Next Metal Gear Online update will introduce new Preset Text feature

In this week’s Designer’s Notes (vol 3), the Metal Gear Online developers talk about some of the changes made to the CQC in the earlier update as well as one of the additions happening in the upcoming December update: Preset Text.

Today, we’ll take a look at the changes made to CQC in Ver. 1.01 and the nature of hand-to-hand combat for MGO in Vol.3 of the Designer’s Notes:

As many of you know, CQC is the hallmark melee system unique to the Metal Gear series.
Particularly for MGO, all classes can perform CQC, however today we’d like to focus on the outstanding CQC abilities used by the Infiltrator.


One special Infiltrator ability, known as CQC STEALTH + increases the speed of a CQC Choke maneuver; stunning enemies faster than other classes. Likewise the stamina level of the enemy doesn’t affect the CQC Choke speed giving you a similar effect up against a TANK+ equipped Enforcer as any other opponent or class. Likewise the natural abilities of an Infiltrator allows them to quickly choke out an enemy even without the ability equipped. Enforcers in contrast are the slowest to stun an enemy by choking.

Since the release of Ver. 1.01, CQC Stealth + Lv.2 or above is now the only means to stun an enemy with a single throw or punch.
Other classes, as well as Infiltrators without this ability equipped, are no longer able to stun an enemy with a single blow, throw or pummel. In order to stun or sleep an enemy after knocking them to the ground, players can shoot the fallen enemy with the “WU S.PISTOL” or other non-lethal weapons. Since the update, players have also experimented with other methods including diving toward players.


No doubt, the player who initiates a CQC attack definitely has the upper hand: keep calm and go for the headshot. If you’re victim of a CQC throw or punch, this is your last chance at revenge so be aware and escape or retaliate!

Last week on the Japanese video channel NicoNico Live, through our friends at Famitsu, we introduced some upcoming content from Ver. 1.02. Let’s talk now about one of those features: Preset Text.

Preset Radio has been a useful means of communication among players, but thus far has been limited to those on your own team.


We’re introducting a new feature known as Preset Text which enables players to send messages to both team members and opposing players. We have newly created 32 Preset Text commands and basic greetings to go live in Ver. 1.02 and plan to include more with your feedback.

Additionally with the inclusion of Preset Text, we’re enabling players to continue play after the end of each round. While the round has ended, and no health or stamina damage is affected, players can communicate via Preset Text and Preset Radio to all players on the map. The result screen can be hidden or revealed with a designated button during this period, so spend what time you will socializing, congratulating others on their win, and making friends in the battlefield!

Look forward to the above changes and more in the Ver. 1.02 update this December. Thanks for reading Designer’s Notes Vol.3 and keep an eye out for more Metal Gear Online info.

Source: MGSV Official Site

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