Kojima wanted to work with Cliff Bleszinski on Silent Hill, but he declined

Cliff Bleszinski, video game designer behind games such as Gears of War, Unreal and Jack Jazzrabbit, and a friend of Kojima’s, revealed on Twitter that Kojima approached him to help create Silent Hills.

Kojima once told me he wanted me to do a new Silent Hill w him together out of LA. I was flattered but declined.

I don’t like LA, I love new IP, and I woulda fucked up SH


When website IGN posted an article about this, Cliff added:

honestly I would not have done the franchise justice I’m a shooty guy

Silent Hills was going to be a new installment in Konami’s horror franchise, and director Guillermo del Toro was also on board before it got cancelled last year. Now that Kojima left Konami for his own independent studio, a new collaboration between him and del Toro may be a possibility.

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