Metal Gear REX D-SPEC gets a black version

After the release of the D-SPEC Metal Gear REX figure by Mega House earlier this year, a new version has been announced. This new edition comes in black, and a selection of decal stickers. You can even choose to decorate it with Sahelanthropus skull graphic.

d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-1 d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-2 d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-3 d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-4 d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-5 d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-6 d-spec-metal-gear-rex-black-7

The figure will release in March of 2017, for a price of ¥9800. Like the previous version, it comes with a Liquid and Solid figure. For those living outside Japan, CDJapan is currently taking pre orders.

Source: Amazon Japan, Dengeki

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