Sony’s Shawn Layden has played Death Stranding, says it’s revolutionary ‘and more’

In an interview with The Telegraph, Shawn Layden (President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America) talked a bit about Sony’s E3 conference and their upcoming games. One of the notable omissions from this year’s show was Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding. Because of this, the interviewer asked wether this means the game is still just in the concept phase, but according to Layden, this is not the case.

“It’s up an running. It’s been aided tremendously after Kojima-San decided to co-opt the Decima Engine from Guerrilla. And, gosh, that really gave him a leg up to get up and running and test it and have some prototype levels running. I couldn’t explain to you what the game is…”

Shawn Layden and Hideo Kojima at E3 2017

The interviewer asked if this means Layden has played some of it, which he confirmed he has. Then he was asked if it really was as revolutionary as we’ve heard it is. Layden responded, after a ‘thoughtful pause’: “All that and more!”

Kojima Productions doesn’t want to reveal yet when Death Stranding will be out, but Kojima did say the studio has set a release date for themselves and are working towards that goal. All we know is that the game is supposed to be out before 2019.

Source: The Telegraph, via

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