Kojima Productions looking into making Metal Gear Online region free

Kojima Productions is looking into the possibility of making Metal Gear Online region free, so players around the world can play with and against each other, in stead of just having to look for them within their own region. This was stated by Kojima Productions via Twitter, as well as the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account.


“We’re looking into making this happen, but we don’t have any confirmations just now.” Kojima Pro Live said on Twitter. Metal Gear Online Twitter account mirrored this statement and said: “We’re looking into this but can’t confirm any details right now.”

So don’t take this as a confirmation, but at least it’s good to know the team is looking into the possibility, since this is a feature many players would really like to see.

The Metal Gear Online developers also shared some pictures on Twitter showing the recording studio and the voice over booth (used for last week’s trailer with commentary).


“Behind-the-behind-the-scenes with our MGO trailer sound designer Mario Lavin in our recording studio.”

Kojima-Productions-LA-Recording-Studio-Robert-Peeler“Not only did  [Mario Lavin] do sound for the trailer but also the trailer commentary! Here’s  [Robert Peeler] in the booth.”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Kojima Pro Live Twitter

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