The box of this Naked Snake figure changes color upon touching it

Some pictures have been posted online of the box that holds the MGS3 Naked Snake (Sneaking Suit version) that was announced a while back. A box might not seem very interesting, but this package has a special gimmick: it has been made with a special thermal sensitive effect, which makes the front on two sides change color upon touching it.

Not only that, but the box is also autographed by Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa, making it a real collector’s item.

Tsubuyaki Jiroo and Kojima’s secretary Ayako also posted a photo of the figure on their Twitter.

The 30 cm figure is available at Konami Style Japan for a price of 17.000 yen (about 200 dollars). First buyers will also receive a set of two MGS3 illustration cards in B5 size.

Source: Hot Toys, Konami StyleTsubuyaki Jiroo’s Twitter, Ayako’s Twitter

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