Raiden statue by Union Creative gets new pictures, now available for pre-order

The Metal Gear Rising Raiden statue by Union Creative is now available for pre-order, and some new images have been released showing the final product. It’s a pre-painted statue of around 25cm tall, made of PVC and ABS.

Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-1 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-2 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-3 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-4 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-5 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-6 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-7 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-8 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-9 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-10 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-11 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-12 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-13

mensHdge technical statue No.33 METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE

Product Details
Material: PVC, ABS Painted, pre-assembled figure
Size: Height approx 250mm
Release Date: January 2017

From “METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE”, the Protagonist Raiden here is depicted leaping into the air preparing his sword and ready to strike! The detail on the figure is phenomenal, and completely faithful to the game design. An excellent Raiden figure for your METAL GEAR shelf!

The figure is set for release in January 0f 2017, for a price of ¥16500 (around 150 USD / €135). You can purchase it from CDJapan.

Source: Mamegyorai, CDJapan

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