New Volume of Metal Gear Online Designer’s Notes gives hints on how to acquire MGO Titles

It’s been a while since the last one, but today the developers have posted another Designer’s Notes. This volume, number 23, is titled Sans Titulus Franca? – MGO Title Hints!, and as the title suggests it focuses on the titles you can obtain in Metal Gear Online and gives some hints in how to acquire them.

Hello and welcome back to Designer’s Notes, Vol. 23!
Today we’ll be going over key player inquiries on MGO Titles, but before we begin, let’s discuss some immediate community updates.

  • With the help of player reports we’ve been able to identify scores throughout the MGO leaderboard that could only be achieved through malicious player activity. We are fully investigating the battle records, resetting the scores, and removing offending players from the leaderboards.
  • As mentioned via the official Metal Gear Online Twitter, in order to combat players who exit midmatch, we’ve also implemented a rank point penalty decrease for AUTO MATCH and SURVIVAL missions. Players who exit/abandon a match after the briefing screen, will receive a decrease in rank points. If your rank score decreases it will be displayed in the next result screen.

We appreciate the continued reporting of malicious activity and unfair practices. We’ve recently updated the URL and navigation of our reporting form.
MGSV Official Site > FAQ & ENQUIRIES > Bottom of page select “No” > Select “Malicious Act Department” > Fill-out and submit form.

If you have any video or screenshot evidence, please be sure to include that in your report.

Since their implementation, many players have been working diligently to identify the criteria required to acquire MGO titles. Despite player efforts, for the hardest to achieve titles, the acquisition rate remains below 1%. In order to help players get even the most challenging titles, we’ve created these handy hints:

Title obtained rate status


One of the key parameters used when obtaining titles can best be described as the “Neutralization rate”.

“Neutralization rate” is calculated by the following formula:
(# of Kills + # of Stuns + # of Fultons) / (# of Deaths + # of Times Stunned + # of Times Fultoned) = Neutralization Rate
This way, even if player doesn’t die much during a match, if they are stunned or fultoned often, the rate will still be reduced.

Handy Hint List


For titles a player has already earned, if they’re able to fulfill the criteria three times over, they’ll receive a ‘bronze’ title. If the player earns the title six times, they’ll receive a ‘gold’ title. Obtained titles likewise can be worn as “Title T-shirts” to show off in matches. Aim for those Gold Titled Tees and make your mark on the battlefield!


Titles are calculated by the battle results each week, so even if you weren’t able to obtain a title the week before, try again after the maintenance.

That’s all for this Designer’s Notes, good luck on earning those titles and thanks for your continued support of Metal Gear Online.

See you next time on the battlefield!

Source: MGSV Official Website

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