Metal Gear Rising European Limited Edition Revealed

Just a few days after Konami revealed the Japanese limited edition for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, the European Metal Gear fans get their share.

A stylish black and white box with an art of Raiden on the front drawn by Metal Gear’s famous artist Yoji Shinkawa. Like with the limited edition of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, this version will be available only at UK retailers Zavvi, for a price of £99.99 (or €133.99). There will be 25.000 copies available.

This limited edition will also come with the same White Raiden action figure by Play Arts that is bundled with the Japanese version, as well as a code to unlock White Raiden in the game, an armor that allows players to carry more recovery items.


Apart from this edition, Konami also announced two other versions. People who pre order the game will have a choice between two steelbooks:

One with a render of Raiden. Included is the Commando armor, allowing Raiden more projectiles weapons. This version will be available at different retailers.


Or one with an artwork by Shinkawa. This version includes the Inferno Armor that lets Raiden carry more throwing weapons, and will be sold exclusively at GAME retailers.


Source: AllGamesBeta, CVG, Zavvi

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