Metal Gear Solid movie script is finished

The script for the Metal Gear Solid movie is finished, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts revealed in an interview with IGN. The screenplay was written by Derek Connolly, who previously worked on movies like Jurassic World and Kong: Skull Island (also directed by Vogt-Roberts).

Talking about the movie, Vogt-Roberts said:

“We actually just turned in the script… and I think it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It’s one of the coolest, weirdest, most ‘Kojima’ things. Even me being involved in it, I look at it as someone who was, like, I would make the hell out of this movie. But if I wasn’t involved in it, I would still look at that script and be like ‘holy shit’!”

To watch the entire interview, in which Vogt-Roberts talks about the Metal Gear Solid movie and video game movies in general, check out the video below.

Currently, Vogt-Roberts is celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Metal Gear series by releasing artwork on Twitter, which he stresses doesn’t represent what will or will not be in the movie.

Source: IGN

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