Metal Gear Solid V’s content will not be affected by the restructure, Japanese staff indeed working as contractors?

For those who are worried Konami’s restructuring will negatively affect the game: the changes at least don’t seem to have influenced the development of the new Metal Gear Online, or the content of MGSV in general.

‘Metal Gear Online continues to be in development as normal.’ the developers said via Twitter answering concerned fans. They also stated there are no plans to change the staff after release, and support from Konami is planned to continue.


Robert Peeler, Community Manager for Konami Los Angeles Studio (formerly Kojima Productions LA), answered some questions on his personal Twitter account. First of all, he couldn’t say if Konami will be making some additional comments in response to everything that’s happening. He did assure, however, that the content of the game will remain the same. ‘Nothing has changed MGO development plans.’ he wrote. ‘We have a game to launch and the vision hasn’t changed’.

After inquiring if these comments were specifically for Metal Gear Online, Robert Peeler replied: ‘The content of MGSV will not be affected by the studio restructure.’

He later added: ‘there are no recent changes to the story I know of’.

While these comments came from the LA studio staff, most of the people over at the studio in Tokyo remain completely silent. Hideo Kojima, Ken Imaizumi and others haven’t posted a single tweet since last Thursday. Only one staff member showed sign of life yesterday: Jordan Amaro, level designer for MGSV: The Phantom Pain. ‘Can’t comment, hope you’ll understand.’ he posted. ‘Thank you.’ Statements by Konami made earlier this week reassured Kojima is still in control of The Phantom Pain. Judging from Ken Imaizumi’s current LinkedIn profile, he is now also working at Konami as a contractor. This might go for other staff members as well, as the Gamespot inside source revealed, but Konami hasn’t yet confirmed this.


Ken in the Kojima Productions Japan studio earlier this year

For now, a new Kojima Station episode is still scheduled for next Thursday, but it is possible this will get cancelled. We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Robert Peeler Twitter, Jordan Amaro Twitter, JunkerHQ

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