Metal Gear in Concert is coming to Los Angeles, New York and Paris

After two performances in Japan, Metal Gear in Concert is coming to the west starting later this year. Three concerts are planned, two in the United States (one on each coast) and one in Paris, France. La Fée Sauvage, or The Wild Faery, a company organizing music concerts of videogames, anime and movies, has provided these details on their website. Here are the exact dates (Update: the US performances have been postponed, below are the new dates):

October 28, 2018 – Paris, Palais des Congrès
March 23, 2019 – New York, United Palace
April 6, 2019 – Los Angeles, Wellshire Ebell Theatre

Metal Gear in Concert is a orchestral performance of a variety of music tracks from the Metal Gear series, with vocals by Donna Burke, who sang themes for both Peace Walker (Heavens Divide) and The Phantom Pain (Sins of the Father). Some of the music tracks are “Main Theme,” “Encounter,” “Father and Son,” “The Best is Yet to Come,” “Snake Eater,” and “Heavens Divide”. Footage from the games will be projected on a large screen in sync with the music. Like the Japanese performances it will be conducted by Nicholas Buc.


Metal Gear Solid: VR Training, Intruder 1, Mantis’ Hymn, Hind D, Escape, End Title -The Best is Yet to Come

Opening Infiltration: Olga Gurlukovich, RAY Escapes, Fortune, It’s the Harrier!, Battle, Freedom to Decide

Metal Gear Solid 3: “METAL GEAR SOLID” Main Theme, Across The Border, The Pain, Fortress sneaking, Sidecar -Escape From The Fortress-, Takin’On The Shagohod, Troops In Gathering, Life’s End, Debriefing

Metal Gear Solid 4: Old Snake, Gekko, Mobs Alive, Guns of the Patriots, Everything Ends, Father and Son, Metal Gear Saga

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: Rain of Bane, Marshland, PUPA, Uninterrupted Signal, METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER Main Theme, Deterrence of Love

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Bloodstained Anthem, The Fall of Mother Base, V Has Come To, Shining Lights Even in Death, Sahelanthropus Dominion, Sins of the Father

Donna Burke will also perform “Snake Eater” and “Heavens Divide”

Wild Feary has released a video trailer of the event giving a taste of what attendants can expect.

Additionally, here are some samples of the performances recorded during the Japanese concerts.

Source: Wild Faery

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