Character render and statue pictures give us a detailed look at Sam and his equipment

Kojima has released a couple of renders of the full character model for Sam in Death Stranding. While some details have changed, we can still get a good look at Sam and his equipment from the images.

“Costume of Sam (Norman) in DEATH STRANDING. Some details have changed since this was based on rough data from a bit back, for the figure. Still, publishing this in hopes it’s helpful for cosplayers.” – Kojima

At E3 2018, a life-size statue of Sam could be found at the Sony booth, and visitors were able to take a photo with the game’s protagonist.

“Our Norman at Sony booth!!” – Kojima

“The life-size figurine of Norman (Sam) is at E3 showcase. The head&the body, the baggage, the pod, & the equipment was made in the lab in US, and the Bridge’s uniform and bag pack, the supplies and part of the equipment was made in Japan. The photo includes when I tried them on.” – Kojima

Some more details of the statue:

Kojima explained that the equipment and outfit of Sam is based on that of a blue-collar worker rather than a military hero, and in a later interview he said that he and Shinkawa struggled a lot with the design of the outfit. It started out as something more like Raiden’s Skull Suit in MGS2, but that didn’t fit with the world of the game, so eventually they ended up with its current design.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3),

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