Metal Gear Survive getting MGS3 themed event, ‘The Encounter 1964’

Next Tuesday, on April 10th, Metal Gear Survive is getting a new update that includes a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater themed event titled ‘The Encounter 1964’. During the co-op event you can earn Battle Points to unlock accessories, face paint and name plates, like the Crocodile Cap and Naked Snake Fatigues displayed on the images below.

An update is coming to METAL GEAR SURVIVE on April 10 including a METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER themed event! Play “The Encounter 1964” event in co-op mode to get Battle Points to unlock new accessories, face paint, name plates and more.

The full list of items that can be obtained is as follows.

– Gesture: “You’re pretty good.”
– Avatar Face paint: Zombie
– Avatar Face paint: Oyama
– Avatar Face paint: Green
– Avatar Face paint: Black
– Avatar Face paint: Splitter
– Avatar Face paint: Woodland
– Accessory Ocelot Unit Beret
– Accessory Ocelot Unit Beret [w/ Balaclava]
– Nameplate FOX
– Nameplate PATRIOT
– Nameplate Shagohod
– Cassette Tape Takin’ On The Shagohod

The event will take place 2018/04/10 18:00 – 2018/04/24 14:59 (Japan Standard Time).

Update: The Shagohod will also make an appearance in this event:

If you don’t own the game yet and you”re looking to give it a shot, the PS4 version is currently available on Amazon for under $18.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, Official Website

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