Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1 appears in PlayStation’s top downloads for October

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Network download ranking for October, giving us an idea how Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection fared in the digital space. In the US and Canada, the game debuted at No.13 on PlayStation 5, while in the EU it had to settle for one spot lower, at No.14.

Looking at the Japanese download charts, the game appeared a lot higher, coming in at No.4 on PlayStation 5 and No.8 on PlayStation 4. The latter version is only available digitally, while the PS5 version also has a physical release, which debuted at No.3 in its first week, just below the Switch version.

Konami has not provided total worldwide sales numbers (yet), but we should at least have an idea once the quarterly financial report is published somewhere next year.

Source: PlayStation Blog US, PlayStation Blog Japan

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