Kojima wants to show the world what else he can do

In an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly, Hideo Kojima explained he would like to work on other projects than just the Metal Gear series. But he also think the Metal Gear franchise offers plenty of benefits.

“The Fox Engine, for example, took a lot of time and money, we were only able to develop it because it was intended for the next Metal Gear. In the next game, I’m introducing concepts intended for entirely new intellectual properties using the Metal Gear brand.”

He also spoke a little bit about a game that influenced him.

Grand Theft Auto III came out the same year as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and it seemed the thought processes behind the two games were completely different. It was beyond game design; the area a player could explore was so vast that not even the game designer could predict all possible outcomes. That title definitely opened my eyes.”

Concerning other projects he would like to work on, Kojima said the following.

“I’ll admit that I hope my future endeavors are thought of as ‘works by Hideo Kojima’ rather than ‘from the creator of Metal Gear. I haven’t really shown the world what else I might be capable of yet. This may sound pretentious, but I don’t like being thought of as ‘the Metal Gear guy.’ There’s a lot more I can do.”

The entire interview can be found in EGM issue 258, which will be available in stores and on the internet next month.

Source: EGM

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