The Sins of the Father Fan Video Contest that has a really simple prize!!
February 26th I, with the help of some secret Konami people, will judge the winner and runnerup!
What do you win? Well let me workshop that but mainly I will record a message for your phone using your favorite Silent Hill, or MGS Idroid voice! Just give me the script!
It’s been 18 months since Sins of the Father was unveiled and while we wait for the game why not have some fun doing a video for fans!
Apologies for all the mistakes you see me make..I used the studio after shooting another video and straight after the final green shot drove to the airport because my Dad was suddenly very ill (he’s better now) so I was a bit emotional. And cold!
More details on how to share will be posted- now let’s get to work! Can’t wait to see your mixes..

Edit Donna’s videos with your favorite gameplay footage and cut scenes and create your very own Sins of the Father Music Video! Anything is possible and there are only 4 simple rules to participate for the winning video that will be selected.

1. Upload your Music Video to your Youtube account.
2. Post the link to your music video in the comments below
3. All submissions must be sent in by February 26th Thursday 1am PST to be eligible to win
4. All submissions must include at least 1 footage of Donna Burke to be eligible to win

The first prize video will get a personal video message from Donna and you get to choose what she gets to say to you! Whether it be speaking to you in one of her character voices from the MGS franchise and Silent Hill franchise, her narration voices that can be heard around Japan or maybe even sing a song for you. The decision is yours!

The song track for Sins of the Father can be found in the link below courtesy of Adam McCormick:
Download mp3: Link

To download the videos click the link in the Youtube video or click below:
Downloads: Link

Source: Donna Burke Youtube

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